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  2. and all 70-80.000 ticket buyers bought tickets to a show on the river '16 tour.
  3. Bigdipper, a Norwegian record store have listed Working on a dream and the promise on vinyl for release on November 27th - black friday.
  4. Damn it!! Well actually good for you of course, but I had to leave for Frankfurt. No change to download, probably earliest tomorrow evening... Link please? I just wrote in Safari and several choices came up, I choosed the one with ......ConfirmOrder.aspx in the end
  5. Ordered it when it was possible, got a mail with a link that took me to the site without ยด75 show. Went to and found it. Downloading now :-)
  6. Dallas torrent:
  7. A million thanks for your great work on the artwork. appriciate it a lot There already is a torrent for Dallas on ripped from the webcast. track 1 on disc 1 is "intro"
  8. Bergen 2009

    My daughter Andrea dancing with Bruce in Bergen, Norway 9/6-2009
  9. bergen12.JPG

    From the album Bergen 2009

  10. bergen11.JPG

    From the album Bergen 2009

  11. bergen10.JPG

    From the album Bergen 2009

  12. bergen9.JPG

    From the album Bergen 2009

  13. bergen8.JPG

    From the album Bergen 2009

  14. bergen7.JPG

    From the album Bergen 2009