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  1. Would gladly pay tripple...even a poorly mixed soundboard. Must be released. Must be.
  2. Playing "Darkness" from 8/20/81 aka "A Night for Vietnam Vets". This track is raw and personal. Its easy to connect that story with those that were watching him from close up on those risers they built for the wheel chairs. I dream that this will be ours in better quality...as it should be.
  3. Thats my problem, hence am happy with a two hour drive with my Son...we will make a day of it. Its only playing on 375 screens. I want my son to appreciate it and share it with me. I essentially see this project as a continuation of the auto-biography in a way. All those guys in this record are him. I see myself in it as well.
  4. I am going to see the Fathom Event showing in Oxnard on 10/19...its a two hour drive each way. I just was able to order tickets today.
  5. I would love someone to post the best version of Atlanta 9/30/1978 Thanks in advance.
  6. I am expecting a release on the 23rd. Who's with me?
  7. I love this as much as Roxy 78, Wembley '81, and others.... The mix, in combo with the performance is undeniable. This is the E Street band. Been playing it non-stop.
  8. Please allow me to express myself... Feeling used up. Something is different and I dont know what it. Old age. Depression. Put this on and I so needed it. There is magic in the night.