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  1. the hint was last week that they had a good feeling about this week. a surprise then. Nothing is ever by chance.
  2. Before 2002 all shows that were recorded were to tape. When a recording from the 70-80s is prepared to transfer for mixing and mastering, it is often baked in an over so that the mater that is on the tape doesnt fall off or get erased. It's fairly technical. Old tapes sit for many years before they are used. This is why I believe the next one is from an old tape. The Berkeley show was delayed for this reason, as was one of the E.Rutherford 84 recordings. As you all know, I have no idea. These delays are due to the process of getting these tapes ready for release. Covid has made this process take longer.
  3. The delay indicates it's tape, that requires more steps to prepare. Cooking, transferring to digital, mixing, mastering...all steps that require time and hand offs. I am very excited for Friday. "Let it Be" super deluxe box and a new archive. (they wouldn't tweet unless it's so!!!) We are due for a River show, please make it happen.
  4. Hate to admit that I agree, and will be very happy with a release if we get it. I assume that they are obligated to promote the Sony release to the detrement of his pet project, the Archive series. I also have to admit that the series has lost steam and may be indeed winding down.
  5. We are due for a good one, wonder if the delay will bear fruit. I am hoping for London or E. Rutherford 1981.
  6. I'd like to say that the lack of a delay means we are getting one... But, when things are this busy in Springsteen land these releases tend to get delayed. But I am hopeful.
  7. I would expect a River show now, but now that No Nukes is coming I dont know. Magic sounds like a good one.
  8. DennisC with a hint on BTX: Let’s pour a cold one.
  9. I was at the L.A. show, so I am biased. I will recuse myself from this one. However, I must say all of them are good for different reasons. I am certain we will enjoy them for a long time.
  10. Funny!!! I have the same ones. I spent the late morning in the back yard listening to it. Very nice headphones. Great dynamics!!! Oh, and I think that cat from Jersey is pretty good.
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