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  1. PM sent. I am done sharing this recording.
  2. Love Atlantic City and the interesting phrasing choices. Two Hearts also cool that way.
  3. There are times when you know from the first note, its a magic night. This is one. My god.
  4. What happened (I think, of course) was Bruce's ambivilence melted as the tour progressed, seeing the reaction of his fans as each night unfolded. Jersey was good, and things picked up as time passed. I have always felt, Philly and Chicago lead to the peak in Los Angeles. I do not remember being ever being as excited as I was leading into a run, going to all 4 was required. I arrived ticketless on 10/23, Saw George Travis and shook his hand (My Cousin Debbie was his daughter's school teacher at Temple in Encino) told him I needed a ticket, he said we just dropped some. I had the best seat I have ever had for that show. A great show as well. Then traveled to Oakland and then bankruptcy. Happy and broke.
  5. I remember reading about the setlists on backstreets as the days to the L.A. stand counted down. He always will give his best to Philadelphia, and always has. The magic town that made him famous. I cannot wait to hear it. We are lucky for the archive series. I cannot believe the last two years, Just godsmacked and overjoyed at this.... Incident into Ties (Love Conquers All, that thin line binds us inspite of our failures and desire to make our way) Point Black (An epic amidst the night of epics) Atlantic City (a great song) NYC Serenade into Streets of Philadelphia (Isolation and breaking free) JUNGLELAND (HOLYSHIT) I will go on once I hear it....thanks for reading. ***REFRESH****