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  1. Buddhabone

    The Bootleg Collectors Corner

    Enjoy. Please ask for anything you are looking for. Folks are lovely round these parts.
  2. Most likely they don't want a paying audience there for re-takes and do-overs. IMHO it'd be a fascinating thing to see. I really hope he's happy with it to release it. I thought I'd make my way to NY, but alas the money just ain't there.
  3. I'd love it....but that will never happen.
  4. Buddhabone

    What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    Has to be Incident from Main Point '75. Racing in the Street, any version.
  5. Buddhabone

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    Mine should be here tomorrow or Saturday. Had to have this one on disc.
  6. Buddhabone

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Do we already have rumors for August 3rd? Yippee!!!!
  7. Buddhabone

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    I don't think much can be done with a two-track recording. They pretty much put it out as is. The tragedy is Scott's mix of Nassau Coliseum 12-31-80.
  8. Buddhabone

    Bruce's summer songs

    Racing at Hyde Park, possibly the best version ever. The whole Born to Run album feels like Summer, a whole day goes by and then Jungleland feels like 2 AM. His gifts are wonderful and I am glad he's shared them for 50 years.
  9. Buddhabone

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    This, this, I love this... What strikes me on repeat listenings is the individuals in the crowd and their reaction to this powerful music. On the right channel the woman who seems to be losing her mind from the start. The voices who are screaming and talking just sounds great. Then during the transition between racing and TR. "E Street band. E Street Band". Just fucking magical.
  10. Buddhabone

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I think we need to continue on this high note. River show Summer '81 Next, then Passaic Night 1 '78, then a Rising show from the Fall of '02. Then, of course, any surprise they decide to throw our way, as they will have gained a sufficient amount of goodwill from the fan base. Then at the end of the year bring us Winterland '78 1 and 2. Then a BiUSA stadium show from L.A. or Jersey from '85. This is it. We are in the center of the motherload. Let's ride this sucker as long as we can. In other news, I decided to do some housekeeping and did a bit of organizing and have a question. Do any of you keep your audio rip of Hyde Park '09 and Hammersmith '75 in the same folder as your archive releases? I decided to place my full show Tempe '80 in the same folder. What do you guys think?
  11. Buddhabone

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    It sounds significantly better than the bootleg. You can hear the rhythm kick in right away as they tear in "Rave On!". The sound is balanced throughout, and none of the audio anomalies present on the boots is evident in the new mix. It just sounds wonderful. There are many "holy shit" moments throughout. Comparing it to Passaic is a mistake in that the two rooms are completely different. The Roxy is a tiny club that holds 500 people whereas Passaic holds over 3000. It's apples vs oranges in comparison. I love it. I just love it.
  12. Buddhabone

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    I tend to agree with you. The version here lacks the shine/polish of the later versions and we are richer for it. I love the 2nd encore break and am glad they included it. I feel like I'm standing, dripping wet, screaming for more. The everpresent now, sadly it passes, but sometimes they come back and play Twist & Shout. The whole thing is just fantastic. Listening to ALAC through my new headphones, just a magical thing.
  13. Buddhabone

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    I just bought the CD. I got that and Stockholm, which is one I like allot. How long does it take them to ship?
  14. Buddhabone

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I don't plan on chasing rumors this next month. I did kinda exhaust myself this last month waiting for Roxy '78...but I still have my wishlist. River Summer '81 Rising show Fall '02 Passaic 1 '78 (Unlikely for now) Another D&D show.