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  1. When I was younger living in Hollywood or maybe in Venice, I'd often go to bars drink and meet people. These nights were always a crapshoot. You never knew if a new friend would arrive or an old one, a ghost would appear. Los Angeles at night is a magic and scary place. Fast Cars and rich kids running amok in these bars and other night scenes. I met my fair share lost sheep in those nights amidst the night people. People working to make it in movies or music, sales people of various types. I was always broke, looking for a girl. My best friend was my wing man who drove around. We'd often meet girls who travel in packs of two like us. we'd be in a bar called various cool names. We'd meet these lost sheep and hook up or get numbers....The riders on sunset line seems to be all these people lost in Los Angeles looking for connection amidst the ghosts. Our hero has seen it for many years unfolding before him. This cowboy is us, as we try to evade the encroaching desert, as it moves towards us. We are the chihuahua or we may be the coyote, So many people from various ways of life. A old movie star. A Film producer. Someone who works in an office. A Rock star.
  2. I am gonna predict that we will get 8/20/81 in December, followed by Winterland 12/15 for Christmas. OK, I said it.
  3. Having this show from a Pre FM soundboard would be great. Thanks for reminding me.
  4. Been playing this all morning...so good. Independence day is amazing, Racing, so many others...very moved and the rap before Across the Border is another example of why I love this music and the man who has had the courage to make it. Fits well with the moment we are all living. Wont express my political beliefs here. But suffice it to say we all need it now, Bless you my Pilgrims, may the beauty of this recording find you in good graces and you can feel this deep soul in your heart....gather your strength and keep moving through the dark to find a new day.
  5. I am happy, but I am always happy with wheat germ and green beans too. This is good, he seems loose and its well recorded. Through another boot in the dust bin babeee. Independence day is beautiful too. Worth the price alone. Dare I say ESSENCE!!
  6. I believe he gets so much from playing with the band. I expect a good album and then a nice tour. No end in sight.
  7. Yes to all of it. What we will get, without a doubt is music performed in front of an audience. Bruce Springsteen creating magic out of a song filled rumor. Digging deep and making believers out of the masses. A big show, a small show, no matter. Accoustic, Electric, E Street, or nobody. Joad, D&D. Rising. Its all great. Pick a random archive release. Play it. Something new will jump out at you, a lyrical change, a scream, a solo, hearing someone hear it and be changed. ARE YOU READY TO BE TRANSFORMED? I say yes Boss!!
  8. Would be good...or a Seeger. Then we have DECEMBER!!!!
  9. What I wouldnt give to have been there in that space with both of them and the crew...as well as those animals. What an astonishing thing to see. A man who has saved himself by saving all of us. THE REPAIR MAN indeed. @BrilliantDisguise Thank you for posting.