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  1. Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip...

    So sad about this news... I was transfixed the first time I saw them, moved by Gord, how he sang and his spirit, which seemed ever present, must have been '93 or '94. Then later seeing them on SNL and being so moved by "Grace, Too", it was such a spooky song....Later, I met a Canadian Accountant from Edmonton, who was really into them. She played their records all the time. I loved it. They stayed with me, and I remember seeing the Kingston concert last summer on TV. Wow.
  2. Having all of it is what makes it special. Why I have a whole hard drive and a backup of all my shows.
  3. I thought there was a version of that at one point, maybe it was a older studio version of American Skin.... But yes, this one is amazing. I was driving with my Mom in the car and it was on E St Radio, the whole show actually. That final encore stretch is just brimming with raw emotion: The start of a new phase with the band, the end of the tour, being grateful, being healthy and vital, honoring the fans of the world and NYC. It was a warm Indian summer day, and my Mom, who isn't the person she was when I was a kid. was with me in the car. We had to pull over and listen to it together in the parking lot, overlooking the 101 hwy and a lettuce field on the other side. That final stretch of songs when taken together is really a great final encore. For me it was special and Mom, who took me to my first Bruce show, was very happy, and we both cried. It is beautiful and lovely, I hadn't felt content enough to be at all grateful at any point this summer, and that day the emotion just flowed. I was grateful for it all, even the tough times. Having time to let it in.
  4. SOB on until June?

    He must like doing it. I'll assume he'll do a run in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, etc. I'm thinking 2 years and then a HBO version and then of course a Blu-ray with behind the scenes footage. No new music for a while, but $2 Million a week for his family.
  5. My feelings exactly. I love this release more than most of the others and have been playing it non-stop.
  6. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I find that going from a reunion era show to a other band period to be a little jarring... I prefer a classic E Street show to be next: Rising tour, or Summer 1981.
  7. I own every one. I enjoy them all for different reasons...however here goes: 1. Complete Tempe, AZ 1980 2. NYC 2000 3. Christic 1990 4. Tunnel of Love LA '88 5. St. Louis Magic 6. Buffalo '09 7. Philly 2016 Both Nights 8. LA 2016 Night 3 9. Cleveland '78 10. New years in Philly '75
  8. E Street Shuffle Lost in The Flood Born in the USA July 1 2000
  9. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I doubt it. It'll be from left field, like the Fargo show. Either way, if it sounds as good as this latest one, I might just by 2 for no reason.
  10. This is great...really great. Reminds me of how exciting the reunion era was. I was living in Boston in the Summer of '99. Saw three shows in Jersey, saw 2 in Boston, flew home to California (for good!!!) followed him like a mad man. Spending tons of dough on those Staples gigs. Went to the last night sat up high in the upper bowl on top of all those luxury boxes, it didn't matter, cause this band at this time was magic. Driving to Oakland and scoring perfect seats all three nights from waiting for the drop. Adam Raised a Cain opened that last show. My god I loved it. Reading the Lucky Town digest online. Meeting people from all over the world....downloading those dry IEM feed tapes from LA and Oakland, downloading from Napster and the SPL server.....I'll add those great nights in Anaheim, when I needed a root canal. Meeting my lovely Wife, flying to Vegas..... Wow. I love this music, it feeds me spiritually, and affirms my life. I'm not a religious person, but this is the gospel of life itself. Making peace with the past and embracing this life in this ever present moment.
  11. Rich Man in a Poor Man's shirt?

    I'm poor as fuck, but know how to save for the stuff I want. He's earned the right to have anything he wants.
  12. American Skin Promised Land Youngstown MSG 7/1/2000 OMG
  13. It'll be interesting to see what was over dubbed on Live in NYC.
  14. Just got it, downloaded it.... Went directly to the end. Blood Brothers. MY GOD.
  15. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Absolutely epic. The IEM/aid boot is good, this will be good