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  1. I remember the Joad show I saw was around Thanksgiving week in 1995. That crisp air with a hint of coolness to it. Its perfect. The desert is beautiful that time of year. I am sure our departed friend Jerseyfornia would have words to support this. This music is just essential now, Joad, Magic, The Rising are on my mind. Those forgotten people struggling for life. He gives them voices. He gives them life. We see them in our world. Empathy is born here. Understanding. Thinking of the Vets burning thier cycles in the ravine. Poor folks finding solace in the River. A Dream is never a lie.
  2. Its funny Flynn and Hal don't want us to assume its a BTR show...I want a Magic show.
  3. Doesn't July 3rd feel like a long time ago? I have a feeling we may get a BTR show on account of the 45th anniversary of it's release. I know those dates don't mean much. A well mixed/mastered BTR show would hit the spot. As always, I'd also like a BiUSA show, 8/6/84 looks like a cool setlist. At the end of the day though, I would LOVE a Magic show. Maybe one of the strange setlist shows from Spring or Summer '08. Or simply one of those highly charged shows from the Fall of '07. Either way, I am excited for Friday. I will enjoy it while working from home on my new PC. So, lets have a great week people!!!
  4. Nugs doesnt do anything but distribute what Bruce Inc gives them. Its his choice 100%, If I had a guess than I'd say the final mix wasnt approved on time and the post production work wasnt completed.
  5. I miss Steve on everything he's missing from.
  6. I am feeling a magic show or a BiUSA one. I dont mind if I am wrong.
  7. Perfection. Could be an Iraq veteran they are mourning. Could be our current world. Hey Ho, rock n roll deliver me from nowhere!!
  8. I agree, and I do hope so. Another blistering performance from the Fall or maybe one of those rarity filled rollar coasters from the Spring. I loved the shows I saw in the Spring. Those Anaheim shows were amazing. And if I may add, the Magic record seems to fit amidst our dystopian splender that is the world during the pandemic and other things. Just seems to fit. That first night in California opened with "Light of day". Steve and Bruce with a light on thier faces, each saying how they see a change coming on....I was in the pit. The 2nd night began with Thunder Road, always a magic moment. I love the jersey shows from 81 for that reason. Bring it on this Friday. I am ready to be transformed.
  9. If we had never heard "Tracks", the River box would be insane. However, allot of it is duplicated. I will say the outtakes that are on it are breathtakingly wonderful. Time that Never was is for me an alltime classic. Party Lights is also amazing. Really, in a way, The story of the River is what wasnt included on the massive two LP party, tearfest, you name it. The Ties That Bind LP would have been amazing.....and if you can get your hands on the complete Tempe 1980 audio. (I know a guy, who knows a guy)
  10. I expect a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band show will be released. I also think Springsteen will sing lead on all of it. His band is quite good.
  11. I still am in Love with 7/9/81. I also really like 9/27/85.
  12. Interesting. I have no idea what it will be. But it will be here.
  13. Now that I have returned to the working world, from home, I made a huge Spotify playlist that is set to play randomly low while I work... Today I heard Jungleland and then Last to Die. It was a great feeling to hear those two in a row. Kinda the same coin and I heard each side of it. The ending of Jungleland is the most dramatic thing, then Last to Die whirls to a quick start. Thematically they fit too. One old and the other newer. The idea of folks as fodder or grist for the mill. Love this music.
  14. 5. Roxy '78 4. Los Angeles '85 3. Detroit '88 2. Tempe '80 1. E.Rutherford '81
  15. Racing in the Street and Darkness... Hits me where I live.
  16. I just played Tempe 1980 from start to finish. In the early part of the River tour he was at a certain peak. I really love this recording.
  17. Welcome to the Lake!!! Reading your words gives me faith in the mighty power of this man's work. It gives you strength, it helps you understand. It just plain rocks. We are happy you are here. Keep listening.
  18. Listening to "Darkness: from 1981/07/09. I love the weariness in his voice. It is so moving. This is one of my favorite songs.
  19. I cannot imagine the TOL tour was 32 years ago. The Archive releases have brought it back to me. The themes of that show still resonate with me. Loss, self doubt, learning to accept the ties that bind. I will play Detroit today and know that this music got me through my darkest ride.