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  1. I think we will get two on Dec 24th. Or a real good one.
  2. I expect the December release and the Christmas eve release will be out on December 24th. Someone on BTX thinks its a Bottom Line show from 75 along with Winterland 78.
  3. I think its the Cowboy's perspective from being depressed and most likely suicidal....Imagining death and the end as omnipresent in his mind. Was watching "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and Brad Pitts charecter is driving on the 5 past Forrest Lawn. It struck me as a theme in that movie too. These magisterial men growing older. I have admitted its me as well. Currently playing "Duquense Whistle" and its in there too....
  4. Cant wait for this. I have mine preordered. Dont care about the money.
  5. welcome back everyone..12 days to Christmas Eve.
  6. I may be the only one who would be unhappy with both nights of Winterland 78. NOT!!
  7. I welcome this....but. It must be huge. Vets show, anything from summer 81, the whole LA Run from 81......Jersey 81....something magical and unknown...a River show that we didnt know. A perfect multitrack frm MSG 78, or Bottom Line 75, Another great London show from 81. Winterland 78 both nights mixed perfectly. Gotta be huge. Has to be.
  8. Gonna say horns. Need them today. Theres a part of Tunnel of Love live that is just magical.
  9. Yes. I agree. I'd add LA 85 and Stockholm 88. Wembley 81 is the best one for me right now. The 1st set. My God.