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  1. Fookin' amazing... Drove down to a small town near L.A. for the movie...it was an amazing trip. The movie is so good, so well done...I am beyond the ability to put this into words.
  2. Tomorrow, I will drive two hours to take in this film. I cannot wait and have been playing the record in HD all week. I will post my thoughts asap after I get back. I will also see it on Friday when it comes out. My CD is preordered from Amazon.
  3. Two days until the first Fathom event showing. I'll be there!!!
  4. I am dipping in and out, playing archive stuff along with Western Stars cuts, spirituallt preparing for Saturday night and the fathom showing... 1. Born To Run 7/3/88 2. Im a Coward 4/23/88 3. Shes the One 4/23/88 4. Adam Raised a Cain 7/7/78 5. Incident on 57th Street 2/5/75 6. Mountain of Love 2/5/75 7. E Street Shuffle 2/5/75 8. Song for Orphans 11/22/05 9. My Beautiful Reward 11/22/05 10. Devils and Dust 11/22/05 11. There Goes My Miracle 12. Hello Sunshine 13. Moonlight Motel 14. Wester Stars 15. Drive Fast God bless you Boss!!!
  5. I hear a distinct difference on my iPhone 10 XS Max...playing through my Beats Studio 3s. Never have used a DAC, due to these cans being wireless. There has been scuttle butt reagding these Beats but I enjoy them. Some say there is a secret sauce of sorts on these when paired with an apple device. I dunno. I have liked these for going on two years. Amazon Music HD does sound better...I also groove to all things on apple lossless and Spotify on super high quality. Love having all this music. It's my life's blood.
  6. I too played this today...the intensity of the performance is awe inspiring and its a great set of music.
  7. Playing Devils and Dust. Freaking awesome!!!!!!
  8. I took the plunge!!! Sounds good on my Beats Studio 3 Wireless!!! And we have gapless playback!!!!
  9. In my time on E Street, I have never seen anyone not get to go. We got this Silvia. We got you.
  10. This show is greater than the sum of it's parts...I'll give you Incident, and raise you an Adam and a Darkness.
  11. Played it twice yesterday. Today, wearing my headphones with my apple lossless rip on my iPhone. My God. What a performance. I remember watching this show after spending the day worrying about money. I went to a USC football game during the afternoon and decided to head down there. I saw George Travis milling about around 6:45pm. I'd spoken to him Tuesday night before the 2nd show. Told him I didnt have a ticket. He said go to the box office and smiled, he knew I was looking for a single. I walked up to the box office and pulled a good one in 118 about a third up. In other words the perfect seat on Roy's side. I will never forget this night... What sticks in my mind about the reunion tour is that I never knew it was gonna be after the band had been broken up. Tracks coming out in Nov of 98 after the HOF induction was a miracle. Nothing more can be said other than that. Seeing the band perform in Jersey, then Boston was amazing. Seeing this music live again and the band healthy and so in time just made my life so rich again. I moved home back to Los Angeles from Boston in time for the on sale of the L.A. shows. It was the greatest time to be a fan. That idea of a rededication of the purpose of the band. The new song LOHAD was a nightly highlight. I was home again and single, soon to meet my wife...I had no idea what was in store for me as I moved on down this number line we all travel in our own ways. Here we are twenty years later, all older, having lived a life during that time...we mourn those that have been lost on this road, we celebrate the victories, and think of the failures. So much is missing now and we will keep going. Spurned on by this music. This night was perfect. Its great to have the archive series to relive it, or maybe hear it for the 1st time. Thank you for reading and listening.
  12. In true buddhabone fashion. I had three versions. All gone now. Replaced by this one. Amazing.
  13. I went to all 4 at Staples, then went up north to the 3 in Oakland. That was a magic week. Yes, it is that boot and will no doubt be bettered by jon altschuler's able ears. This is so effing cool to me. I walked up to the box office that night an hour before he hit the stage and pulled a seat 15 feet from the edge of the stage. When they hit that intro to Promised Land, my head exploded and I did not care. The passion, the power, the promise of the everlasting here and now that is rock n roll. Incident was perfect too. I will never forget that night.
  14. From someone who has been right in the past..... "One very specific person will be thrilled, most of the rest will wonder why it was chosen." There has been a guy on btx thats been asking for 10/23/99 Los Angeles for many years....Its a very similar setlist to Chicago '99. But was very notable at the time as a fall '99 high point. I'd be happy with it as it includes some well performed stuff. 1999-10-23 - STAPLES CENTER, LOS ANGELES, CA TAKE 'EM AS THEY COME / THE TIES THAT BIND / TWO HEARTS / ADAM RAISED A CAIN / DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN / THE PROMISED LAND / FACTORY / INDEPENDENCE DAY / YOUNGSTOWN / MURDER INCORPORATED / BADLANDS / OUT IN THE STREET / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT / INCIDENT ON 57TH STREET / FOR YOU / THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD / THE PROMISE / BACKSTREETS / LIGHT OF DAY / RAMROD / BORN TO RUN / THUNDER ROAD / IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND / LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS / BLINDED BY THE LIGHT Fantastic setlist includes the second "Incident On 57th Street" of the tour and a solo piano "The Promise", the first of only three performances of the tour - not including the public rehearsal in Asbury Park. Show opens with the "Meeting In The Town Tonight" introduction. "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" includes "It's All Right", "Take Me To The River", "Gypsy Woman", "Red Headed Woman", and "Rumble Doll". "Light Of Day" includes an amusing take on "California Sun" and "I've Been Everywhere".
  15. Always liked Baltimore which has the full BTR 11/20/09.
  16. I would agree with most of this... My preferences would be a late tour Joad show, a Reunion show from left field, or anything that is amazing. I love this music in all of it's forms.
  17. From Julius over at BTX: For those keeping score... Tour Months Since 77 26 Sessions 23 Joad 17 WOAD 16 Reunion 13 Rising 12 BTR 10 Tunnel 9 Magic 8 DD 7 USA 6 HT/LT 5 WB 4 River 3 No Tour 2 Darkness 1 I am thinking maybe it'll be a show where Bruce Springsteen performed as lead singer. Gonna bet the house on that. Would love a good one.
  18. TOL tour is bad ass shit. The guy took his cards and laid them out. The most autiobiographical setlist ever, taking hidden worlds and shining a light onto them and showing us his soul. I was at every show I could go to, 5 in L.A. and two up north. The last night in Shoreline may have been one of the most transformational moments in my concert going career. Bring me more TOL tour Bossman!!!!
  19. I can dig it. Really can. It moves me like nothing I can remember and thats something considering what 39 years of Springsteen fandom has done for me. But, in truth its a record that expresses an inner truth for me, is what I needed this summer. This record is played almost everyday still when I wake up at 4am. It's songs reflect my story of being filled with regrets, desiring escape, seeking connection, and letting the past go. I often play it to the point where I cry (usually around Chasing transitioning to Sunrise) It feels good to let this out. It keeps me focused. It reminds me I am not alone and this guy gets me. I am sure I'd love speaking to him, but truth is he's been talking to me since I was 10. We grew up together and his work has lit my way through the darkness. On this board I know that is common.
  20. I would love this or one of the 4 I saw in LA the week prior....The Jersey show is good (better than I expected) In LA he opened the 2nd set with a scorching Gloria's Eyes. Got great seats to all of them. As always, I will embrace anything he deems appropriate to to give us.
  21. I just heard a great version of Adam Raised a Cain from Tokyo 1-31-97. Downloaded it in amazing audience quality that sounds like a soundboard. Great show.
  22. The Vietnam benefit was the first night of a 6 night stand in Los Angeles...and is one of the greatest shows of all time.