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  1. Great song. Love the intro on the soundtrack.
  2. Need Summer '81. Need Fall 2002. Need Fall 96. Fall 2006. C'mon make this wait worth it.
  3. I think we are blowing it out of proportion, they cant release an archive the day of the vinyl annoucement.
  4. The past 6 months have been riddled by delays. I look forward always with intense anticipation. Maybe they will use this time to fix the issues. I will assume its a combination of things we dont get to hear about. I also think JA has been busy with Phish. They have four dates in Mexico coming up. But, yeah. Really unhappy about this and thier communication is awful. There is other work being done no doubt getting an album ready, planning a tour. I will also say, having another mixer would help. The bright side is they didnt promise that it'll be worth the wait.
  5. Backstreets has always been the mouthpiece for Bruce Inc, Nugs simply posts the files provided by them. In the beginning, nugs was far more involved. Now the bottleneck is Bruce/Landau in terms of selecting, mixing, mastering etc. I only think this info was given to assume its off this month.
  6. Good idea...I just want January as soon as possible.
  7. Current release is on HOLD, which seems to me it is waiting on approval. Bruce must have been on vacation.
  8. Marsh has been on the Tit since 1974. He's married to one of Bruce's Managers Barbara Carr.
  9. Agreed. I think its just bad timing this year. We have no idea how it really works, aside from knowing that the show is selected, mixed and approved. Add to that mastering and post production work on the nugs side. I think the whole Western Stars diversion was unexpected. I'm working through my feelings on this and in the bigger scheme of things I have alot to be thankful for in general.
  10. It all makes sense given that JA is working on getting Phish shows out the next morning after a show. I'm gonna cut them so slack, but really wish they ran a tighter ship. I am skilled at project coordination, and I am readily available.
  11. The bright side of the tweet is they didnt say it'll be worth the wait.
  12. From what I have read, the bottleneck is Bruce Inc. I agree with you. I look forward to thse releases and today I am disappointed, really pissed to be honest.
  13. Is that a good recording from the audience?
  14. They have never missed first friday after christmas special.
  15. They have never failed the first Friday in January.
  16. Great stuff. Really appeciate what you do.
  17. Its a great song. I go back to it over and over. His performnces of it in '78 are incredible. Thanks to the magic of the archive series we have some to choose from....one day Atlanta will be out there too I hope.