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  1. DennisC with a hint on BTX: Let’s pour a cold one.
  2. I was at the L.A. show, so I am biased. I will recuse myself from this one. However, I must say all of them are good for different reasons. I am certain we will enjoy them for a long time.
  3. Funny!!! I have the same ones. I spent the late morning in the back yard listening to it. Very nice headphones. Great dynamics!!! Oh, and I think that cat from Jersey is pretty good.
  4. God, that version of The River preceded by the great introduction is worth the price for me. Also, love the encores.
  5. Instant download for me. Already in iTunes in ALAC lossless.
  6. 8/22/85 https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,26772/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-8-22-1985-Giants-Stadium-East-Rutherford-NJ.html
  7. Both are wishful thinking. No multi-tracks for '85 and '02, we know those tapes are not usable at this point.
  8. Email from Nugs: Unfortunately, there have been some delays in approvals for the latest Bruce releases, as Bruce personally approves all audio and artwork and is currently performing nightly on Broadway. We are still planning to have a July release, by the end of the month, and an August release as early as possible next month. So we will see.
  9. I am seeing alot of pessimism on BTX this morning. We do not yet know if july will come and go without a release. I remain positive about it for tomorrow. We do not yet know either way. I will enjoy what I have already downloaded and hope for the best.
  10. Hey. Nugs knows nothing. They release whatever Inc gives them. You read way too much into this... All Nugs is is a distributor and money collector. They are paid to perform that service. Bruce's people choose the show. It takes a period of time to get a show ready. Unlike most artists who release through Nugs, our hero likes multi-tracks to be mixed and mastered like a live album (HIGH QUALITY) Backstreets only provides us info when they have it. Bruce's people are the one's who choose the show, mix it, master it, get it ready, etc. I think, due to the release last month being on the 18th, we never should have expected a show at the beginning of the month. We kind of could have gotten one last week, but the decision on No Nukes put that off. How long? we do not know. I am in the camp that says if it's not this week, we are missing July. One thing nugs did tell me once was that we are guarenteed to get 12 shows a year. Usually, close to the Friday when it's released, someone somewhere get's actionable info and puts out breadcrumbs for us to see and get excited about it. Last week, a poster on BTX was told it was "older than Nirvana" a song that was released in 1985. We all got the hint. A well known poster, that has been correct in the past (3 times if I remember) wondered why it was not released last friday and that it was indeed August 1985. Thats where we are.
  11. My Beautiful Reward is wonderful, it is connected to the bible in a great way. Such a great idea of gratitude and peace amidst it.
  12. This Hard Land from Ireland in 2013 is amazing and on you tube. One of the best closing songs, about regrets and goodbyes in sense. Our losses how the seeds are blown into the wind.
  13. We don't know, but I'd think it's more interesting than writing a song about shoplifting, or being afraid of germs. I think his obsessive nature was how his mental stuff manifested itself. I am not an expert, aside from having my own issues that this music has helped me through.
  14. If you take all the records, and then you add what was released from the vaults so far, you have one of the greatest catalogs in history. In my mind, the outtakes make the choices he made for the albums better in most cases.
  15. Me thinks there's gold in them hills, sir... We have surprises on the way to be sure.
  16. That's the info I was given...Lazysean knows his stuff and has been spot on multiple times. He knew it was Berkeley last month as well as two other times.
  17. It does move slowly for this reason. I don't like it either... But in truth, looking at my cloud drive that has all these releases, I am pretty gobsmacked we have them to begin with. Looking back at my 16 tear old self, I cannot believe what we have in this kind of quality. I could list them all, but that isnt important. We all have 10-15 of them that are dear to our hearts. That is what it's about in the long term. I will put on my headphones and play them all. I will smile.
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