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  1. Do we think it's happening tomorrow? Who is with me??
  2. I think the original release is still in play...we will see.
  3. The version I made sounds balanced to me. Let me know what sounds off to you please.
  4. I reached out and they said it's delayed but not canceled at this point....I think we are all wrapped a bit too tight today.
  5. We have silence, which isn't bad. In the past few years a delay is usually one week at most. Believe me, I have tried to get any information and mum is the word.
  6. I always thought it was Pangent in Maine. All I was saying was that physical tape takes time to get ready for release.
  7. The news of the reprised Broadway run puts the delay in a new light. I know we will get a new archive relatively soon. It just bothers me to want it as bad as I do. As we make it through the week, it seems less and less likely for it to drop this week. Just my opinion and I'd love to wrong.
  8. They wouldn't need to put them in the oven.
  9. When actual tape is involved they need to send it to Maine and run it through the process, which involves baking and then doing a transfer and work on the digital file afterward. Then back to New York for mixing. Then they master and then deliver to nugs. At some point Bruce needs to approve. All of this takes time when tape is involved.
  10. the waiting is because of the plangent process and covid protocols.
  11. Indeed. It's always speculation until we know.
  12. Yes, it was discussed before the Summer U.S. tour. Back then Bruce got cold feet regarding live recordings.
  13. I haven't posted in a long time here...but the rule is, nobody knows until it's deliverd to nugs for release. So, to answer it that way is a rule. That being said, people have told me that 6/4/81 is in the pipeline.
  14. I love this recording. I played it today. It was so better latter on the tour and the original material was so well done. I really thing D&D and Jesus were great. Looking forward to the next one whenever it comes.
  15. I really want that in good quality. There are boots that are good.
  16. Acording to a poster at BTX, the new album is coming this fall. It is called Arcade at Night. I don't know how reliable that information is, but it sounds good to me. This taken with the confirmation that Tracks 2 isnt happening in 2020 makes perfect sense. I also love the title. Let's discuss...
  17. In a way yes. There are albums that all came out at once and then albums he labored over to a huge extent. Both of those finished projects could have been 3 or 4 different records. I read a book by Clinton Heylin who goes into incredible detail. It's fascinating. Over time, all of these wonderful outtakes have come to light through deluxe sets and tracks, not to mention the Greatest hits record in 95 or Essential in 2003. I love all this shit at the end of the day.
  18. I think all of it is autobiographical, while at the same time being a complete fabrication. There is truth, deep truth in fiction. What isn't a fabrication is the lonlieness at the heart of all the behavior, The people in the songs act out in violent ways to express the lonlieness and isolation at the heart of it. The song that comes to mind to me is "Nebraska". I love his introduction of it in Kansas City in 1984. How isolation can lead to explosions of violence. I myself have always related my own issues to this music. I have a memory of the great Woody Allen film where it is said that art c
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