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  1. 19 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

    So is a 1/4 of The River Album or 1/4 of Born in the USA, Tracks before Tracks 1? :P


    In a way yes. There are albums that all came out at once and then albums he labored over to a huge extent. Both of those finished projects could have been 3 or 4 different records. I read a book by Clinton Heylin who goes into incredible detail. It's fascinating. Over time, all of these wonderful outtakes have come to light through deluxe sets and tracks, not to mention the Greatest hits record in 95 or Essential in 2003. I love all this shit at the end of the day.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Silvia said:

    These songs.... they often leave me wondering about how much of the content is autobiographical...

    I think all of it is autobiographical, while at the same time being a complete fabrication. There is truth, deep truth in fiction. What isn't a fabrication is the lonlieness at the heart of all the behavior, The people in the songs act out in violent ways to express the lonlieness and isolation at the heart of it. The song that comes to mind to me is "Nebraska". I love his introduction of it in Kansas City in 1984. How isolation can lead to explosions of violence. I myself have always related my own issues to this music. I have a memory of the great Woody Allen film where it is said that art creates a working through process for the viewer or listener.

    In the end what is real or imagined isnt the point. the point is what we feel, more importantly, its what the writer felt that lead him to that moment of creation.

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  3. Hearing 8/20/1981 in any quality, better than we have would be a dream come true. Part of me wants this more than any other show. That would help understand the delay.

    In all honesty, I expect a BTR show, I secretly wish it was Main Point 75.

    That to me feels like the real birth of the version of the band that conquered the world.


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