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  1. I honestly believe cancelling First Friday this month to allow more production time means its bigger than just Winterland. I would believe if they are using BC to mix both shows, It would undermine the faith Bruce has in Altschuler. Winterland is easy considering JA was used for both Roxy 78 and Passaic 78 night one. I think Winterland will be here eventually. Honestly I wont be upset if it is Winterland. In fact, I played it last night and gosh darn it, it is magical. We truly need it. Farmers Daughter-Not Fade away-Shes the One is worth it. Add to that Prove It, and many other moments...I could go on....but I am in the mood for bigger game. 1981 Los Angeles. Yes. Its time has come. Vietnam Vets is the most important show in the pantheon, add to that the last night with Train Wreck in Los Gatos. I play that boot allot even though the sound is pretty crappy. I believe '81 is the moment when he became who is now and those shows are amazing. Better than anything in 1978. Is a dream a lie if it dont come true or is it something worse. YES. The connection was made between the hand of fate and the external forces that crush souls. That speech about the dark alley. The intensity of the performance. Playing to the Veterans who gave thier legs or thier arms to that war. Some who gave thier minds or worse. Empathy was found and it lit up his work. Play the bootleg, even in audience quality it is fantastic. The greatest live band in history. Give it to me in a 9th generaation 2 track stereo recording put throgh plagent process and digitally improved over weeks in a lab underneath the farm in Jersey. Please charge my card and make it so.

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  2. I welcome this....but.


    It must be huge.


    Vets show, anything from summer 81, the whole LA Run from 81......Jersey 81....something magical and unknown...a River show that we didnt know. A perfect multitrack frm MSG 78, or Bottom Line 75, Another great London show from 81. Winterland 78 both nights mixed perfectly.


    Gotta be huge. Has to be.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

    Top 25? Ginnan then. 

    You know what actually, sod it, make it a current fave 30. 

    *Personal Favourite live albums are in no way indicative of the Objectively Best ala ratings on https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/blog/*

    1. 1980/11/05 Tempe, AZ
    2. 1981/06/05 London, UK
    3. 2009/11/22 Buffalo, NY
    4. 1984/08/20 East Rutherford, NJ
    5. 1985/09/27 Los Angeles, CA
    6. 1988/07/03 Stockholm, SE
    7. 1980/12/29 Uniondale, NY
    8. 1978/09/19 Passaic, NJ
    9. 1978/09/20 Passaic, NJ
    10. 1988/05/23 New York, NY
    11. 2016/08/30 East Rutherford,  NJ
    12. 2013/07/24 Leeds, UK
    13. 1980/12/31 Uniondale, NY
    14. 2016/07/16 Rome, IT
    15. 2016/07/23 Goteborg, SE
    16. 1975/11/18 Hammersmith Odeon
    17. 2009/11/08 New York, NY
    18. 2000/07/01 New York, NY
    19. 2016/07/13 Paris, FR
    20. 2016/07/11 Paris, FR
    21. 1999/10/23 Los Angeles, CA
    22. 1978/07/07 West Hollywood, CA
    23. 2016/09/07 Philadelphia,  PA
    24. 1999/09/30 Chicago, IL
    25. 1996/11/08 Freehold, NJ
    26. 2007/11/19 Boston, MA
    27. 2016/09/09 Philadelphia,  PA
    28. 2005/08/03 Grand Rapids, MI
    29. Western Stars: Songs From The Film
    30. 2006/04/30 New Orleans, LA

    Interesting...If I was to do that, I'd place London as #1 right now. I'd also move Roxy 78 way up...but yeah, imagine 15 years ago that we'd have all this in the quality we do. 

  4. An all around amazing set of nights for young Buddhabone here. 21 years old. Holy smokes....bought tickets from scalpers across the street.

    The Intro to My Fathers House is one of GOAT moments that helped along the way. Felt like he was talking to me, as I sat there. Thats what this guy is all about...bringing us through the darkness.

    @JimCT Thanks for reminding me. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Silvia said:

    I realized, a lot of work for an uneducated fan like me... :D

    Will have to wade through all of it eventually, today I only had the time to skim through the Essential part I and II.

    This collection points out how the songwriting really is a process of several stages. It's interesting to hear how the songs developed, how he changed and reused the lyrics, how the same themes are resurrecting in various songs. Losin' Kind - Highway 29 - Loose Change, for example.


    This a good place to go.


    Here is details on the Lost Masters series too.


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  6. 11 hours ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    im really really excitted by this

    ive desided to finally take the plunge

    i looked at buying it years ago but the exchange rate has never been my friend 

    thank you so much Buddhabone

    and also to @mylittleworldmusic and everyone who has posted on this thread 

    but may i please ask what i have to do to get it in my phone ?

    (because im thick when it comes to tech)

    Those files are in FLAC, you would need to convert to MP3.

    We may need to prepare a MP3 version.

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  7. When I was younger living in Hollywood or maybe in Venice, I'd often go to bars drink and meet people. These nights were always a crapshoot. You never knew if a new friend would arrive or an old one, a ghost would appear. Los Angeles at night is a magic and scary place. Fast Cars and rich kids running amok in these bars and other night scenes. I met my fair share lost sheep in those nights amidst the night people. People working to make it in movies or music, sales people of various types. I was always broke, looking for a girl. My best friend was my wing man who drove around. We'd often meet girls who travel in packs of two like us. we'd be in a bar called various cool names. We'd meet these lost sheep and hook up or get numbers....The riders on sunset line seems to be all these people lost in Los Angeles looking for connection amidst the ghosts. Our hero has seen it for many years unfolding before him. This cowboy is us, as we try to evade the encroaching desert, as it moves towards us. We are the chihuahua or we may be the coyote, So many people from various ways of life. A old movie star. A Film producer. Someone who works in an office. A Rock star.

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  8. Been playing this all morning...so good.

    Independence day is amazing, Racing, so many others...very moved and the rap before Across the Border is another example of why I love this music and the man who has had the courage to make it. Fits well with the moment we are all living. Wont express my political beliefs here. But suffice it to say we all need it now, Bless you my Pilgrims, may the beauty of this recording find you in good graces and you can feel this deep soul in your heart....gather your strength and keep moving through the dark to find a new day.


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