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  1. 10 minutes ago, JustDan said:

    He is the master wordsmith...Beautifully written, no question.

    It's just...Why didn't he write this 50-55 years ago, when it really mattered the most? & if by chance, he did, why sit on it for over a half century when, considering all the shit the world's gone through since then, it now seems like ancient history & people seem to care about it less & less & most of the people of JFK's generation (his age group), who cared about it the most, are now almost all gone? Maybe it's just me but...why now?

    Its more about what has been lost since. All we have lost collectively.

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  2. A song of hope and deliverance, of dreams to be fulfilled in a righteous land. 

    Distances closed and lives redeemed in the glory of love and this new world which will be made real through works and glory.

    At this moment I am thinking of you my brothers and sisters. We will endure.

    Thank you for supporting me all this time here. You special ones know who you are.

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  3. 9 hours ago, 1651997 said:

    Yes! That's what made it a fun challenge for me. I loved doing it! :)

    Sure, I'll post it here when I get on my computer (or maybe send you a DM to try and not take this thread off topic)! But by the way, just to be clear I meant the 2016/17 River Tour, not the original. I just read my post and maybe I didn't explain myself too well.

    I've often thought of doing a compilation of the 16/17 tour...might be a fun way to pass the time. Please send your list. Anyone else send me song selections as well. I am better at the tech then choosing the versions.

  4. 2 hours ago, lilbud said:

    Do you have any suggestions on getting rid of some of the static hiss? Because on the bootleg (Love Soul and a Broken Heart), many of the tracks have a bad hissing noise. Any form of noise reduction I try ends up cutting off the high end of the music. (The harmonica on The River is a good example, the static is gone, but the harmonica sounds wrong)

    Its such a poor tape...getting rid of the hiss removes that frequency and thus the high end. You would need to try it in stages to remove the hiss while maintaining the high end. Lucky for me, I just used the nugs songs and mixed with the stuff from the Blu-ray. I disnt need to do any noise reduction.

    I'd prefer a compilation of just stuff from nugs, and the quality would be consistant.

  5. 1 hour ago, 1651997 said:

    I did something similar, where I compiled every single song played on every leg of the River Tour into 3 different collections (American Arenas, European, American Stadiums, Australian). I took every song and tried to find a rhythm and flow that would simulate a "real" concert. I chose between all the different versions which ones I liked best and which ones would then flow better into the next song. It took forever to finish but I had a lot a fun! I hope the same goes for you! ;)  


    I'd love to see your list. I love blending mixes. I worked my ass off on Tempe 1980. It took weeks.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, JimCT said:

    and Tempe 11/8 - followed by an amazing Jungleland, too


    Your tapes are wonderful @JimCT

    When the weather got colder, the shows got better. I will always remember getting Kansas City on LP. This was the moment that I went from being a kid listening to Bruce, and being the fanatic, you all know now. These songs fuel my fascination, and deepen my connection now years later. We need this now more than ever. We will survive as we try to get back home before it gets dark.


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  7. This is a magical song, and thanks to @JimCT for the wonderful recording...I was there on that night, although I was much younger, and had yet to expiereince anything like whats in that song. Over the years, certain events have reminded me what that could be like. But honestly, that war is impossible to fathom. But if you are inclined, Ken Burns doc on vietnam relays alot...but for me now, I get it. Coming home to a world that isnt what it was must be something. I often wonder, and I read about those times. My wife was in nursing school and she worked in a veterans hospital. She met a vietnam vet named Reily. He spent a good deal of time in Cambodia and had been exposed to such a large amount of agent orange and he had so much cancer, the veterans admin wanted his body after he was gonna die. He often regaled my wife with stories about comng home to Boulder and all the stuff he dealt with from the war. He stuck his middle finger to the doctors who wanted to examine him after his death. He was kick ass guy, and my son's middle name is Reily in his memory.

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