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  1. 16 hours ago, newcastle roy said:

    arrh I know why, sunland still haven't got any telly's yet..nee bother my mackem mate. 

     You can come over to my house and watch it, we can have a beer or ten, watch the Boss and then have a bit football talk..until the police come and hoy us in our individual cells  :rolleyes:

    Fookin love you English blokes.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Born To Walk said:

    This really being the point - we don't really know exactly what goes into producing these releases and how many people are involved. There must be a number of areas where a delay could occur.

    It's gotta be work being done on physical tape, the plagent process, mixing, more mixing, Bruce saying it ain't good enough, mixing again, mastering, digital delivery, post production work, art, bad art, better art, converting to audio formats. JLM/Bruce/Saddle the Dog approvals. Erik Flanagan essay, Backstreets article, pictures, then its released.

    I will assume it something better then normal and has more hands in it. More concern for social distancing. Something.

    ****He is aware, this is his legacy here. If you look at the archive series...(As I am now looking at a folder with every release...) It's his full story, with many more to be written...****

    There are some things worth waiting for. This music is something. This music changes lives, or more specifically changed mine. I can wait. I will wait.


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  3. 3 hours ago, lilbud said:


    I hope they just release it when ready and not wait for friday

    Or just come out and cancel the August release, because it will soon be september at this point.

    and another thing, why don't they tell us exactly what the problem is with the release, rather than acting like one of us "boy oh boy, I wonder why the release is delayed". When they clearly have the connection to know everything about the release schedule.

    This better be a good show

    I am actually trying not to be pissed off now. But considering the wealth of amazing material to be played whilst working on a lovely summer day, a brood of small animals walking in and out of my work space..as I sip ice tea and do paper work digitally, I see the side shrubs over grown, this music playing. I have a 789 song play list on spotify called " Classics" that includes an amazing array of songs, both great and then indeed greater. The Smiths, then EC and the Attractions, Some Bruce, Stones, Coltrane, Elliot Smith, The Cure, PJ, The Beatles, Prince, Radiohead, pumped through my speakers....it could be worse right?

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  4. 15 hours ago, soulcrusader78 said:

    Terribly depressing, frightening interview.

    Andy Greene wants mandatory vaccines, and shoves his opinion of "worry" that 1/3 of the population might have the freedom to choose what they do with their body, in the interview.

    Let those who want it get it. They'll be safe then according to logic, the same way a flu vaccine is supposed to help those who get the shot; they don't need the whole world to have gotten it also for it to protect them.

    Politics, tsk tsk.

  5. 7 hours ago, Silvia said:

    In my opinion Joad's mood is more suitable for autumn, winter. Let's say November. The lowest you feel, before the Christmas parody takes over...

    I remember the Joad show I saw was around Thanksgiving week in 1995. That crisp air with a hint of coolness to it. Its perfect. The desert is beautiful that time of year. I am sure our departed friend Jerseyfornia would have words to support this. 

    This music is just essential now, Joad, Magic, The Rising are on my mind. Those forgotten people struggling for life. He gives them voices. He gives them life. We see them in our world. Empathy is born here. Understanding. Thinking of the Vets burning thier cycles in the ravine. Poor folks finding solace in the River. A Dream is never a lie. 

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  6. Doesn't July 3rd feel like a long time ago?

    I have a feeling we may get a BTR show on account of the 45th anniversary of it's release. I know those dates don't mean much. A well mixed/mastered BTR show would hit the spot. As always, I'd also like a BiUSA show, 8/6/84 looks like a cool setlist. At the end of the day though, I would LOVE a Magic show. Maybe one of the strange setlist shows from Spring or Summer '08. Or simply one of those highly charged shows from the Fall of '07.

    Either way, I am excited for Friday. I will enjoy it while working from home on my new PC. So, lets have a great week people!!!

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  7. 2 hours ago, badlands78 said:

    My theory is that Nugs managed to jack up the Rising Tour hard drive during the retrieval of the digital source.  They are taking this extra week to scramble to find a low-gen audience tape of Wembley 2002 from some uber bootleggers and release it as their own.

    Nugs doesnt do anything but distribute what Bruce Inc gives them. Its his choice 100%, If I had a guess than I'd say the final mix wasnt approved on time and the post production work wasnt completed. 

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