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  1. 13 minutes ago, Silvia said:

    I know it supposed to be Long Walk Home, but Gypsy Biker is the best song on Magic, in my opinion. 

    Maybe this Friday, we'll be getting a Magic show?

    I agree, and I do hope so. Another blistering performance from the Fall or maybe one of those rarity filled rollar coasters from the Spring. I loved the shows I saw in the Spring. Those Anaheim shows were amazing.

    And if I may add, the Magic record seems to fit amidst our dystopian splender that is the world during the pandemic and other things. Just seems to fit. That first night in California opened with "Light of day". Steve and Bruce with a light on thier faces, each saying how they see a change coming on....I was in the pit. The 2nd night began with Thunder Road, always a magic moment. I love the jersey shows from 81 for that reason.

    Bring it on this Friday. I am ready to be transformed.


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  2. If we had never heard "Tracks", the River box would be insane. However, allot of it is duplicated. I will say the outtakes that are on it are breathtakingly wonderful. Time that Never was is for me an alltime classic. Party Lights is also amazing. Really, in a way, The story of the River is what wasnt included on the massive two LP party, tearfest, you name it. The Ties That Bind LP would have been amazing.....and if you can get your hands on the complete Tempe 1980 audio. (I know a guy, who knows a guy)

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  3. Now that I have returned to the working world, from home, I made a huge Spotify playlist that is set to play randomly low while I work...

    Today I heard Jungleland and then Last to Die. It was a great feeling to hear those two in a row. Kinda the same coin and I heard each side of it. The ending of Jungleland is the most dramatic thing, then Last to Die whirls to a quick start. Thematically they fit too. One old and the other newer. The idea of folks as fodder or grist for the mill.

    Love this music.


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  4. On 7/25/2020 at 7:38 AM, BossfanNL said:

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Stefan, 41 years old and from The Netherlands. I've been an Elvis Presley fan for 30 years, a Mark Knopfler fan for 20, a Eric Clapton fan for 10 and a Joe Bonamassa fan for 5. These are just the ones I'm a fan of, there are loads more that I like (mostly artists from the '50s to '90s). 

    For some reason I've never been a fan of Bruce  and until 6 months ago I only casually liked some songs (like 'Hungry Heart' and/or 'The Rising').  But, for some inexplicable reason I started listening to the live 75-85 set on Spotify last January and .......... it clicked!

    I've been listening to Bruce , mostly live concerts, for like 85% since then. This only happened before with Elvis as with the other artists the 'click' came also, but with more struggling along the way. It feels like i was under some rock for the last 30 years. How could I have missed all this? I really love all Bruce, being it the '70s (definitely my favorite period with personal favorites like Íncident On 57th Street', 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 'Thunder Road, 'Lost In The Flood', 'Frankie', 'It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City', 'Growin' Up', 'Racing In the Street', 'The Fever'). the '80s (Both 'The River' and 'Born In The USA' are brilliant albums and both tours are greatly fun to listen to), the '90s (Reunion shows are excellent and the last archive release from that year opening with 'Incident On 57th Street' is wonderful. The 2002-2020 area is quite equal to me (for now) in  a good sense. Love the Rising Tour, the Magic Tour, The Working On A Dream Tour (great DVD from London!), the Wrecking Ball/High Hopes Tour and the 2016 River Tour).

    I'm less into the acoustic stuff (with all artists that I like) so I have no archive releases of the '96 and '05 tours. I do have some audience recordings and I will give those a try sometime. (Am I correct that the '05 tour is also heavily piano influenced? I love Bruce playing the piano.) Also I haven't found my feet yet in the Tunnel Of Love tour (I got all 4 official live releases, but as I bought 3 just today I only listened to the New York one, which I like but as said hasn't really clicked yet). 

    Got about 55 archive live concerts (I really love live music) and apart from the ones I bought today (the 2 '77 ones, Cleveland and Houston '78 and the 3 remaining '88 shows I didn't have yet) have listened to each and every one of them. I also got several 2016/17 concerts. I bought all 10 USA shows from the second USA leg of the tour and those are among my favorites.

    Bruce is a totally different performer than the ones I mentioned above. I really, really like his energy, his interaction with the audience, his guitar playing and interaction with the band. Speaking about the band, this is probably the best 'backing' band I've ever heard. From Roy to Gerry to Max, Steven Nils and Clarence they are all great musicians. I love Max's drumming and when I earlier this year watched the London 2009 blu ray for the first time it amazed me that he produced such a full and forcefull sound from, what seems to be, a small drum kit. 

    Obviously, I have never seen Bruce live (should have gone in 2016 when he played in my hometown of The Hague), but with such a wealth of well recorded live material I can live with that. Should the chance ever arises to see him I won't hesitate for a second. It surprises me to become a fan of someone who is around for about 50 years on the music scene. It's great fun, amazing and exciting to delve into such an amount of music and I'm enjoying every minute of it. 

    Welcome to the Lake!!!

    Reading your words gives me faith in the mighty power of this man's work. It gives you strength, it helps you understand. It just plain rocks.

    We are happy you are here. Keep listening.

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  5. I cannot imagine the TOL tour was 32 years ago. 

    The Archive releases have brought it back to me. The themes of that show still resonate with me. Loss, self doubt, learning to accept the ties that bind. I will play Detroit today and know that this music got me through my darkest ride.

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  6. 33 minutes ago, WillNotLetYouDown said:

    @Buddhabone Long time lurker, but I have now joined the lake to ask if your offer is still available. Tempe is one of my favourites to watch on Blu-Ray, but I would love to be able to listen to the full show in one complete sequence.

    PM sent

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