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  1. Eden

    Happy Birthday Bruce

    Happy Birthday Bruce xxxx
  2. Eden

    Find the Song

    Now we know where My Hometown comes into it
  3. Eden

    Find the Song

    Cover Me ( you get) Viva Las Vegas(money to burn, the devil and roulette in those lyrics) War( the Sword)
  4. Eden

    Find the Song

    Roulette(i see Lorraine already got that one) Girls In Their Summer Clothes(the 2 girls in dresses at the bar) Human Touch(woman and man touching in the dance group) They are all Waiting On A Sunny Day Badlands(lights out tonight in top right pic & the Policeman in the left bottom pic is letting the broken heart stand because his girl is running off with another guy)
  5. Eden

    Find the Song

    Trouble River/Policeman and river 4th of July Asbury Park Sandy/4 on dice next to radio, she was the girl bopping down the beach with radio So it must be Independence Day The Price You Pay(the money) Loose Change Over The Rise(the bridge) Mans Job(the Policeman) Spirit In The Night(ghost on hill, )which brings us onto Bus stop, don't trust men who walk with canes, theres a cane on the floor by the bus also. Valentines Day.The hearts American Skin.There Americans It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City.The angel and the city
  6. Eden

    Find the Song

    New York City Serenade(bruce playing in front of skyscrapers)
  7. Eden

    Find the Song

    For You / Princess cards she sends me(the actual birthday card)4 on dice Princess above Mary Queen Of Arkansas Meeting Across The River /The guy on the bike going over the bridge Radio Nowhere The Brokenhearted Wings For Wheels Prove It All Night (girl in a pretty dress of blue dancing with Bruce)
  8. So cute Neil .She's gonna take some exercising. She's like a cuddley toy.
  9. Eden

    Neil Young and Daryl Hannah tie the knot

    I'll always think of her as the Mermaid.
  10. Across The Border?
  11. Eden

    Attention purse carriers!

  12. Eden

    Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary

    They got some great songs.
  13. Eden

    Robert Plant : 70 today

    Still keeping the music fresh with some superb projects. Happy Birthday Robert.
  14. Eden

    Paul McCartney

    I saw this on Stereoboard and googled Fuh just to see if it was some Liverpudlian slang, nope. The songs causing a stir and already been banned in some states.