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  1. What was Gina's look at Moseley about, does she know him or is she even working for him.
  2. She grew up in Oxfordshire went to Cambridge and lives in Somerset. We all thought it was going to be the young lad out 1st also.. Did you gasp when one of the other young guys broke that lattice work? The star baker is Welsh.
  3. It's university bake off with annoying voice lady ,crazy lady and old person. Hooked.
  4. No Second Chance (originally on Netflix, showing on ch4 at the moment) French with subtitles, set in Paris. A woman and her husband are shot in their home and their baby is kidnapped. it's gripping, you gotta binge watch, lots of red herrings and one hell of a jig-saw puzzle.
  5. Have you realised the last Poldark is BH Monday Eileen?
  6. Two new ones i'm straight into. I Am The Night. A true story of a girl who goes looking for her grandfather who turns out to be a suspect in the Black Dahlia unsolved murder.This one looks really good. Der Pass. A German/Austrian version of The Bridge, a body is found murdered in snow on the border.
  7. Sarfraz was on the Lorraine show this morning promoting the film, no G/L's behind him this time. He said each time his daughter sees a poster advertising the film on the underground she takes a selfie.
  8. Dionne was born Warrick,they spelt it wrong on her 1st recording and she stuck with it. Daytime tv is so educational, it came up just the other day.
  9. Considering he called his son Zowie it's gotta be the 1st one.
  10. I've watched each series as they've come out. Ross Kemp did a documentary on the out of town housing estate(Le Vele) they used and it's just like it is in the series.
  11. A coyote with someone’s Chihuahua in its teeth skitters 'cross my veranda in the night Are you sure it wasn't a seagull Bruce https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/chihuahua-snatched-garden-seagull-been-18697594
  12. My thought on BST as a festival are the main stage is to small, made to look huge by having gigantic screens either side.It was also angled so the audience on far left facing the stage can't see it.It was set out much better when Livenation had the Hyde Park gigs. My brother-in -law gave me his spare ticket so didn't pay to see this event. This was my 6th time seeing Neil.Neil opened with Mansion On The Hill and i thought great you can hear it, last week at Stevie Wonder he was drowned out by the audience chanting turn the music up and there was mass walk out. I'd give Neil 4 out of 5 for a 70+ guy in blazing hot sunshine,I've seen Neil play at Hammersmith and it was perfection from beginning to end, which is why i may be being over critical here, the guitar playing wasn't as slick as it has been in the past and i think he got muddled a couple of times and left some vocals out, i kept thing come on Neil.Nice little acoustic set then the real Neil shined.Thought he could have set Bob up with his cover of All Along The Watchtower though, which he does a great rendition of. This was my 3rd time seeing Bob, he still looks every bit the part. 1st time i saw him he was still playing the songs as they are on record, 2nd time he was changing them to suit his voice, now he has also changed the music, the intros etc. he has a brilliant backing band that aren't being used to their full potential because they are playing to suit how he now sings. I'd been checking SetlistFM over the last week to see what he's been playing and i had to check it this morning to see what he did play and i was there.Saying all that he still has stage presence and i still love him, but i'll be playing the records.The people around me were enjoying it. My brother -in -law working on his bucket list purchased the tickets to see Bob and he said he enjoyed Neil but Bob, monotone.