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  1. Royal Albert Hall November please, not at $800 though.
  2. My husbands in the next room and he asked who's that playing, to which i replied Bruce, he thought it sounded like Elbow.
  3. Yes i was expecting Bruce to start singing I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I do You whispered "then prove it, then prove it, then prove it, to me baby blue"
  4. This track isn't what i expected, i thought it would be more in the vain of Hello Sunshine. It be intresting to see what the rest of the albums like. I'd rather Bruce tour with this in arenas than a new E St album in stadiums at the moment .
  5. That was Number 1 when my husband was born. RIP Doris. I got My Old Man's a Dustman.
  6. Yesterday at football my brother-in-law asked if i would like to go to Bob Dylan and Neil Young at Hyde Park,i didn't have to think about it. I love people who buy 2 tickets.
  7. 2 for 1 tickets Flash Sale on Wembley 24 hours only https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/promo/n3cu89
  8. One thing i'm wondering is the title track Western Stars homage to country & western stars or about stars in the sky.
  9. I thought that although we've not heard the rest of Western Stars yet. Bruce could add or take away musicians from the Sessions band as it last stood.
  10. I think it's the second one as he has a cowboy hat and a horse.
  11. Not all pre Wrecking Ball, Bruce carried on working on the project after, then went on to other things. The American Beauty songs he looked at for High Hopes and Mary,Mary almost made it. Hey Blue Eyes was written sometime when Bush was president.
  12. The bulk of it is pre Wrecking Ball,Bruce stopped working on this album to make Wrecking Ball.
  13. Because it was removed within 30 seconds of it being posted