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  1. Eden

    The Who 2019

    The Who Wembley gig is with an orchestra.
  2. A very Happy Birthday to you Ann
  3. Eden

    Ryan adams UK Dates

    As he has 3 albums coming out this year,i'm thinking he might be back later on in the year and play different towns. In recent tours he's come over twice in one year to promote just 1 album.
  4. Eden

    Ryan adams UK Dates

    Some more dates,Wasn't ready for these, really busy around that time, got till Friday to decide. I read he's supposed to have 3 albums coming out this year. MAR. 31OLYMPIA THEATRE DUBLIN APR. 02 ROYAL ALBERT HALL LONDON APR. 09 THE GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL APR. 11 CAMBRIDGE CORN EXCHANGE
  5. Eden

    The Killers 2017 Tour

    That might be BST Hyde Park and other assorted venues.
  6. Finished the series off last night, the last 3 episodes it really heats up. I see Patricia won a Golden Globe, well deserved i think.
  7. I think you might like a series called Wanted Daisey. Two woman totally unconnected at a bus stop see a crime and they end up on the run,it has it's amusing moments and part of the second series is in New Zealand.
  8. I'm on the 4th episode, it's a true story.
  9. Eden

    Pegi Young 1952-2019

    I saw her open for Neil at Hammersmith,RIP Pegi.
  10. Come on up for the rising,Easter Eggs are in the shops.
  11. It's on this record label https://srirecords.com/product/steel-mill-band/ and on i-tunes.
  12. Eden

    The Last Top 10 of the 60s

    7 originals and 2 as covers by Bananarama ,it's the R.B Greaves one i don't know.
  13. FAKE,it's a joke. Vilanova De Bellpuig is a Spanish village that has a No Surrender Festival in honour of Bruce.
  14. Nice to know Santas got things in hand. Santa Claus is coming to town.Santa Claus is coming to town.