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  1. I think the Euro River tour should be known as the James Bay tour.
  2. Every time i hear that bit i think of the Beach Boys song Santa Ana Winds and it's first line which is Here in Southern California there is a weather condition known as the Santa Ana Winds.
  3. Right, I won't be seeing ya then will i.
  4. Well done, might see you there then. The outlet shops are now open inside the dome, i got some nice Sketchers and my husband got a pair of Nikes last week.
  5. The 02 London,through 02 priority presale. All the prices are much more reasonable than I thought they'd be,mine were the cheapest tier 1.
  6. I hoped when Diana was first rumoured to do Glastonbury last year that she would tour here. I've have 2 tickets on the lower tier directly facing the stage at £126 each which includes any add ons, which is cheaper than i expected to pay. Pleased as punch Another one to cross off the must see list. Be interesting to see who the support is.
  7. Peter Gabriel has toured with an orchestra. Orchestras without pop/rock artists tour the world all the time. Maybe Bruce is keeping Western Stars for a LV residency.
  8. The drummer looks like Gunnar Olsen who plays drums on the Western Stars studio version.
  9. A question for those who have seen the film, I assume he didn't include the Glen Campbell track.
  10. Just working out who the goodies and baddies are now.
  11. I think they should sit Bruce in the Graham Norton Big Red Chair and ask him why he's not touring with Western Stars, if he doesn't come up with a good enough answer then press the button.
  12. I had the email also,my finger went straight to delete.