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  1. I've gotten to the point where I don't feel like I need to be a "completist" or to read every book about, or involving, Bruce the way I used to. That said, and especially because, like Breakaway, I don't have the patience for podcasts, I look forward to reading this one cover to cover. Also, for those interested, this is looking like it will be much more than just transcripts. It looks like there'll be plenty of photos of both men, along with reproductions of handwritten lyrics by Bruce. Check out the web site (Renegadesbook.com or link to it off of Bruce's site or Backstreets) to get a better idea of what the book will contain, then pre-order it if you're interested.
  2. This is very exciting, but I want the rest of the movie as well. I'd be fine with two Blu-ray releases, a Bruce-focused one and the original film as well! Also, I hope Bruce and Sony don't try to scrub Bruce's image. I want to see the birthday cake / Lynn Goldsmith meltdowns!
  3. I always buy a CD copy along with ALAC. Physical media are my failsafe!
  4. I generally don't stream either, except for SiriusXM, and that's because I tell myself it's just radio. That said, and I haven't pulled the trigger myself yet, I think you can sign up for a free Spotify account. I'm only considering it for this podcast though, which would never appear in physical form anyway.
  5. It just tickles me pink to think that Bruce and President Obama are friends. Probably not the reaction I would've had as a younger adult, but these are definitely different times. Plus, Bruce no longer has anything to prove to anybody. The benefits of a 50-year career.
  6. A fan on Sunday: "I can't believe Bruce made a Jeep commercial! That bastard!" Same fan today: "I can't believe Jeep pulled down Bruce's ad over a .02 bac! Those bastards!"
  7. I never really heard any Steel Mill material until E St. Radio came along. Bruce was in such a different headspace in that band, I'd love to hear a full live set of theirs!
  8. I know it's unnecessary, but I'm glad they let you buy the empty box if you, as I do, already own all of the shows.
  9. Had a chat with my wallet this morning. It wanted to get this show, but I convinced it to sit this one out. D&D is already well-represented, so no need for this one.
  10. Just wanted to stop by with my monthly plea for the Night for the Vietnam Veterans show...
  11. People who are legitimately protesting against police brutality want real change, but not civil war. That said, there are plenty of bad actors, most from militias and other right-wing toy soldier groups, but some extreme left groups as well, who want to use this unrest as a platform to start a larger confrontation. Truly sad times in America.
  12. When I started reading this comment my first reaction was, "they don't get it" since I feel like only fans know "41 Shots." But you're right. If he posted a video of the song on his homepage and on social media, that would be very powerful. Peace.
  13. One of the things coming out of the George Floyd civil unrest is that, regardless of what is in their heart, anyone who stays silent about this issue is complicity supporting institutional racism. That's why, in the last day or two, I've gotten emails from the Disney Co., Paramount Studios, and others, spelling out their opposition to racism and their support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And I get it. These corporate behemoths want to plant their flag firmly on the right side of history. But I was surprised that I got a similar email from The Rolling Stones this morning, which made me start to wonder, should Bruce release a similar statement|? Like the Stones, I think that people who follow Bruce's career know exactly where he stands on the issue of racism. But is it in his best interests to release a statement spelling his views out? I personally believe there's far more to be gained from releasing a statement than not, but I'm curious about what others think, especially because we have so many European fans here. BTW, please don't responds with "All Lives Matter" or any similar garbage. That's a fucking given. What isn't a given is that Black Lives are included in that sentiment. Until they are, "ALM" is a lie.
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