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  1. Had a chat with my wallet this morning. It wanted to get this show, but I convinced it to sit this one out. D&D is already well-represented, so no need for this one.
  2. Just wanted to stop by with my monthly plea for the Night for the Vietnam Veterans show...
  3. People who are legitimately protesting against police brutality want real change, but not civil war. That said, there are plenty of bad actors, most from militias and other right-wing toy soldier groups, but some extreme left groups as well, who want to use this unrest as a platform to start a larger confrontation. Truly sad times in America.
  4. When I started reading this comment my first reaction was, "they don't get it" since I feel like only fans know "41 Shots." But you're right. If he posted a video of the song on his homepage and on social media, that would be very powerful. Peace.
  5. One of the things coming out of the George Floyd civil unrest is that, regardless of what is in their heart, anyone who stays silent about this issue is complicity supporting institutional racism. That's why, in the last day or two, I've gotten emails from the Disney Co., Paramount Studios, and others, spelling out their opposition to racism and their support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And I get it. These corporate behemoths want to plant their flag firmly on the right side of history. But I was surprised that I got a similar email from The Rolling Stones this morning, which made
  6. As someone who was there, I can state with some authority that everything was special about this show. Apart from his participation in the MUSE No Nukes concerts in 1979, it was one of Bruce's earliest assertions of his political consciousness. It was different from the No Nukes show because he was the driving force behind it, not an organization like MUSE (not that there's anything wrong with that model). My point here is that it was driven by Bruce's personal positions on the issue of how Vietnam Veterans were being treated for having participated in such an unpopular war. The show was meant
  7. The talk about Bruce's voice going is ridiculous. For my money, Western Stars contains several vocal performances that rival his best and, while the tracks for the album were recorded over the last several years, he recreated (and matched) those performances just last year in the filmed version.
  8. From the story, a quote from Steve: "at the moment, 2020 seems to have opened up.” https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/02/12/bruce-springsteen-and-e-street-band-no-tour-2020/4740249002/?fbclid=IwAR3cG-Qc0GDzd4hbGTEBLDq9xc0f8oRyY0Vs5ZrLIAFWm2Dh4vERcNvSr-U
  9. I've all but given up on the Vietnam Vets show ever seeing the light of day but, if it was ever going to make an appearance, it seems like this would be the perfect opportunity... and it would make for a very merry Christmas indeed!
  10. It's not rocket science. It may be country tinged, but it's really just pop music.THAT'S the category: Pop.
  11. My takeaway from Western Stars? I want Bruce to do a whole album of Glen Campbell's songs.
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