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  1. According to one report I read, between his music publishing and record catalog, Bruce's work could fetch something on the far side of $450MM. According to that same report, many artists are choosing this payout option as a way to pass down the value of their work without burdening their heirs with the need to administer it. Apparently publishing and catalog licensing takes a lot of work to administer properly and ensure profitability. That said, I really don't know how these deals work other than the seller usually gets the fattest paycheck they've ever seen. Also, there have been other deals for high-value assets that had conditions built into the deal. When the Playboy Mansion West was sold, for example, the deal stipulated that Hugh Hefner, who was still alive at the time, be allowed to continue living there until his death, which was only a year or two later, if memory serves. Bruce could potentially set conditions on how certain assets were used while he is still alive. He could also include retaining ownership of his new material for a specified period of time. 

  2. I've gotten to the point where I don't feel like I need to be a "completist" or to read every book about, or involving, Bruce the way I used to. That said, and especially because, like Breakaway, I don't have the patience for podcasts, I look forward to reading this one cover to cover. Also, for those interested, this is looking like it will be much more than just transcripts. It looks like there'll be plenty of photos of both men, along with reproductions of handwritten lyrics by Bruce. Check out the web site (Renegadesbook.com or link to it off of Bruce's site or Backstreets) to get a better idea of what the book will contain, then pre-order it if you're interested.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    How does one listen to this for free ?

    I generally don't stream either, except for SiriusXM, and that's because I tell myself it's just radio. That said, and I haven't pulled the trigger myself yet, I think you can sign up for a free Spotify account. I'm only considering it for this podcast though, which would never appear in physical form anyway. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Ibbhomero said:

    A question from old Europe to friends across the pond: How are you living these days (and nights) of protests? What comes to me from social networks and television makes it seem that the American Land is plunged in a civil war, but I wonder if from there you have the same feeling.

    People who are legitimately protesting against police brutality want real change, but not civil war. That said, there are plenty of bad actors, most from militias and other right-wing toy soldier groups, but some extreme left groups as well, who want to use this unrest as a platform to start a larger confrontation. Truly sad times in America.

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  5. 1 hour ago, TheBoss said:

    20 years ago the song "American Skin (41 Shots)" positioned him once and for all on the right side of history regarding racism and police brutality towards the US black community. That song speaks louder than any spoken or written statement he could ever make. He could bring that song up in some way. Post a video of it on his homepage or something like that.

    When I started reading this comment my first reaction was, "they don't get it" since I feel like only fans know "41 Shots." But you're right. If he posted a video of the song on his homepage and on social media, that would be very powerful. Peace.

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  6. One of the things coming out of the George Floyd civil unrest is that, regardless of what is in their heart, anyone who stays silent about this issue is complicity supporting institutional racism. That's why, in the last day or two, I've gotten emails from the Disney Co., Paramount Studios, and others, spelling out their opposition to racism and their support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And I get it. These corporate behemoths want to plant their flag firmly on the right side of history. 

    But I was surprised that I got a similar email from The Rolling Stones this morning, which made me start to wonder, should Bruce release a similar statement|? Like the Stones, I think that people who follow Bruce's career know exactly where he stands on the issue of racism. But is it in his best interests to release a statement spelling his views out? 

    I personally believe there's far more to be gained from releasing a statement than not, but I'm curious about what others think, especially because we have so many European fans here. 

    BTW, please don't responds with "All Lives Matter" or any similar garbage. That's a fucking given. What isn't a given is that Black Lives are included in that sentiment. Until they are, "ALM" is a lie.


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  7. 2 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

    Lets say most here agrees with your statement. (which I don't) What category would this album fit in? I'm thinking Country? I'm betting Country music experts are thinking it doesn't belong along with the acts nominated. 

    Now I don't know shit about Country Music but here is the list Bruce would have needed to beat out. 


    It's not rocket science. It may be country tinged, but it's really just pop music.THAT'S the category: Pop. 

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  8. 14 hours ago, Jerm23 said:

    I can not stop watching the video for this song. Outside of Brilliant Disguise, IMHO this is his best video ever. The man defines PRESENCE and dignity in every shot of this. His stiff movement, eye contact, and lack of eye contact is precise and the way he lip synchs is perfect. Everything about this video seems so authentic and well executed. Anyone else besides me this impressed with it?  

    I have to admit that, as much as I've listened to the album since it came out (and I've listened to WS more than any of his albums since The Rising), I had not yet checked out many of the videos, including Western Stars. Well, I just watched it and I have to agree with you. It's bloody brilliant. I just hope that, when it's all said and done and he's ready to move back on to E Street, that I have a physical copy (i.e., Blu-Ray) of the Western Stars movie that includes all of the music videos as bonus material!

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