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    Born in Mid Wales. Member of Greasylake since 2004, however following some error-my profile says 2006

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  1. SVZ's cover with the Disciples of Soul now on Spotify
  2. True, but i'd much rather hear a solo by Bruce / Steve (particularly younger day SVZ). Less technical perhaps, but a lot more heart.
  3. Blu ray will also be released; albeit exclusive to HMV.
  4. Its not disdain; rather a statement of the obvious. The discussion (i think) was in the context that hopefully the next E Street tour will hit the heights of the likes of Wrecking Ball , The Rising or Magic - albums worthy of a tour and whose songs formed an integral part of the setlist.
  5. Easy. An album tour on the back of a 30+ year old album or on the back of a substandard album which is quickly jettisoned in favour of playing full album shows of albums recorded 30 - 40 years previously. You're welcome.
  6. Or Wrecking Ball. The two nostalgia tours were High Hopes & The River part deux.
  7. And the album with the greatest outtake: Julie Don't Live Here
  8. One of the albums of the decade according to this review:
  9. Hopefully the new album will be worthy of a tour - similar to The Rising and Wrecking Ball and not an odds and sods, barrel scraping effort like High Hopes. Then he should stick to the core songs from that album and not cast them off for the usual war horses at the first opportunity. No more full album shows. I'd also prefer a shorter, much tighter set. This bar band schtick is wearing a bit thin - i'd rather the band rehearse a set number of songs with the occasional rarity than play some sort of fan bingo and haphazardly try to figure out how to play a song. That's been done. That being said, it would be great to hear some polished versions of later day songs that haven't featured much in recent years - Nothing Man / You'll be Coming Down / This Depression / Leah should all get more exposure. Oh, and a new rule should be imposed: Fans with signs should be waterboarded and ejected. Fans with signs requesting songs from other artists should be shot on the spot.
  10. Out tomorrow. I've been listening to a copy for a day or two. Album of the year.
  11. You mean it was a humorous post, right?
  12. Post Western Stars movie (which was rather lovely) after being forced to sit on my hands for 90 minutes to avoid clapping at an inopportune moment, are: 1) Bruce making his guests pay for drinks at the bar - bloody tightfisted son of a gun. 2) Could Bruce and Patti not have helped the guy sweep up at the end? Admittedly he was making rather heavy work of the cleaning, but they could have chipped in - or at least have said thank you as he walked past.
  13. I have it on vinyl and although it was a rip off price wise, it's a pretty good album. Olden Days is a great track.
  14. Showing once in Shrewsbury and according to the manager there, more than 100 seats are still available! Still, I shall personally warn each film goer about when it is appropriate for them to give their approval through the medium of clapping.