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    Born in Mid Wales. Member of Greasylake since 2004, however following some error-my profile says 2006

    Recently graduated from the University of East Anglia school of Law in Norwich and the Katholike University of Leuven in Belgium. If anyone gets the chance to visit Leuven--take it--really great place.

    Football--team is the great Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sleeping giant--great in the 1950's--mediocre now

    Trying to get away from the interminable number of law books, Belgian Beer and travelling.

    Playing and watching Rugby

    Other Music- Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Rilo Kiley, Jesse Malin, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jackson Browne & Ryan Adams.
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  1. Also free tickets for Times / Sunday Times subscribers.
  2. Heading to Wrexham Odeon on way home from work to catch this at 7pm. Pleasantly surpised to find it being shown.
  3. On the one hand, i can't stand these 'fake strings' that over laces the song to give it some sort of melody, but his vocals are very good and the lyrics are pretty good - beautifulsouthesque.
  4. Their previous one is my favourite. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness. Phenomenal Closely followed by Trouble will Find Me and Boxer.
  5. He's off to Reno again isn't he. The filthy man.
  6. New album out this month. Is there a better band on the planet? I think not.
  7. Surely the most suspicious thing about this post is not the size of the arena he may or may not play in Sweden, but an 'insider' giving himself the username 'Inside Man'!
  8. If it is a new release, I bet Stevie and Nils will be a bit pissed off - all this happening a couple of weeks before their albums are released. Bit of a buzzkill.
  9. Who will these USA 'fans' of Man City support now City are out I wonder? Who will their allegiances turn to next season?
  10. Did anyone partake? Bought copies of: Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks Test Pressing; Robert Plant - Fate of Nations and Lost on Translation soundtrack.