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    Born in Mid Wales. Member of Greasylake since 2004, however following some error-my profile says 2006

    Recently graduated from the University of East Anglia school of Law in Norwich and the Katholike University of Leuven in Belgium. If anyone gets the chance to visit Leuven--take it--really great place.

    Football--team is the great Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sleeping giant--great in the 1950's--mediocre now

    Trying to get away from the interminable number of law books, Belgian Beer and travelling.

    Playing and watching Rugby

    Other Music- Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Rilo Kiley, Jesse Malin, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jackson Browne & Ryan Adams.
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  1. Great thread - this is more like it! My guess is that he would certainly renew that gym membership....
  2. It's got to be Silver Palomino, really hasn't it? No, wait - Old Dan Tucker? Yes, i'm going for Old Dan Tucker.
  3. Rashford out for a couple of months if not more
  4. Good to see Sideshow Bob is out of prison* *i'm slightly behind with The Simpsons. One Guitar is a decent song though it has to be said.
  5. Although they've since increased in price slightly, i've ordered The Rising, Devils/Dust and 18 Tracks from for a bargain price. So combined with LINYC from, it came in at a little over £80 inc postage. That's not including the Seeger Session shit of course.
  6. LINYC is currently - perhaps mispriced - at £23.99 on £11 less than Badlands.
  7. I actually take my comments back having looked at a few UK ceremonies for people becoming firefighters. Equally OTT.
  8. Excellent film. I thought it was actually very nuanced in not portraying the upper echelons of the military hierarchy as cowardly buffoons and also included in a couple of scenes black and asian soldiers who fought in WW1. It's a 2 hour film and it's not meant to be an in-depth analysis of the war and although the delivery of a message is an old trope; the real point of the movie is the relationship between the two main characters. Oh, and the cinematography is outstanding - go for that alone.
  9. So it appears. I was half expecting Oprah Winfrey to hand out the contract.
  10. Looks like he's off to war. Subtlety isn't a strong point of the US is it.
  11. The National's offering is the best on there. That said, Big Thief have released two outstanding records this year too.
  12. Were you at the game? No, of course not - you weren't even in the same continent, let alone country. Wolves obliterated Man City. We beat Man City twice this season. Aggregate score of 5 - 2. A plastic 'fan' for a plastic club. How appropriate. You'll claim to support Liverpool next year. Get back to your baseball.
  13. Great to see this horrible plastic club obliterated again by the mighty Wolves - even with VAR conspiring to try and keep the PL title race mildly interesting - they still couldn't win. Now when are the governing bodies going to investigate Citeh's historic over-spending and throw them out of the Champions League?