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    Born in Mid Wales. Member of Greasylake since 2004, however following some error-my profile says 2006

    Recently graduated from the University of East Anglia school of Law in Norwich and the Katholike University of Leuven in Belgium. If anyone gets the chance to visit Leuven--take it--really great place.

    Football--team is the great Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sleeping giant--great in the 1950's--mediocre now

    Trying to get away from the interminable number of law books, Belgian Beer and travelling.

    Playing and watching Rugby

    Other Music- Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Rilo Kiley, Jesse Malin, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jackson Browne & Ryan Adams.
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  1. Gutted about Jota - he typified what Wolves under Nuno stood for: technical flair but also passion and willingness to fight for the cause. That said, he was in and out of the team last year and due to poor form was arguably behind Podence and Neto heading into this season. Still think he has potential though and not happy to see him leave. Although not quite sure how he'll fit in Liverpool's system - his best games at Wolves were when he played alongside Raul rather than wide in a front 3.
  3. Those baubles he's put on the trees are very garish.
  4. Hmmm. Wasn't it accompanied by a feature length film? Hardly thrown out reluctantly.
  5. Thank god for that. Not a bad track, but it would have been scraping the barrel to cover a Sideshow Bob song
  6. Bit of a Loose Change (great track) sound when he sings 'blue'
  7. Pre-order for the special edition vinyl on
  8. It's certainly better than anything on High Hopes (which admittedly is a rather low bar)
  9. Hybrid of a Lucky Town type song and a Western Stars track