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  1. Would you run the risk? Band members in their seventies - some of whom you would suspect have health issues to contend with. If I were in their shoes, with millions of dollars in my bank account, I might forgo travelling to the likes of Coventry and Sunderland too...
  2. Shame there won't be a tour as the Letter To You album deserves a full workout. Why can't Bruce and the band play a gig in Asbury Park and livestream it across the world like Bob Dylan / The War on Drugs have done?
  3. The simple answer is to wait closer to the time to buy - has Bruce ever sold out a stadium show in the UK in recent years? Admittedly arenas are a different story.
  4. Bruce's stock phrase about the band being 'at its peak' during tour x is this decade's 'in some fashion'. Hopefully they work on the new material a bit more - no surprise that the performance of Ghosts on SNL seems to have vanished into the ether... never to be spoken about (or rather heard) again.
  5. Is there a way of accessing the Springsteen / Little Steven interview without buying the book (again)? Happy to pay to watch, but reluctant to pay for the book as well having already pre-ordered the signed version.
  6. For UK buyers who are tight, WHSmith have a £10 off promotion when you spend over £50 so you could order the vinyl and the blu ray for a tenner less than most other places.
  7. Very good. If SVZ felt that strongly about Ain't Got You - I can't wait to hear what he thought of the Seeger Sessions!
  8. God obviously thought the Barry Manilow set was too much for the world to deal with after recent events.
  9. Tickets booked for Leeds and Copenhagen. What a trilogy of albums.
  10. Yes, after winning the World Cup, England played in the European Championships in '68. Albeit there were only 4 teams competing, so it was by default!
  11. For once, this England team is very difficult to dislike: Gareth Southgate is a very statesmanlike manager and the likes of Sterling and Rashford are polar opposites to your stereotypical footballer. Even the English fans last night (albeit the majority are ex-pats) were well behaved. Stan Collymore made a good point: Unfortunately, I think it will be business as usual come Wednesday evening.
  12. Over £30k raised now. Good to see not all England supporters are small minded Brexiteers.
  13. I'd have been trying - and failing - to quietly open a werther's original at this point.
  14. And so let's stop any discussion or allow any posts discussing Bruce's work / career plans / life and restrict the message board to votes about peoples favourite tracks off Born in the USA. PS. Seems to me to be a good use of his time. He can't go out on a wider scale tour; why not play some acoustic shows and earn a few million.
  15. Not quite true. Wolves were well aware of Duncan Edwards and tried to sign him at the same time Man Utd did. Man Utd paid some illegal back-handers to Edwards' family which swayed the deal!
  16. NUGS have released this show - you just need to know the secret handshake.
  17. There must have been a dodgy internet connection to the VAR with a stonewall penalty not awarded against Liverpool. Typical top 4 bias.
  18. Taidh Slight English bias there! Have I slept through the six nations and missed England going into the final round looking for a grand slam? Taidh Furlong is one of the best tighthead props in the world and should be one of the first names on the sheet. Faletau isn't a flanker, regardless of whether Bath sometimes play him there. Slade shouldn't be anywhere near either if Jonathan Davies is even half fit. Ringrose is a better option too.
  19. Less respectfully, the Wrecking Ball tour p***** over the Reunion tour, and Magic/The Rising were also better. The Reunion era mostly contained stilted performances and staid setlists (until the end of the tour). Songs were butchered (The River) and others were overplayed - Mansion on the Hill / Ramrod / Light of Day. Bruce's voice too...
  20. Crikey - the tweet isn't giving directions to El Dorado. The thing will be released in a couple of hours.
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