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  1. Does anyone have Missing Tracks Vol. One? 4cds from Thrill Hill Records and a very nice looking collection of early unreleased sonwriter songs.... Thanks a lot to whoever shares it!
  2. Could anybody please repost this? Thanks a lot!
  3. Never heard this rumour and I am not sure I buy into the conspiracy theory... sorry!
  4. I can get those for you on mp3... is it ok?
  5. Interesting setlist! I didn't even know he evr played Cabdy's Room in the BITUSA tour! Much appreciated!
  6. My big mistake! Sorry for that: it was not intentional!
  7. Hi people, my second share here (that noone asked for!): 2009-11-25: a complete born to run performance on a show that opens with Cadillac Ranch and includes Loose Ends, Growing Up, Jole Blon, Kitty's Back (hot guitar solo!), Living Proof AND Waiting on a sunny Day! The sound is phenomenal! And it even has Into the Fire! Title: It's Hard Being the Boss! Location: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin This is a marvellous IEM-AUD Mix by Flynn! https://mega.nz/folder/Sw8SHY4T#XAH6CulYijdI9fIyTBR4Ug I hope somebody will enjoy it!
  8. Hi there people! This is my first atempt to share, I am trying to give back to the community here, since I have downloaded quite a few shows from here and I figure someone might not have some shows I really like and that have very good sound quality. This is an mp3 version, as I only store that format. This is the 1977-02-22 Milwaukee Show. I hope people like it: the sound is indeed good on this one! It's The Return To Bombscare Arena from EV2. https://mega.nz/folder/S9tygQhT#gS7coB4SJSs5WWLE2iP_Ug
  9. Where did I state I wanted to see people scared? Only the second part of the show, you know, when people weren't scared anymore, is said to exist in audience video. But I don't see anyone ever talk about this... that show is unique (again, post bomb scare) and every Bruce fan should get to hear it for himself, imho.
  10. Hi guys! I have been lurking and quietly adding likes to the wonderful posts and shares here. I have a question: has any of you actually seen the famous Bomb Scare Show's video footage? I have never heard of anyone who has, just very curious...
  11. Thanks a lot! Let's see about that picture quality now!
  12. Hi there very fine people! Would anyone have this dvd: Philadelphia 1985-08-14 (Live on The Born in the USA Tour, Watchdog ,2dvd)? I have never seen it and it's a proshot from 1985, even if the picture is said to be not that great... Thanks in advance!
  13. Except that it's missing four initial songs and comments... I wonder why they did that...
  14. Can you help me? Thanks ad infinitum!
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