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  1. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sundae) Kitty's Cone Wild Billy's Circus Cone Rosalita (Get A Cone Tonight) Melting On 57th Street?
  2. Held Up Without A Cone Cone On The Highway Does This Cone Melt At 82nd Street?
  3. Hello. It's been a long time since I've posted. I hope everybody here is well. I got these in the mail today. First editions from 1978 and 1980. Steal sealed with the hype stickers.
  4. Here you go HeroOfVirtue lol Well, Friday night's a good night I got the urge to twerk Gonna go out to my front yard Rub my ass in the dirt No, I can't twerk with my family They say it makes their eyes hurt. So I go twerk in Stovell while ripping off my shirt. Well, I twerk while workin' out on 95. Sometimes I cause a car crash While the traffic passes by. In my head I keep a picture of Miley's ass And wonder if I could ever shake my ass like that Twerkin' on the highway Twerkin' on the blacktop Twerkin' on the highway Foreman says I better stop Twerkin' on the highway Twerkin' like a rock Boss Twerkin' on the highway Twerkin' on the highway
  5. It's never for anyone except the people in the building. Pretty sure Bruce could give a fuck about what people want him to play. Also pretty sure the people there are enjoying the shit out of it I agree with the first and last part 100%. But Bruce definitely cares about what people want him to play, otherwise he wouldn't do signs. So if Miley Cyrus brought a sign to a show would Bruce play "Twerkin' on the Highway"...sorry guys couldn't resist cracking that joke...lol Or he could change a couple lyrics in Shackled and Drawn: Stand back son and let a man twerk Let a man twerk is that so wrong ...yes, actually, that's very wrong. And while I'm twerkin', I'm shakin' my dong....lol
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