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  1. Indeed a great point. Its certainly obscure enough that 95 percent of people don't know the '95 version. And i can say this with some authority since i am one of the 95 % ...and I own the EP. Apparently I need to go dig it out an listen. This proves the point doesn't it? To most folks out there, they will hear this and go "Wow, what a great new Springsteen track" And nothing wrong with that... If they followed this logic through, this could all end with 'Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips' being the next single. I hope you're ready for that!
  2. Better version than the 1995 one, for sure. Pretty good. Still bewildered by the thought of it being the lead single from a new studio album though
  3. And on brucespringsteen.net. Simply "Coming November 25th" and the album (???) cover. Bizarrely, the official announcement doesnt even say its a single. That pic is the cover of the single. Whether its also the cover of the album (if that is indeed the title of the album) I guess we'll know very soon
  4. As long it is not a single CD with a mix of recycled covers and other left-overs, I'm satisfied. In an interview he made after the 1st Tracks album he said he had as many songs, if not more available for a second boxset. But that was many moons ago. 'Tracks' was originally supposed to consist of about 100 songs, spread over six discs. They did plough through about 200-300 songs first before whittling it down to that amount, though! http://brucebase.wikispaces.com/Tracks+-+Studio+Sessions Check out the bit about the aborted 1993 'archives' release, though - 15 of those 25 songs are still unreleased, and many of those have never even been bootlegged.
  5. That could be taken to mean 'announced' or 'confirmed'. I'm hoping this is all a single or EP to coincide with the Aussie tour or something (especially as he played this song there - out of the blue - earlier this year). Re-recording a 19 year old cover version which was hidden away on a hard to find promo EP and then putting it out as a lead single from any album is barrel scraping if true, and I'm having a hard time believing Bruce would do that. Especially as by all accounts he's writing songs regularly.
  6. The surprise element can work sometimes. David Bowies latest album, the Pixies latest ep for examples. They could be goin down that route. It generates a lot of publicity like that. Bowie's album wasnt released by surprise. It came out two months after its existence was publicly confirmed - which is a normal timeframe these days needed for record labels, A&R people, record shops etc. He released a download and youtube video for 'Where are we now?' without advance publicity on January 8th. Both of which are much easier to do when there is no actual physical product. No artist is going to be able to release an album on vinyl/CD in this day and age on a major label without it being public knowledge for several weeks before beforehand.
  7. Its Once Upon A Time in The West by Ennio Morrcone. Bruce has also covered it on a tribute album and back on the River tour the band used to play it as a prelude to 'Badlands'. Greatest movie theme ever IMO.
  8. So glad to hear he's just played The River. Means hes not gonna do the whole album in my absence. Now just play one or two off WIESS in the next half hour and I can breathe out again.
  9. Surely theres bound to be a show or two in Buenos Aires...probably between Santiago and Sao Paulo
  10. never thought I'd say it, but here's one long time diehard fan for whom this is oversaturation. Too soon after the three shows the previous week to be doable financially, so unfortunately it seems that these will be the first Springsteen Irish shows that I've ever missed. Belfast will be the 24th excluding guest appearances by my reckoning so it wasn't a bad run.
  11. Thats one way of looking at it. A more accurate way would be 55 North American shows (plus warm ups and other gigs) and 58 in Europe. With several more American dates for later in 2013 to be confirmed and probably only maybe about 5-10 more in Europe. .
  12. "Streets Of Fire" - from 'Udine Dream Night' (Crystal Cat) (23/7/09). Seven-minutes long, probably the best version I've ever heard, with some serious extended soloing.
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