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  1. Kate saw it tonight. Apparently, she enjoyed the last 10 minutes and the credits - she loves the song. Looking forward to seeing her so I can hear what she thought of the rest of it.
  2. Mushy peas! (I've just bought 3 tins for a quid) Wet or dry food for cats?
  3. Another Saturday Night - Cat Stevens
  4. Cock O' The North - Alexander Brothers
  5. Worse is when folk try and take the sweets out quietly. It's not gonna happen, just take them out man and get 'em in yer gob! I rarely go to the cinema but have found one that's not all that popular with the masses so it's generally ok. I went to the one in Cramlington a while back and there were loads of people eating sandwiches and drinking pop. Hahahaha! I haven't been back there since. I once accompanied the bloke who used to do a lot of film reviews for, I think, Sky. I ended up sitting along from a family who had taken take-away Indian cuisine in with them … I couldn't believe it! That was yonks ago. That was a special screening of whatever the film was - I've long-since forgotten. Before I went in to watch BBTL I went to the market to get some cheaper, chocolate-type sweets. Those and my little bottle of rosé went down very quietly.
  6. You And Me Against The World - Helen Reddy
  7. Watch how you go over here.
  8. Yes but I don't post on them these days. tpbm has been banned from a message board.
  9. I can't remember ever getting a Springsteen ticket at a record shop. I either sent away for them or got them from Badlands (?) … or begged Dan French or other mates for one. There are a few things in the film that made me go 'Eh?' but I see now that it's not as I remember hearing from the horse's mouth as it were - hence the names being different I suppose.
  10. I remember the ones you've mentioned … I Hear A Symphony has always been a bit of a favourite of mine. Didn't get very high in our charts.
  11. This Diamond Ring and Back In My Arms Again weren't as clear in my memory as the other ones. Some great songs there!