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  1. Ha! That's playing right now on Radio 2! The Way - Bruce
  2. Just do it. I might not be chiming in until next week though cos I may have fluffed the ordering. Hard to believe, eh?
  3. What If God Was One Of Us? - Joan Osborne
  4. Hybrids, I believe. Think this crucial point has been discussed.
  5. Will I get my hands slapped for this or is this 'legal'? Thank you. Oh! Thank you indeed! I thought I was getting the thingy with When We Were Young on ... it's the full Episode 3! Wehey!
  6. So disappointing ... I've just read which one ... the one with the BTR riff near the end. Now then, somebody point me in the direction of this so I can hear the programme, please.
  7. It's wonderful ... talks about Nebraska, BITUSA ... loads of stuff. I shed a tear when he was talking about his mam cos Brandon lost his mam 10 years ago. ‘There isn’t a grave deep enough, there isn’t a grave dark enough to keep her light out of my life’ .. about his mam - so is this song. Pass the hankies. That's why I love Brandon ... he makes me feel like I felt when I first heard Bruce.
  8. Just play her I Wanna Be With You. Works for me.
  9. Awww ... that was lovely. 'Thanks, Bruce' ... reminds me of my parting words to him - 'Thanks for everything, Bruce'. That was the first time I met him - the second time, the parting words were 'Oh never mind, I've already got your autograph. Bye'.
  10. Loving this - I'm halfway through and Bruce has just been talking about his mam.
  11. I've been looking for this on here - this will do for now.
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