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  1. An Experiment

    Excellent! So glad to read this.
  2. After reading what was said about American Special Forces in Yemen on here, I stopped thinking some folk had a clue after all. I'm looking forward to catching up with what's been going on. You just have to hope 'the Military' know what they're doing and that 'they' keep him right. No pun intended.
  3. WW2 Society (WW1 chat welcome, too!)

    Well, that was an incredible weekend! Met loads of veterans of all nationalities ... couldn't get moved for Canadians this time round - wonderful to meet so many ... and not one of them said 'Eh'. Apart from the Canadian who gave us a lift to Newhaven ... and he only said it cos I asked him too. I'll be singing O Canada in my sleep.
  4. WW2 Society (WW1 chat welcome, too!)

    Remembering all those who fought at Dieppe - especially those who lost their lives - thank you.
  5. Civil War Re-enactment Weekends

    There'll be lots of the 'real thing' over in Dieppe this weekend ... and lots of reenactors, also some who just like wearing bits of the uniform. I wear my original battledress jacket as folk come up to tell me their relatives were in a similar unit and it gives the veterans a chuckle. It's a great conversation-starter. This was me about to head over for the Normandy Landings anniversary last year - the Dieppe anniversary is the 19th August. I'll not be able to post on Sunday so, for those of all nationalities who fought that day in 1942, thank you. For those who remain there or died later ... so sorry you didn't make it, thank you and we'll remember you always.
  6. Racist fired from job

    One of the worst here, too. it's not used often in usual, everyday circumstances. Thank goodness.
  7. My New Heroine

    Bruce was asked - he sang the words and reckoned 'sways' rhymed. Yes, but that's not what was originally sang/written. It waves. Always did, always will.
  8. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    Did Ann mean Spiiiiiiike like Brooooooce? Did THAT work? Mind you, I thought the same as you for a moment.
  9. Racist fired from job

    I think that's the same article that Jim posted earlier.
  10. North Korea Briefing

    It'll be interesting to see what is said now, both here and between NK and everybody else. Radio 2 rules ... even though some on here thought not.
  11. North Korea Briefing

    I see the N K bloke blinked first.
  12. North Korea Briefing

  13. Songs that link

    I used to have that single ^ Stoned Love