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    Sways in my brain, waves in my heart
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    Eeeeee! Those were the days, eh?

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  1. Loving You's A Dirty Job - Bonnie Tyler
  2. We'd have got it! Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
  3. Butterfly - Screaming Trees
  4. Clean Up Your Own Backyard - Elvis Oooo Bruce has just come on Radio 2 - Glory Days.
  5. The Cowboys' Christmas Ball - The Killers
  6. Thanks for the warning, @janeymarywendy - I'll give it a swerve. Thing is, when they deserve it, ie, the blokes in Sleepers, it doesn't bother me so much. I've got to watch any good things on Netflix cos I've told Kate to cancel mine at the beginning of next month. I can spend the fiver on the cats.
  7. The Eagle And The Hawk - John Denver
  8. Yes, I found that one when I went looking. Thankyou. I loved John so much when I was young ... I don't 'get' the fanship now or during the latter years.
  9. I thought it was the drummer at first. Very sad, whichever Dave it is - sorry to hear it.
  10. Mary's Place was mine. I think I must have just crossed my legs previous to that cos I can't think of an earlier one. Did we have half time in the olden days?
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