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    Sways in my brain, waves in my heart
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    Family, WW2, music … not doof doof or rap … melodic ie 60s
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    Eeeeee! Those were the days, eh?

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  1. The End Of The Innocence - Don Henley
  2. 1. ‘West Hills’ 2. ‘Quiet Town’ 3. ‘Terrible Thing’ 4. ‘Cody’ 5. ‘Sleepwalker’ 6. ‘Runaway Horses’ (featuring Phoebe Bridgers) 7. ‘In The Car Outside’ 8. ‘In Another Life’ 9. ‘Desperate Things’ 10. ‘Pressure Machine’ 11. ‘The Getting By’ Not long now.
  3. Can't see what that is in his pocket. Now I can ... but cool photo anyway
  4. Parental Guidance - Judas Priest
  5. We did rather well at BMX - just been watching Charlotte. Wow!
  6. Lovely, Bruce ... but this is the man who stole my heart singing it (with the right words). Now then, more of '92/'93 Bruce, please.
  7. Think I mentioned my woes when this story first came out. I was running a long distance race at school and in the lead. Near the end, a lad ushered me a certain way so I went - he started laughing as it was the wrong way. I turned and ran back, the lass in second waited and told me to go first - I said no, I'd gone the wrong way - go ahead. The onlookers said that we were both in Ponteland (Red house) so it didn't matter. It did to me, and the lad - who was now apologising profusely - got a 'look' from me. Still bloomin' rankles to this day!
  8. I looked at it and thought, hey, he looks just like Mo!
  9. Just started this one - very interesting so far and I'm sure it'll continue being so.
  10. Yes, I read that - hope he's ok. I was thrilled that the series was being made and hope all is well. Mebbies that Nobody film tuckered him out? I haven't seen that yet.
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