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  1. Someone, Someone - The Tremeloes
  2. I Wish I Were Blind - Bruce
  3. If I Were A Carpenter - Tim Hardin
  4. And to pot with everybody else. Far from the American 'caretakers of the world' theme we've heard so often. Too insular. Might be true but hey-ho, do the job right (as Daisey's said) and it'll be a start. Not a criticism - we're not doing much better.
  5. You don't see it as an anti-American, help nobody but ourselves song?
  6. That was my first thought - but I hope not. I don't like it. Bruce needs a song with a clear message.
  7. Let It Be Me - The Everly Brothers
  8. The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Christmas song.
  9. Happy Together - The Turtles (One of the songs played over and over again at the Spanish City, Whitley Bay, when I was a teeager)
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