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  1. Killers - Christmas CD (2016)

    I know I'm a dab hand at technology. A bridge too far. Thanks, though.
  2. Hey, he even says 'Dancing in the dark'! Bruce content.
  3. Love this one ... ... not to mention ... Just accept him for what and who he is. A sweet breath of fresh air.
  4. Anybody got a spare - at a reasonable price, please? Don't Waste Your Wishes I'd love it to play this Christmas - yes, I can hear them on YouTube but it's not the same.
  5. I love that song. I like all of Ed's stuff - he's great.
  6. The Punnisher

    Another question. Why haven't you edited the title?
  7. Whatcha reading?

    A Pacifist At War The story of Francis Cammaerts and others, like him, whose bravery has brought me to tears many times ... and I'm only halfway through.
  8. Is this one of those 'civil' threads?
  9. The Punnisher

    Blimey, as if I wasn't confused enough. Why's this here?
  10. Viagra

    Half a tablet, or half a ....?
  11. Unsure as to why you're saying 'Honestly?' Brandon makes me feel like I did when Bruce came on the scene - almost. I don't think anyone could match what Bruce meant to me between '75 and '85. But he sure comes close.
  12. Where Does Bruce "Wine Down" Before SoB?

    It's not the video I thought it was - still wouldn't have added it though.
  13. Where Does Bruce "Wine Down" Before SoB?

    No. Is that the video with 'that' bit in it? I think so ... that's why I binned it.