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  1. Happy 50th, Mikey!!!

    Happy Birthday, old bean!
  2. LA LA LAND - again. I bought the dvd in a charity shop ... I saw the film a little while ago. I cried my eyes out almost all the way through - I think that's cos I knew what was going to happen, made it all the more poignant. Oh, this is such a good film! I sat and watched it again, listening to the blokes talking about it - didn't cry that time.
  3. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Loads more than that, Steve ... there was a blip at some stage and members' posts 'got lost'. I used to welcome every new Laker and wish all and sundry a Happy Birthday - my post count was kinda high as a result. Oh, now it'll be one more.
  4. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    The 70's. Let me cast my mind back. Started nursing in 1970 (18 in the March), got married in '72, Suzanne was born in '75 and Christopher came along in '78. Dad walked me down the aisle, my 2 eldest made their appearances, we bought our first house. Mam got a brief period of respite from her ailments and actually got down on the carpet and played with the kids - she was so happy. Bruce came into my life in '75. Yes, a very good decade to be sure.
  5. Bruce on TOTP

    We stood, from 6am (first at the venue I think) at a door that we reckoned would be the 'best' one. It was cos when they opened it we ran straight along the front of the stage - centre. We couldn't believe our luck!
  6. Where Is Auntie's Happy Birthday Fred?

    Thank you, salz. x
  7. R.I.P Stephen Hawking

    Good to see him mentioned here, too. Such an inspiring person. RIP Professor Hawking.
  8. Whatcha reading?

    There are so many to choose from - don't know if I should just start getting them in the order they were written? Should I just get the ones with Jackson Brodie in them? Decisions!
  9. Whatcha reading?

    Excuse my typo - I'm falling asleep at my post ... hope I make it til 10 or so. Have you read any more of her stuff? I read that the same 'detective' is in other stories. I guessed he was the one who you know what at the beginning.
  10. Whatcha reading?

    I haven't been able to sleep well for the past few nights so I've been reading this book ... which is probably why I haven't been sleeping. I don't usually read crime novels but this one had me gripped from the start ... I just HAD to read a bit more to see what was going to happen. Marvellous!
  11. R.I.P Mocha

    Sad to hear this, Mark. They're together but you're going to miss them.
  12. Where Is Auntie's Happy Birthday Fred?

    Awww - before the Manchester cricket ground concert - bloomin' hot day!. 4 Lakers ... John, from Glasgow I think, me, Daniel and a Welshman we found hanging about the place.
  13. Bruce on TOTP

    We were shouting for water - the rows behind the front one were desperate cos of the heat and not much ventilation. The staff eventually came out with water to spray over us. Bruce said 'Who's Walter?' - had nothing to do with the fact Walter Smith was there - he just didn't get the Scottish (mainly) accent. We were yelling back at him ' Not Walter, man, WATER!' Actually, he may have said 'Scottish' or 'Scots' lassie instead of 'Bonnie' ... it was a while ago but hey - that concert is stuck fast in my memory. Most of it.
  14. Bruce on TOTP

    Other Lakers were on the telly, too. One of them, Alison, was the lass pulled up on stage to dance. The 'Bonny Lassie' that Bruce introduced to the crowd ... she thought he was calling her 'Nessie'.