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  1. It's great! See if you can keep up with the music bits and come in at the right places. Marvellous for those of us who 'sing' all the instrumental bits. Darn it - I was a second out at the 1,2,3,4, bit.
  2. Indian Sunset - Elton John
  3. Wig Wam Bang - The Sweet
  4. Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs
  5. @janeymarywendy - I couldn't read all your post as I don't want to know much about it … but I saw the last bit so I'll keep an eye out. I'm so happy you both thought it was so good - can't wait!
  6. He must think Bruce's house looks like a barn. Bruce'll have to get the duster out and vacuum.
  7. I turned it on when I went upstairs and the woman who helps with the letters was on about Robert not knowing if he'd been in the barn or not. He probably mentioned it more than that but I'd have to have a listen on the iplayer thingy so don't think I'll get round to it.
  8. If his radio 2 programme's live then he may be mentioning it from 10am onwards.