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  1. Eileen

    Songs that link

    The Bad Old Days - Co-Co
  2. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Prize Fighter - The Killers
  3. I'm carrying on with Roma - things didn't half speed up. Oh my … I'm glad I'm not at the pictures, watching this bit ...
  4. Eileen

    A bloke said to me ...

    Which one? I'll see Mike next month, mebbies Southside … don't know when I'll see Bruce again.
  5. Eileen

    A bloke said to me ...

    You don't say!
  6. Eileen

    Ryan Adams ...

    I'd prefer it if the eye-rolling was because of stuff folk did and not that they were caught.
  7. … that Steven wears a bandana cos he hit his head on a car's windscreen. Well, that's news to me, like, said I. Really, that's what happened, said the bloke. Now then, Google says he hit his head, and it also says that's what Stevie said as a joke. I always thought he just lost his hair early, as many do. Have I forgotten? Is it nonsense? That bloke owes me a cuppa, I think.
  8. Eileen

    Allegations made against Ryan Adams

    You're not being ignored - look for the thread title 'Ryan Adams'.
  9. Oh glory! I've given up with Roma - by the cringe … I got to halfway then gave up the ghost. Boring!
  10. Eileen

    the person below me

    Depends if they're coming to The Toon. tpbm will be seeing Southside this year.
  11. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Head Over Heels - Tears For Fears
  12. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Pick Yourself Up - Fred Astaire
  13. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Lover's Cross - Melanie
  14. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford
  15. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Light My Fire - The Doors