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  1. Eileen

    Songs that link

    The River …. by, erm, who was it again?
  2. Eileen

    where i have been (a to z)

    Giant's Causeway, NI
  3. Eileen

    Are we strange?

    When the man I was going out with won his firm's national prize for best something-or-other, which were travel vouchers, he asked me where I'd like to go. Then he realised by the big grin that he didn't really need to ask … we were airborne and on our way to Asbury Park! From the moment we touched down and got in our taxi, headed for my personal Mecca, I was in seventh heaven. The turnpike had me in raptures - the taxi driver was dumbfounded - and, as soon as I'd thrown my luggage into the hotel in Red Bank, we were off in another taxi (I couldn't hang around for buses) - we were off to Asbury Park. I'd 'sort of' arranged to meet Vini there (yes, a long-lost Laker) but hadn't quite got the meeting-point worked out. We were walking around the beach area when I heard 'Eileen?' and there was Vini in his car! He showed us round, well, everywhere - we met Tinker and saw inside the surfboard factory - went to see Southside's and Bruce's family homes, got all the necessary photos. Best bit was finally stepping inside the Stone Pony - wow, that was on another level - Wonder Bar was great, too. Mind you, I'd had more than my customary two drinks and was last seen by Vini (that night) sitting in the back seat of a taxi, laughing my head off! And you know what? Our hotel was paid for by a Laker. She'd read all my daft posts back then and wanted to 'pay me back' for the entertainment! I STILL don't know who that was. Oh, I went to New York, too, for the day - got lost, wandered about, had a meal in Bleecker Street and gazed at the inside of Grand Central Terminal. Daniel (sadly missed Laker) and I used to chat about going to Asbury Park. He never got the chance - I did it for the both of us.
  4. Eileen

    Tie That Bind

    Marvellous to have you back. Excellent! x
  5. Oh dear - stop whooping and clapping, man! He sang that beautifully - he always does.
  6. Eileen

    Sting at Liberty?

    It would appear that Sting has not been 'confirmed'. Let's hope the Dutch company retreats.
  7. Eileen

    Name Game

    William Wilberforce
  8. Eileen

    Songs A-Z

    Pretty Vacant
  9. Eileen

    Name Game

    Jim Capaldi
  10. Eileen

    Songs that link

    Motorcycle Emptiness - Manics
  11. Eileen

    Random Thoughts

    You're alright … another name's on now.
  12. Eileen

    Random Thoughts

    And whose name is the last one on it?
  13. Ah … smart … I didn't say he was smart.
  14. I'm pleased to see it being used as such. btw redwire's really cute … and dashed handsome to boot. You know those sultry-type fellas, smoking and looking cool? That's him.