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  1. Good job I've got my magnifying glass at hand. Yes, Bruce and improvising on stage ... that old chestnut.
  2. Quit yelling. He got the pianist to play 2 or 3 chords. A pianist of many years told a pianist of many years to play 2 or 3 chords. Crikey.
  3. I forgot she was going to be on the One Show! I'm watching Gogglebox and they just showed part of the programme. I must watch it on iPlayer tomorrow - the bits they showed were so funny. She was there to promote her book but got more than she expected. I bet Hillary loved it!
  4. What Would You Say

    All his songs on Gary's 'On The Line', too.
  5. What Would You Say

    Alice Cooper was talking about the Brit Invasion on Radio 2 this week - those bands turned the music world on its axis. Of course, lots of singers/bands had had their effect well before that.
  6. What Would You Say

    I have a feeling it was Red Headed Woman. That's probably why he laughed so much. Bruce threw his harmonica to that mate the next night.
  7. What Would You Say

    I remember a mate asking Bruce if Elvis' 'Viva Las Vegas' had been the inspiration for one of his songs ... just before my avatar was taken ... 'Nope' was the reply, along with much laughter. Carry on ... just brought it all back to me.
  8. That's why the tickets are so dear ... to cover the cost of those who can afford it in the first place - but get in for nowt. Pfffft!
  9. What Would You Say

    He seems to have been knocked sideways by The Animals ... and other Brit bands/singers. He was talking about them on the radio this week.
  10. SOB on until June?

    And there's absolutely nothing funny about adults using bongs. Bwahahaha!
  11. SOB on until June?

    Who's done that?
  12. SOB on until June?

    I wonder if you'll get the bong through customs?
  13. FOUR

  14. I'd forgotten all about it until I heard it mentioned on the radio this morning. Betcha I'll forget tonight.