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  1. Bruce and his music have affected my life big time from leaving one life, starting another, lots in between and keeping me on track ever since … just. It all ended well for all though so that's fine.
  2. Walking On Broken Glass - Annie Lennox
  3. Mam's favourites were Frankie Vaughan and Frank Ifield … dad's was Mario Lanza. He loved the songs from The Student Prince.
  4. For the next two weeks - listening to kids read in school. No doubt I'll do something else later - or the same if they're pushed next year. tpbm has visited the Amalfi coast.
  5. I've loved 'old' music all my life. I remember singing in a Butlin's concert and, although I ended up singing All My Loving, my first choice was Anyone Who Had A Heart. The two songs I'd sing at school camp were The End Of The World (Skeeter) and In Dreams (Roy). I used to go to the talent contests that were held in Dudhope Park, Dundee and I'd practise at home but was always too shy to enter … I didn't live there but would go to Granny's for my holidays. I told a pal about it and he had a word with the bloke who compered … I got to sing the day before I went home. My choice of song? It's Over … another Orbison heartbreaker. I remember singing my heart out to All Alone Am I (Brenda) and being told I was singing the wrong words … nothing changes. I've talked of my love for Andy Williams. Favourite radio programme was Sing Something Simple. My dad used to sing Wooden Heart, It's Now Or Never … and We Are Poor Little Sheep. Hey! Mebbies Bruce remembered that song when he wrote about the sheep! So … if this is why I adore this new album … again, thanks Bruce. x
  6. My comment to nobody in particular after the film finished was 'How did the dog get out of the kitchen?'
  7. Cops and Robbers - The Hoosiers
  8. The Madonna stuff washed over me @Daisey Jeep but I found what he had to say about Bruce interesting. Always open to what others think nowadays - that wasn't always the way. I once rang a journalist up cos of what he had to say about Bruce's guitar playing after his Toon concert in '81. I wasn't amused and thought he should know. Haha! He was very nice about it and we had a good chat.
  9. You're Nicked - Angelic Upstarts
  10. Doesn't it mean that he's glad he woke up - he's still alive?
  11. That's what a lot of people do these days - go overboard for no good reason. Used to take something really special to stir the juices. I love it cos of the music, the characters play their parts well and it's a story you can follow easily. I doubt it's meant to be delved into too deeply - you either find it entertaining … or not.
  12. My 3 are keen on Bruce, all have seen him - my youngest is here because of him (sort of) and loves him to bits. I sang Pony 'Girl' to Kate the first moment I was alone with her - she and the others were brought up listening to Bruce and the lads … and John Denver et al. I've passed the baton on and Kate is running with it.
  13. I agree. I love Frankie and the Sword one … Hunter … quite a few, actually. I was tidying up my cds yesterday - trying to chuck some out, managed to pick three out - one was a double-up of a Cilla album and I've two of H|gh Hopes … might take one down to the charity shop so that somebody else might get to hear it. Spread the joy, eh? 2 Bon Jovis going out, too.