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  1. He's reported as being 'stable'.
  2. Not three bad, thanks - sun's shining again. Do you think we'll get a lot more people joining the Lake during this stay-at-home time?
  3. A warm welcome to you, Thundy. Great to have you around!
  4. Avocado, pineapple, melon (probably other ones but not thinking too deeply) Are you quite enjoying the lack of noise outside?
  5. Welcome! So glad to have you amongst us. x
  6. Erm ... I'll leave the a as being his middle bit … Bruce Springsteen!
  7. Brandon's being interviewed on Virgin Radio tomorrow, 2-4pm, about how he's coping at home with his 3 children. They also just played Caution - first time I've heard it in full. Oh my! And now Crowded House are on … bliss!
  8. Lately, honey cos I bought some to add to some recipe - and bananas when I have some. Which is not just now - too dear in Sainsburys. Have you noticed some prices have gone up in the shops recently? (I don't mind but I'm watching, Sainsburys)
  9. You calling me a state, Jimmy? Hoping you, your family and all Lakers everywhere are keeping well and keeping their chins up. x
  10. I went up for porridge … and forgot it. I have some left here so all's well. Do you feel a bit nervous when you're in a shop … or outside? I'm worried I'm going to do something wrong.