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  1. I tried binge watching but my brain was fried and I don't like the feeling of 'needing' to watch the next one. Then the next. Once a week'll do me nicely … said the bishop to the actress - or was it the other way round?
  2. Red Sails In The Sunset - Nat King Cole
  3. Yes. The Tay Bridge From My Studio Window. James McIntosh Patrick. Did you see Bruce at the Bercy in the 90s?
  4. That's what interested me at first but since seeing quite a long clip on The One Show (the 2 lads were present), I'm not so keen. I agree with you, @Demos - I imagine this is what a computer game looks like. It will interest a lot of younger people so that's good.
  5. A painter (artist). Museum in Paris containing works of the Impressionist painters. Have you been to the Louvre?
  6. Very much so. Have you been to the Musée d'Orsay?
  7. Yes - it's part of a music system. Are you happy with where you live?
  8. I have to watch the first bit of Silent Witness today cos I did it the wrong way round yesterday. Meant to keep Cold Feet for Channel 3 + 1 - I'll remember next week. Mebbies.
  9. Silent Witness and Cold Feet are back. Marvellous! Finally managed to watch the first of the Deadwater Fell series … looks like it'll have me watching til the end.