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  1. Ha! I usually check myself as this is how I think of the title - obviously too distracted today.
  2. I think of relationships that ended, and why. I have fond thoughts when I think of (most of) them. Just like Bruce. If you think that his 'love' died in MM then yes, you'll see it as a song about loss. I don't. @Daisey Jeep - you know how sorry I am about Gary's ill-health and what you've both gone through … and several others on here, be it themselves or their loved ones. If people feel the lyrics reflect on these feelings I hope they help. I, personally, don't find that this album gets me thinking along those lines - other songs do, but not these ones. I see it as a relationship album - relationships lost, not though death, but just drifting apart for whatever reason. Excluding Smokey Joe's - I think that's his 'Rhinestone Cowboy' song … just thrown into the mix to 'brighten things up a bit.' I'm reminded of my own mortality often. Happily, this album doesn't affect me in that way. I find it uplifting.
  3. Not once, while listening to this album, did I think of my own mortality … or his. The narrator is continuing his life. Let's all enjoy his/ours while the going's good, eh?
  4. Suzanne is up a height about this! We've been remembering the '92 concert in Brixton, supported by Verve. She was always going to be Mrs Chris Robinson.
  5. Good show. Well done, England.
  6. Thankful for 19+ years of joyful companionship so all will be well.
  7. 1 day after Pika, my beloved almost 20 year old cockatiel, died. (Just had to mark his passing as I've had him longer than I've been a Laker)
  8. Hoping it has and that zero more sessions are required.
  9. Laughing, @High As Hope, as I often feel like that about Bruce stuff. Or, rather, the reactions to whatever it is.
  10. I'm one of these folk who read the evacuation notices on the backs of hotel doors and check to see where the exit is. When I'm in a theatre I don't like to be under the overhang of the floor above … just in case!
  11. Oh. Do you know, I always thought you were a Brit cos of your 'humour'.
  12. I'd ask if he gets a laugh when he hears that folk are taking his lyrics apart and coming up with numerous scenarios?
  13. Easy … 'Mine's a whiskey & orange, Bruce'. Edit: 'Please'