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  1. I knew they (Everly Bros) used to look at each other to keep time but thought the looks were 'brotherly love' too. In this one Phil looks at Don more in the first half, Don does the 'looking closely' in the second. I think I'll join them in shedding a few tears. Awww ...
  2. I tried it as I liked the previous series but no, decided to give up on it.
  3. I got to 69 years of age without knowing this. I'd have liked to leave this world still not knowing. That's so sad. Actually, thinking about it, it rings a bell. I think I'd just forgotten.
  4. I love most classical music but this isn't classical music. I don't like dance versions of songs, either.
  5. Right There - Ariana Grande
  6. It Only Costs A Dime - Everly Brothers (Will have to add this to the awww thread)
  7. Granted, I haven't watched much of the Olympics - today's the only morning I've had it on - but I never heard anything about the USA team after the dressage. I obviously haven't been paying attention ... too busy binge-watching ER.
  8. Well done, Italy! That'll teach that bad-tempered Dane to yell at our bloke. Watch where you're going, Sunshine!
  9. Just watched that lass literally kicking off on the climbing wall. How does that work then? They've got ropes/elastic tied round them ... I take it nobody's hauling them up. They'll have games of marbles next time round.
  10. The End Of The Innocence - Don Henley
  11. 1. ‘West Hills’ 2. ‘Quiet Town’ 3. ‘Terrible Thing’ 4. ‘Cody’ 5. ‘Sleepwalker’ 6. ‘Runaway Horses’ (featuring Phoebe Bridgers) 7. ‘In The Car Outside’ 8. ‘In Another Life’ 9. ‘Desperate Things’ 10. ‘Pressure Machine’ 11. ‘The Getting By’ Not long now.
  12. Can't see what that is in his pocket. Now I can ... but cool photo anyway
  13. Parental Guidance - Judas Priest
  14. We did rather well at BMX - just been watching Charlotte. Wow!
  15. Lovely, Bruce ... but this is the man who stole my heart singing it (with the right words). Now then, more of '92/'93 Bruce, please.
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