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  1. Always great to have a show released that I was at! First time I had been in the pit too
  2. I want whatever Bruce thinks he needs to play a good chunk of Western Stars at the shows. As this record gains in popularity the more likely this is ...fingers crossed,
  3. I read elsewhere that it is a copyright issue, and the other party is on holiday. With that in mind Hyde Park with Paul McCartney?
  4. I'm glad I got the lyric brochure at the launch party last week.....I can't read the Cd version !!!!
  5. I just think its an amazing song, after all these years he comes up with a gem like this
  6. I've told this story before but in Jan last year I was in Jamaica ... I went to a tiny bar wearing a Bruce T-Shirt - Glen was playing Redemption song to some locals. He saw my t-Shirt pointed at me smiled and played Drive All Night! Wow - spoke to him at the bar - I had no idea who he was. He said he had a beer with Bruce the previous month - a great moment
  7. I knew Glen would come on tonight & drive all night was an obvious choice....
  8. If BITUSA is still on (or even if it isn't!) try sky arts 1...bit of Bruce....
  9. Well run today - bit of a wait for the 4 portaloos but that is the only prob great spot in the bit despite only having no 323. Well done to those running the line. Funny when a few to push in they were quickly dealt with!
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