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  1. hello,you have been to the werchter classic or the rock festival? a friend of mine and i will go to the festival with rammstein, depeche mode, blur and green day. are there some special things to know about the festival? it would be nice if you have some good advice for me, chris Last years I went to Werchter classic, it's called "classic" not because of the classic acts but the formula : a festival in 1 day. Rock Werchter is the 3 or 4 day festival, so that's the one you will be going to. Rock Werchter is great, 1 of the best festivals in Europe without a doubt. Rules are the same of most festivals. They also have a village where you can hire a cottage with beds and a outside bubble bath, but don't ask me what the prices are. The festval ground has 2 outdoor stages and ( I think ) 2 indoor stages ( tents ). So there is no dead moment whatsoever. A lot of camping places around the festival ground. The festival ground itself is all grass with the occasional tree ( not many ) so bring a hat if the sun is shining :-). A lot of variation in food and drinks.
  2. My only concern with Werchter Classic ( I was there last 4 years ) is that in front of stage there is a VIP pit, just For VIPs. And it's a big area. No possible way to get in there.
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