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  1. Now you can say you have shared a bathroom with Brandon.....purely fror acoustic purposes of course.
  2. Watched Still Alice this week, fantastic performance from Julianne Moore, and I found out later that she won an Oscar , quite correctly, for her performance, the best film I have watched since our confinement.
  3. Is the man on the left not Kevin Buell, guitar man for Bruce ?
  4. Thank you so much Roy, great to see you around, hang on in there mate and we will have a beer together once again in Newcastle when they play in TGLITW* next season, best wishes to everyone.
  5. Some hope for Andrew and other Liverpool FC fans out there. Heard from a very reliable source last weekend that there would be no more Highland League football this season, this was confirmed yesterday with this statement : - Scottish Highland Football League clubs met today to consider options during the current public health emergency. The following decisions were made by the meeting: • That the 2019-20 season be deemed to have concluded on the date that football activity in Scotland was suspended – Friday 13th March 2020 • That Brora Rangers FC be declared Breedon Highland League Champions for 2019-20 • That the latter stages of the Utilita Highland League Cup 2019-20 (semi-finals and final) be held over and played early in the 2020-21 season • That there be no further matches in the Highland League Youth Development Initiative for the foreseeable future Brora were 13 points clear at the top of the league, their nearest challengers could get to within 8 points if they won their games in hand. They think it is all over..it is now.
  6. I know, frightening to think that he has been dead as long as he lived amongst us.
  7. Thank you Sheryl, keep `em coming.
  8. Remember you heard it here first...
  9. So..the team that is 6th in the actual and real GLITW beat the leaders (by 25pts mind you) and champions elect of the pretend GLITW* home and away... MMMMMmmmmmm..
  10. Proppa footie...PSG v Dortmund on at that time.