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  1. Once again "The Donkey" does not disappoint and makes life difficult for his team mates, he is a total joke and accident just waiting to happen, luckily his forwards dug him out, but that will not always be the case, in theory his signing was good as that is what they badly required and have missed for some time, I think the plan was that he would do for them what Van Dijk did for Liverpool, unfortunately it is like comparing a Donkey with a Thoroughbred. Just add that the young guy up front strikes the ball very sweetly and very hard and very early, a nightmare for keepers, hope he keeps injury free and maintains his progress.
  2. I`ve Got News For You - Buddy Rich
  3. Unless, of course, you have a manager who is proven to be worth 25/26 points a season.
  4. Well you have managed to survive 62 years without your team being at a World Cup, so I have no fears ror you.
  5. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry (in response to "no eye deer")
  6. I will post this here as it is about Glastonbury, caught the start of the Johnnie Walker show on Radio 2 last Sunday afternoon, and his first phone in guest was Michael Eavis and they were talking about all the great acts that had played there over the years and Eavis picked Marc Bolan & TRex as his favourite, Johnnie got talking about Bruce and Neil Young and Michael Eavis said that HE was coming back to Glastonbury next year ? Johnnie never followed it up so it is not known if Michael Eavis was talking about Neil or Bruce ?
  7. Without doubt, defence is very weak, good enough to get through most games in this weak league, but this eventually will be the part of the team that lets you down when it really matters, much room for improvement.
  8. Ahemm young man, maybe you should check your FACTS (as your old pal Rafa used to say), the reality of the situation is that your country Wales have qualified ONCE, N Ireland Three times and Scotland Eight times so maybe a little more familiar with the tournament than yourself. I wanted to put a HaHa on this but our resident expert on the subject jimmyjames has used them all up.
  9. I`m with Daisey..I keep clicking on this thread because i forget what WC is short for ?