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  1. For the first time this season I am now seriously worried for you Roy. It appears to be 1 from 4 to join the bottom two going down, the two below you have far better goal difference and are picking up points along the way, Burnley have a very similar goal difference but a 3 point advantage, you really need to start improving that goall difference or it could end up being the deciding factor, I hope NUFC survive the drop.
  2. It was a very good TEAM display by United, they really backed each other up and helped each other all over the field and fully deserved their win, however can he get them to deliver this kind of performance week after week, I am not so sure about that ?
  3. Congratulations to those who backed red yesterday, they got a winning ticket in the Donkey Derby.
  4. Well now that was a huge surprise, I opened this expecting to see a rant about thousands of union jack waving peepl breaking covid social distancing rules and congregating in a small area, and I would agree, quite proper to rant about that, instead a nice post about one of the Dundee clubs.
  5. Best film I have watched this week...but a wee disclaimer I do not think it would be Jimmy James`s cup of tea. p.s. the closing song by Mary J Blige is very good.
  6. I blame the pitch...wait..or was it the pink ball ?
  7. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
  8. Now that, because of covid, almost every game is being shown live on tv, this game is no different than so many that have been shown, there have been so many snooze fests which just goes to illustrate how much is pure hype and the in depth quality is just not there especially with over 80% of the teams having the sole season aspiration to reach 40 points so that they can milk the cash cow for another year.
  9. The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
  10. Behind A Painted Smile - The Isley Brothers
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