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  1. Did he manage to sign his whole name without dropping the pen ?
  2. Collier Lass - The High Level Ranters
  3. Watched Pig last night, not a great watch btw, but the end credits had this song over them so I had to hunt it out today,a really good version : -
  4. Just seen this terrible news, it is difficult being hospitalised in the first place but must be awful to go through this so far from home and family, I am sure Rachel is getting the best treatment and wish her well, like other my thoughts are with her for a full and speedy recovery.
  5. Wow it seems that the Sheila`s are as bad as the Fella`s at this cricket stuff... They should have a series of the english mens team v the english womens team, might even get an exciting game then !!
  6. Oh I think you know he is back to being Scottish again, but Andy we are proud of you, only seen the middle set of his match and he just did not look himself, no complaints about the result. I reckon he will play the French Open (clay not his best surface though), then Scotland will play one last time at the all england club and if things do not improve he might choose then to announce his retirement from the tour.
  7. She's Not Just a Pretty Face. - Shania Twain.
  8. MacArthur Park (Someone Left My Cake Out In The Rain) - Richard Harris
  9. Well hopefully "they" will not call him Scottish for quite a while as it will mean he is still winning. It really is a bitter two edged sword, but let them wallow I say.
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