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  1. Good game between two good sides with the brawn and fitness of TGLITW* being overcome by the greater skill and control of a Serie A team.
  2. So the team that finished 3rd in TGLITW* gets humped at home by a team currently 13th in La Liga
  3. Green Onions - Booker T & The M.G.`s
  4. What do you expect if you select The Donkey to play in your team. And yes I agree Pep was indeed class after the game.
  5. The Road and the Miles to Dundee...(Auntie will get the link---J,J,J,)
  6. I think they drafted in Dr Winston Oboogie (the original) for this part.
  7. My favourite part of the song, you can just feel yourself drifting away even after all these years and plays.
  8. Premier is yet another subscription channel so not so good, disappointed that the free to air ITV 4 coverage looks like it will not be continuing.
  9. Root must be one of the most over hyped players of all time.
  10. Spoonful Of Sugar - Julie Andfrews
  11. Green, Green grass of Home - Tom Jones.
  12. Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones