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  1. It`s All Over Now - The Rolling Stones
  2. The Boy In The Bubble - Paul Simon
  3. Couldn`t agree more Dan, what he took from the world (and god knows we could use him now), is inexcusable and should he ever get out I would be first in line to mete out the justice deserved.
  4. Football: 1. Maradona, 2. Maradona, 3. Maradona, 4. Maradona, 5. Maradona.
  5. The Windmills Of Your Mind - Noel Harrison
  6. She is indeed a wee gem Dan, and anyone who does not get cheered up watching her joy at the music, probably does not have a pulse. The two young lads are super as well, their concentration and intensity is great on ones so young.
  7. They should have selected Bolingoli to play, he does well and goes far in Europe.
  8. I repeat what I said some time ago Leo, people underestimated the influence and load Puyol,Xavi and Inestia carried in that team, so true that sometimes you dont know what you have got till it is gone, and Leo is not able to carry that load on his own.
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