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  1. The Dons eight and nine year olds faced Belgium sides Genk and Anderlecht, Dutch sides Excelsior and PSV Eindhoven as well as Manchester City in Group B of the competition. Surely it could not have been THE Manchester City from TGLITW*...let me guess they made the semi-final.
  2. Yes looks like a decent supporting act to the Main Event of the day.
  3. That is his "ever so genuine" concern for joe public and all things F1 that his PR machine have cultivated in the last 18 months or so, however in times of real stress he cannot hide behind this PR veneer and the real hamilton of years gone by always surfaces. It is so sad and predictable that anyone could narrate his interviews before they happen, he is that shallow.
  4. Hamilton gets booed on EVERY podium he steps on, the real racing fans know the score with him and his PR acting road show.
  5. Yes VAR is going to have a whale of a time when the new laws come into force later this month, these include : - Dropped Ball situations, Free Kicks, Goal Celebrations, Goal Kicks, Handball, Medical Breaks, Penalty Kick Taking, Taking of Quick Free Kicks, Substitutes, Team Official Misconduct. Hope you all enjoy the nerw season.
  6. Easy predictions for this one :- Champions - Man City (by end of October again) Rest all playing to scrimp together 40 points at all costs so they can get another piece of the cake next season.
  7. There has been some great coverage and good photos, this is the best one though :-
  8. Ok Ok ..but what about wnat we all need to know...are you and Daisey still friends after this ?
  9. Like it...anyone else think he sounds like Glenn Frey on this one ?
  10. Great victory by Scotland last night, well played lads... englandshire nah not semi-finalists..they never made it past the 2nd round.
  11. Enjoyed the "all english" final....well they do all play in TGLITW* dont they ?
  12. India were very inpressive yesterday..be very afraid.. and Diasy, yes I fully agree with you about Virat Kohli, I also love watching him play the game.
  13. Well, Andrew it is only right that the European Cup should "COME HOME" to he first UK country to win it.
  14. Sadly not Daisey, most of them have never ever been in Manchester, Liverpool or a London football ground in their lives.