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  1. I have to say from what I have seen NZ look pretty impressive.
  2. Bogey : No, I don't, dear, no. No, that particular avenue of pleasure has been closed off. Sybil Fawlty : And we don't want it opened up again, do we Bogey?
  3. I was going to cheer on Wales tonight....now maybees aye, maybees no.
  4. I just love Virat Kohli and the way he conducts himself and plays the game.
  5. We even tidied up the streets for you afterwards (sending the sweaty socks to johann14cruyff as a keepsake). https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/england-scotland-euro-litter-london-b1868778.html
  6. Sorry to hear about the misfortune of your relatives, there are many things that could be said here but probably best left at that meantime.
  7. Mrs Thatcher versus millions of hard working honest community people was the working title, but they changed it at the last minute.
  8. Steve Clarke deserves huge credit for his team selection, tactics and organisation, this is the best it has been since Craig Brown was manager. Every player who stepped onto that pitch also deserve great credit for their commitment, concentration and discipline, if ever there was proof needed that there is no I in TEAM this was it, but I feel the need to single out one player as he has made me eat my words, around 5 years ago, I cannot remember which match it was exactly, I left Hampden after a defeat and said to anyone who would listen "that man should never play for Scotland again", he was overweight slow and cumbersome, he was dropped and out of the international scene for quite a while, but made it back into the pool about 18 moths ago mainly because at this time whilst being blessed with two world class left backs we are drastically short of centre backs. Last night Grant Hanley showed us that he has worked hard on his fitness and whilst he will never be the fastest he now uses his experience to make up for this with his positional play, and he was the solid rock and pivot that the defence and midfield worked so well around and made me eat my words by having an excellent game, may he go on to have many more, and I am sure I saw Steve Clarke give him an extra large hug with words of appreciation in his ear at full time. Well done lads you made us all proud. Now a word on england, they have the strongest pool of players in the competition with many, many top players playing at the top level of the game and they will see this as only a blip as the go on to lift the trophy in the final on Sunday July 11th, our lads will know that they took on one of the top three teams in the world in their own back yard and gave them a hell of a fright. Finally the fans were brilliant and partied all night and many will be returning this morning with sore heads and sweaty socks (included just for the benefit of johann14cruyff, as it seems to have suddenly become his favourite saying), despite being provoked by the home fans marching on their party in Leicester Square they did not react and let the police force the home fans back, these are the real Scottish Scotland fans, and not those who a few weeks ago, on the day the League was won, rampaged through the streets of Glasgow and wrecked George Square whilst singing God Save The Queen and Rule Britiannia, they are nothing but a scar on Scotland and the sooner we can rid ourselves of them the better.
  9. Michael Row The Boat Ashore - Harry Belafonte
  10. No chance of wearing more that me kilt, it is just not done. It is days like these that you miss Joe Hart, Ray Clemance,Ben Foster etc..
  11. But of course, strange day so far..it is my eldest son`s birthday and an old work photograph of my late father and his workmates appeared in the major North of Scotland newspaper today, most of them are now gone and there are only three I cannot name.
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