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  1. £92.85 including fees, direct with Roundhouse:
  2. It needs to be said.
  3. You think after hours of deliberation, Jon Landau just could not decide if fans would be interested in seeing a Bruce Springsteen concert in a Manhattan theatre?
  4. This isn't Manchester from last night but it illustrates a little bit what a beast of a live song Creature Comfort is. The use of really heavy dry ice works beautifully: This is last night. I don't do religion, but if this is what it feels like, maybe I should:
  5. I went to their show last night at the Manchester International Festival. 9th time I have seen them, and it was fucking incredible. The best gig I have seen all year and right up there with the best I have ever seen. The new songs sound like instant classics, especially Creature Comfort which was my highlight of the whole night.
  6. I am not saying I completely like it, but this is loads better:
  7. 422 replies on this pinned post now. Will the mods wait until we get to a 'gazillion' (as per the original news story) before unpinning?
  8. Neil Young's music means as much to me as any artist ever, and last years POTR were up there with the best gigs I have ever seen anyone do, but that is an embarrassment. Other than half a great album (Psychedelic Pill) his recorded output over the last 10 years has been very poor and formulaic. Completely unmemorable sums most of it up but I just cannot believe this new song is the same guy who wrote Powderfinger, Tonight's The Night, Revolution Blues etc. Lyrics probably scribbled on the back of a beer mat and the same melody he has used many times over recently.
  9. Awful, truly awful.
  10. I disagree. I think their silence speaks volumes in confirming nothing is happening. Can you think of a single instance where Springsteen inc have put out a press release to deny a fake news story? I cannot.
  11. Is that CD or vinyl?
  12. A few newbie tickets in my drawer : Real Estate - Manchester - June 28th Jackson Browne - Manchester - June 30th Arcade Fire - Manchester - July 6th U2 - Amsterdam - July 28th Lambchop - Manchester - Aug 11th Courtney Marie Andrews - Manchester - Aug 24th The National - Manchester - Sept 22nd The National - Manchester - Sept 23rd Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Manchester - Sept 25th Slaid Cleaves - Leek - Sept 28th Slowdive - October 10th - Manchester Train - Birmingham - Oct 21st The Waterboys - Manchester - October 22nd Jason Isbell - Manchester - Oct 25th Father John Misty - Manchester - Nov 5th The War On Drugs - Manchester - Nov 12th Fleet Foxes - Manchester - November 23rd
  13. The dude from The Black Keys. It sounds nothing like The Black Keys. I really like it.