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  1. 100% agree!! If you look up best ever Glastonbury performances on line and Springsteen never features, which shows a definite missed opportunity As U2 did perfectly a year or so later, Glastonbury was a perfect opportunity to smash it by playing hit, after hit after hit. But he chose Seeds, Outlaw Pete and Hard Times Come Again No More. Instead of a walking on with an acoustic guitar to play a Joe Strummer song that nobody knew, imagine the impact had he done this:
  2. For the first time, I made a big effort and waiting in line from stupid o'clock. Despite the crazy cold temperatures and encounters with confused and pissed late night / early morning party kids, I really enjoyed the social aspects of chatting with the other lunatics in line. I bought Jeff Tweedy, The Charlatans, Bob Dylan and Teenage Fanclub. I baulked at the cost of Bingo Hand Job. I regret that a little now.
  3. Bob Seger was absent but he signed up in 2017: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bob-segers-music-finally-lands-on-streaming-services-201965/ Peter Gabriel was another who held back but he is now there also. I think Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks might now be the only major artists not on there.
  4. I would assume they are all here https://www.youtube.com/user/BruceSpringsteenVEVO/videos
  5. This. Absolutely pointless and so bad:
  6. Yes, it's called "Lifted". Highly recommended. I am a big fan but I have never caught him live. Hoping to rectify Jan 24th.
  7. Overall, a really good year. My favourite album releases: Kurt Vile Tracey Thorn Father John Misty J Mascis The Magic Numbers Israel Nash Lucy Dacus The Decemberists Sun Kil Moon Neko Case Soccer Mommy Phosphorescent
  8. Thanks. I have been listening to just that, and I am starting to love it. Favourite song is The Fat Man.
  9. I am still not getting the Heaton/Abbott attraction. I adored The Housemartins and The Beautiful South but I just don't hear anything near as catchy or as clever on the duo releases to make me want to go back for further listening. Maybe it was Dave Hemingway who did the magic for me? Where would be a good place to start again? Best songs?
  10. I am fortunate in that both of my parents are still here, but that My Hometown / My Father's House / The Wish segment absolutely wrecked me, to increasing levels of mess. By the end of those I had to turn it off for a while to steady myself. I can only imagine what impact it had on those less fortunate, and especially those less fortunate who witnessed it first hand. Simply magnificent!
  11. Being in this position made it hard to judge what it was like in the nosebleeds to confirm if they did pull it off or not. From here, it was just beautiful. Slowdive too were superb.
  12. TWOD in Amsterdam last weekend was a good show, but not top 3. London last night though was magnificent. By a mile my show of the year. Possibly ever. It was perfect. Everything a rock and roll should be, and so much more.
  13. My top 3 are: 3 The Mavericks in Belfast 2 The Magic Numbers in Manchester (earlier this week) 1 Arcade Fire in Manchester However I have huge hope that will change over the next week after seeing The War On Drugs, twice.