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  1. Full list is in the events Facebook page discussion section: https://www.facebook.com/events/271395333563325/?ti=cl
  2. Listening right now: Every track is a smash to my ears.
  3. I love Zombie Zoo, so damn catchy. For me, A mind with a heart of its own and Makin' some noise. Although I recall the latter being loads of fun when I saw him live in 1992 in Birmingham.
  4. An interesting subject. Just wondering, what tracks do you not like on Full Moon Fever and Into The Great Wide Open? In my head both would have none, but I just listened and both have a track each that I could skip. Would be fun to compare.
  5. Not picky at all. Life's Been Good is entertaining, but way too long. Walk Away is just dull and Funk #49 is a bad song. Think of what they could have played instead! And I don't just mean that one, which obviously remains their best ever song.
  6. Yes: NY and POTR 1800 to 1945 Dylan 2030 to 2215
  7. I agree, that is a really nice set and definitely would make me want to see them again. Although maybe they could play Powderfinger 3 times and knock out Piece of Crap, as never has a song title been more appropriate! Although I saw the times for Hyde Park and both headliners are getting 1hr 45m each. So I would imagine that list would be slimmed down.
  8. The Cure at Glastonbury could be my favourite ever festival performance by anyone. And I am normally nothing more than a casual fan. It was perfect in every way and Bob's singing was so damn good..
  9. Exactly the same for me. My finger hovered over 'buy' for a while but I resisted. I see its no longer available now. Had I not got those two, I would have jumped in.
  10. Rattle & Hum is often mocked but there is an incredible album of songs in there. Heartland, Hawkmoon 269, Love Rescue Me, Angel of Harlem, All I want is You, God Part II, Desire. Had they instead worked that out to a standalone full new album, instead of including what were pretty pointless live songs and self indulgence then it would have been huge. They could have released Rattle and Hum as a standalone documentary/live album. Discounting those pants, Bad on Rattle and Hum is simply magnificent. Man, could he sing back then:
  11. I'm excited too. Finally we have a challenger for Born To Walk in the "GLOAAOTPATCYHA" awards. He has turned this into a one horse race for way too long. .
  12. The LP set has dropped below £70 on amazon UK, for anyone seeking a bargain : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Album-Collection-Vol-1987-1996-VINYL/dp/B07BLJDYVK
  13. This is just bizarre. Imagine Bruce kicking off The River tour once again. By all accounts, even the band were a bit bored with these songs towards the end last time out.
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