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  1. 1 hour ago, riverdude2 said:

    Zombie Zoo and Makin' Some Noise. Don't hate either but wouldn't miss them either. Damn The Torpedos comes closest for me but Century City again I could pass on.

    I love Zombie Zoo, so damn catchy.

    For me, A mind with a heart of its own and Makin' some noise. Although I recall the latter being loads of fun when I saw him live in 1992 in Birmingham.

  2. On 7/5/2019 at 12:20 PM, riverdude2 said:

    Really. That must be great but I was pretty ruthless in my choices. I just couldn't find for example a Tom Petty ( a top 3 artist for me) album that didn't have at least one track I wasn't keen on.

    An interesting subject. Just wondering, what tracks do you not like on Full Moon Fever and Into The Great Wide Open?

    In my head both would have none, but I just listened and both have a track each that I could skip. Would be fun to compare.

  3. 1 hour ago, Brown Eyed Boy said:

    though if I was being picky I thought there was slightly too much Joe Walsh in the second half of the show.

    Not picky at all. Life's Been Good is entertaining, but way too long. Walk Away is just dull and Funk #49 is a bad song. 

    Think of what they could have played instead! And I don't just mean that one, which obviously remains their best ever song.

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  4. I agree, that is a really nice set and definitely would make me want to see them again. Although maybe they could play Powderfinger 3 times and knock out Piece of Crap, as never has a song title been more appropriate! B)

    Although I saw the times for Hyde Park and both headliners are getting 1hr 45m each. So I would imagine that list would be slimmed down.

  5. On 6/3/2019 at 12:05 AM, Bosstralian said:

    I'd take that. In fact, I'd be pumped. The Rattle And Hum movie and album is what introduced me to U2. And it would tie in well as the thirtieth anniversary of the Lovetown tour which is what Australia got during the JT / R&H phase all those years ago.

    Rattle & Hum is often mocked but there is an incredible album of songs in there. Heartland, Hawkmoon 269, Love Rescue Me, Angel of Harlem, All I want is You, God Part II, Desire.

    Had they instead worked that out to a standalone full new album, instead of including what were pretty pointless live songs and self indulgence then it would have been huge. They could have released Rattle and Hum as a standalone documentary/live album.

    Discounting those pants, Bad on Rattle and Hum is simply magnificent. Man, could he sing back then:


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  6. On 6/2/2019 at 9:05 PM, rachelharms said:

    A busy few weeks coming up 

    4th June - Rod Stewart / Milton Keynes

    16th June - Fleetwood Mac / Wembley Stadium

    21st June - Bon Jovi / Wembley Stadium 

    22nd June - Billy Joel / Wembley Stadium 

    I’m excited!

    I'm excited too. Finally we have a challenger for Born To Walk in the "GLOAAOTPATCYHA" awards. He has turned this into a one horse race for way too long. B):P.


    'Greasy Lake oldest average age of the performers at the concerts you have attended' 


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  7. To go with their Manchester gig in July, I grabbed a ticket for their Leeds gig in December yesterday. I actually really dislike the arena there but it's the only one I can do due to work. 

    Not managed to hear the new one yet, but the reviews sound incredible. Plannig to sit down this evening and give it the attention it deserves. 

    Their best for me are Trouble Will Find Me and High Violet. 


  8. On 9/23/2018 at 9:33 AM, MacBruce said:

    I also think his Glastonbury appearance was a huge missed opportunity. He more or less played the standard WOAD tour setlist whereas it should have been a 2 hour showcase of his most popular and successful songs in order to reach out to a new generation of music fans.

    100% agree!! If you look up best ever Glastonbury performances on line and Springsteen never features, which shows a definite missed opportunity

    As U2 did perfectly a year or so later, Glastonbury was a perfect opportunity to smash it by playing hit, after hit after hit. But he chose Seeds, Outlaw Pete and Hard Times Come Again No More.

    Instead of a walking on with an acoustic guitar to play a Joe Strummer song that nobody knew, imagine the impact had he done this: 


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  9. Inspired by the fake news elsewhere today...

    I have booked the following so far for 2019:
    22nd January - J Mascis - Liverpool
    24th January - Israel Nash - Manchester
    3rd May - Josh Rouse/Grant Lee Phillips – Manchester
    12th June - Wilco - Brussels
    13th June - Wilco - Brussels
    16th June - Wilco - Amsterdam
    10th July - The National - Amsterdam

  10. 23 hours ago, Ann Jones said:

    We are going. Not expecting to be blown away, but you never know!

    re Neil Young. Promise of the Real as a banking band are incredible live (just ask Bradley Cooper!!) and they have certainly removed a lot of the slack and self-indulgence that he often had with Crazy Horse. They play rock and roll straight down the middle, with no bull shit and are absolutely brilliant at it. For that reason casual fans will really enjoy them. I would love to see them again:


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  11. 4 hours ago, Johan14Cruyff said:

    How long does it roughy take to walk from Hyde Park to Paddington? Wondering if I can make the last train home?

    It's about a 15 minute walk, but it would take so much longer with the crowds post gig, unless you left a few mins early. 

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  12. 7 hours ago, ukjohnney said:

    Yeah I saw that last night when I looked at the venue map!!   But thanks for the info!!   As I said in the topic I started on this, this context doesn’t appeal to me. 


    Your a big neil fan arnt you, are you tempted?   Not a big stadium fan though either I know (I know it’s not technically a stadium but you know what I mean) 

    Yes, I am a huge NY fan and those last POTR dates I saw only increased that. They were magnificent. But I cannot justify such obscene prices, nor supporting corporate rock like this. 

    Instead I am going to head to Holland and Belgium for a week in June. I will catch 3 Wilco shows and do some sightseeing, and probably have change left from what Hyde Park would cost me. 

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