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  1. I actually don't see online 'bots' as the key issue here. It is so easy for anyone with Internet access to make an instant profit on in-demand concerts. There are 3 people who I know of in the office where I work who do this every single week. Occasionally they get burned but more often, they make a good profit. You can bet for every big show that goes on sale, there are 1000's upon 1000's of people trying to cash in and make an easy profit. As I said previously, a way to limit this would be to restrict secondary sales to 2 or 3 weeks prior to the gig. That would mean anyone who truly has spares and has exhausted all other options would have an avenue to shift them but many who do this for a profit would be put off if they had to sit on them for a prolonged period, risking extra dates going on sale and demand decreasing.
  2. That super deluxe vinyl set looks beautiful and very tempting. I may just treat myself.
  3. If I hear a better song than this in 2017, it will be some year:
  4. A truly awful name for a band, but this is bloody brilliant.
  5. Yesterday proved that Liverpool can on their day give the top teams a good stuffing. The problem for Liverpool is that they have done that pretty much every season since the 1970's but post 1990 they have struggled to get any consistency against the 'lesser' teams who treat them as one of their cup finals. 2016/17 has followed that pattern in text book fashion. Of course the only time they managed to crack that side of things as well was 2013/14 but Gerrard carelessly letting a 4 foot pass go under his foot and Crystal Palace meant that crashed down with a bang.
  6. If it was to be played in order (which I hope they do), I cannot see them starting with it (ala The River). WTSHNN in broad daylight would lose the impact greatly.
  7. Having not seen U2 since 1997 and I have always kicked myself that I was born a couple of years too late for The Joshua Tree tour, I actually hope there isn't new songs. A night of nostalgia will do me perfectly for this.
  8. That is the real issue, obviously none of those are genuine spares, which is what seatwave claim is their purpose. If there was a rule introduced that the secondary market was only opened in the month prior to the gig, it would stop a big proportion of this issue, not all, but it would certainly deter many. But as we know, when they are making so much profit from it, why would TM shoot themselves in the foot in such a manner?
  9. I have been listening to The Joshua Tree a lot since this tour reignited my love for this band. It is an incredible record and it is absolutely phenomenal when you consider that I reckon the weakest song on the record is Where The Streets Have No Name. I don't mean it is a bad song, it is great, I just feel it is weak in comparison to the monster anthem when played live. It would be a dream for me if the majority of the show is based around the record and also Rattle and Hum (as they are Joshua Tree songs also). Seeing stuff like Silver and Gold, Hawkmoon 269, Heartland and Spanish Eyes played live would be a dream come true. Unless of course after the American dates they decide that The Joshua Tree isn't right for a European audience so they revert to a greatest hits set. Imagine that...
  10. All the Euro dates seemed to sell out in no time, but Croke especially seems to have been ridiculous. Although seeing them in their hometown would have been ace, I am more than happy with Amsterdam. I recall reports of stinking sound in Croke for the Springsteen shows there and I cannot help think that the drunk count in Amsterdam will be somewhat lower than Dublin (and London come to think of it).
  11. I managed to grab a Red Zone for Amsterdam in the general sale, and sold my cat 1 seat, all before 10am today and before news of night 2 broke. Nice and easy, although from reading their forum today, that certainly wasn't the norm. Very happy, but much worse off financially than I was.
  12. Oh yeah! I did check the Wembley schedule but stupidly I was looking at the weekend of Amsterdam and not London, FFS!. Not so much of a head scratcher then. Saying that, the Olympic Stadium, or whatever the hell it is now called now would have at least been more accessible.
  13. It is a complete head scratcher why they would choose Twickenham. I went there once for a rugby match about 7 years back and the transport links were pretty much non existent when leaving at 6pm on a Saturday afternoon. I recall about a 90 minute queue to get on that little train station. I dread to think what late on a Saturday night will be like with drunks thrown into the mix. Wembley has many faults but at least they know how to get fans in and away. It makes no sense why they would not play there. I would have gone to that also.
  14. Which is exactly why I will be going to Amsterdam instead. Two nights in a 4* hotel 400 metres from the stadium for £186 all in and £89 for a return flight. I doubt you would get a Premier Inn in Central London for that total. Of course getting back to Central London after the gig would be pretty much impossible, but still.
  15. I can understand your disappointment about the lack of a show in Scotland, however it does seem to be a 'whistle stop' visit with other countries missing out also (Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc) but I don't think making such a big deal about the price is fair. £70 for GA is less than what their equivalents are charging and they could get away with charging much more. Of course it is a 'money grab' but all stadium shows are. We as European Bruce Springsteen fans have been grabbed at now for many years. At least U2 gave their Euro fans an arena tour last time around with multiple night stands. There has not been a whiff that we would get the same this century.
  16. The Affair S3 - It is very soap opera and these people have way too much sex but I do certainly enjoy it in a switch off your brain kind of way. I am also dipping into Seinfeld once more, following its arrival on Amazon.
  17. £78 GA is certainly way less than I imagined. Fair play to them for that. I know that no stadiums are great but Twickenham is bloody awful, Amsterdam on the other-hand will do me just nicely.
  18. I was just quoting the man himself. I love The Joshua Tree and loads of other kinds of music. I will however reserve full judgement before I can review your 2016 best of list. I suspect twang like Skeleton Tree and FLOTUS could feature highly.
  19. Released Today: Lambchop - FLOTUS Full of weird auto-tuned vocals over weird electronic music, and I bloody love it. It might actually top my best of 2016 list.
  20. The sound is Metallica but the ridiculous airbrushed, boy band image which they seem to be using these days doesn't quite match up with it:
  21. Pugs put on weight really easily so we are very careful with our two. The only snacks they ever get in between meals are carrot, apple and melon.They go crazy for it.
  22. LOL is an often over-exaggerated phrase these days, but I actually did then.
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