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  1. Having never really been on my musical horizon at all, I am currently having a Van Morrison blitz. This could well be my favourite: Absolutely lovely.
  2. My favourite song of 2016, by a really long way: Very excited to hear this album.
  3. Have you heard the new one Sue? It really is stunning. More classic country sounding than previous but in a really good way. The Lydia Loveless duet is amazing. Their voices work together beautifully.
  4. The trailer looked awful, Porkies for the 21st Century or even worse but I took a chance as there was nothing else I hadn't seen that I fancied. The reality was so much better. A fantastic soundtrack (and that is from someone who usually dislikes 80's music), a really good story with lots of laughs (although I would not say it is an out and out comedy) with really likeable characters. I am going to see it again tomorrow.
  5. I was planning on going to a concert at the cavern in Liverpool a few weeks back. Ticketmaster was the only option there with recorded delivery being the only choice available: £17 ticket £1.70 service fee £4.95 postage. I didn't go to the concert.
  6. FFS! Playing Liverpool while I am seeing Sturgill Simpson in Manchester. Useless bastard promoters!
  7. In advance of seeing him live next week also, I have been revisiting his albums a lot over the weekend. This could be my favourite JM song:
  8. I very rarely listen to non American/Canadian music but I was recommended this by a buddy yesterday: Bill Ryder-Jones: West Kirby County Primary. I know nothing about the guy except he used to be in a band called The Coral. Anyway, it is bloody brilliant.
  9. To mark the anniversary of his death, I had intended to have a John Martyn day, however my wife asked me first thing why I hadnt opened my amazon delivery from yesterday. "because I didnt know I had an amazon delivery yesterday" was my snotty response. Anyway, it was this thing of beauty: Half way through disc one and I am completely blown away. If this was recorded today, the sound quality would be off the scale, but from 1969!!! I have no idea how this even exists. My day/weekend is complete.
  10. OK I know! But I'm not going to sit with a brand new Kate Rusby album unplayed just because its not December yet. It is a great album cover. She looks good on it.
  11. In November?! I always believed that the theory that there is one Christmas song and one Christmas only that does not sound ridiculous outside of December was universally accepted by all:
  12. Good to see that I didn't need to use a sarcastic emoticon there to get over the tone of my post. Nice job.
  13. It is great to see the BBC giving so much prime time publicity to our developing musical talent. First ELO, now Adele. Hopefully they will do the same for Coldplay in a few weeks and Bowie in the new year, else they could really struggle.
  14. I adore Tigerlily so I was sceptical about this, however after having it for a few days, I think I actually like this even more than the original. It seems to flow better and Natalie's voice is sounding as good as it has in years. The new version of River especially blows my mind. This is a strong contender for my album of 2015.
  15. In general I am not a fan of live releases and to be honest, although the track listing here is top quality and Drive-By Truckers are for me one of the very best live bands I have ever seen, I actually soon found myself reaching for the next button here.
  16. A couple of releases today that I have been really looking forward to. El Vy - Return To The Moon: Son Volt - Trace (Expanded Reissue): The El Vy record is instantly brilliant. Anyone who loves The National will love this too. I cannot to see this done live in December. Trace probably influenced my musical taste today more than any record, ever, but I havent listened to it in years. The reissue sounds great and the extra tracks are actually really good, which I think is rare for these kinds of releases.
  17. Israel Nash - Israel Nash's Silver Season Following on from Israel Nash's Rain Plain from 2013 which I think was my #2 record of that year, this was released today. It is simply beautiful. Great songs with sublime melody. On first listen, this will feature very highly in my end of year chart.
  18. Part excellent, part annoying electro pop. Great lyrics throughout though.
  19. Today is something old: and something new: The former still sounds great and the latter is a contender for my record of 2015.
  20. Ahead of seeing them live next week I have been diving into The Lemonheads back catalogue today: This still sounds so good and has aged really well. Looking forward to hearing some of it live.
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