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  1. I should love this more than I do. A Richmond Fontaine related band with a great female singer but I am not sure why but it doesn't quite grab me. I guess I just want Willy Vlautin to step forward more and do some singing.
  2. The Dylan unplugged never did much for me but the Neil Young, Nirvana and REM sets are fantastic records. My favourite ever Unplugged however?:
  3. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Echo: Like a lot of his work, it is half a great record, but what a bloody half it is! Room at the top, Counting on you, Lonesome Sundown, Accused of Love, Echo, No More and One More Night, One More Day are right up there with his very best. Swingin' is my favourite ever TP song:
  4. Natalie Merchant is probably my all time favourite singer and with the 20th anniversary and re-recording of Tigerlilly coming up (called Paradise Is There), I have gone back to this for the first time in a good while. It still sounds so damn good and My Beloved Wife still knocks a hole in my heart the same way it did 20 years ago.
  5. Preparing to see them live on Sunday. After not feeling it at all upon release, I am slowly growing to enjoy this, however I am hoping it works much better live, which is usually the case with MMJ.
  6. As a 'best of' this really takes some beating. Wilco are right up there in my favourite artists of all time and have been for the last 15 years or so. For that reason I didnt bother with this set upon release but listening to it now as a collective it blows me away what a great collection of songs this is and how good they sound compiled in one set.
  7. I have played ATFTP a lot recently after it pretty much fell off my radar for probably 15 years. It suffered massively from over-exposure at the time, which is why I parked it. However I completely love it again now. Even Sidewinder, Everybody Hurts and Man on the moon still sound fresh and brilliant.
  8. Playing right now: Nostalgia overload, and it still sounds brilliant.
  9. Always loved this, however I always thought it was a female singer up until recently: Plus this:
  10. I would say they are OHW but in the UK it would be for this song: I had never heard Misery before.
  11. I have known that song since The Wonder Stuff covered it (really well I think) in the late 80's However I had never thought to look up the original. Apparently, it is this:
  12. A bold claim, but a great claim. I love Spirit in the sky. However I would rate this even higher:
  13. Today: As a rule, I dont care for 80's music but this still sounds great and Roddy Frame is still one of the all time great singer/songwriters. This record in particular takes me right back to being 14 or 15 in high school and all of the fun that entailed. Great times! I saw a load of great gigs in 2014 but The Jayhawks in Liverpool were top of the lot. This album captures that tour perfectly.
  14. Teenage Fanclub, Songs From Northern Britain Still for me, Scotland's best ever band.
  15. Everything But The Girl - Acoustic. A covers album, and rather lovely it is too.
  16. White Light by Gene Clark: The best record by the best Byrd.
  17. I have managed to treat myself today to an afternoon of reading and music. A few that stand out: Lambchop - Is A Woman: Nixon often gets the plaudit but I find it a bit uneven. This, the follow up, is absolutely sublime. The Daily Growl is up there with my all time favourite songs by anyone. Bill Callahan - Sometimes I wish we were an eagle: This was my #1 record of 2009 but for some reason I had not spun it for a long time. Glad to report it still sounds bloody brilliant. I will revisit it more often. The Alarm - Change: As a teenager, The Alarm were a top 3 band in my life and Mike Peters is still one of my all time heroes, however they have fell off my musical radar over the last 10/15 years or so. Triggered by grabbing a ticket for their 30th anniversary gig in Cardiff in October, I put this on today and it still sounds so damn good. This in particular rocks like a bastard:
  18. Not wanting to put undue pressure on the guy but Isbell has the potential to rank alongside and even above the all time greats.
  19. Currently playing, Say Grace by Sam Baker. A singer songwriter who's incredible life story could and should be made into a movie. Even without that, he is right up there with the all time greats for me, especially when he can incorporate Taylor Swift into his song lyrics as good as it is here:
  20. Ryley Walker - Primrose Green Its a bit John Martyn, a bit Nick Drake, a bit Tim Buckley and a bit brilliant!
  21. REM Fables of the reconstruction. 30 years old today. Still sounds bloody brilliant.
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