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  1. Josh T Pearson - Last of the country gentlemen: This is an odd one. I recall there was a huge buzz around this upon release and I certainly bought into that for a while. I then put it on about 6 months ago and thought "what the hell was I thinking? complete dirge!". I then put it on yesterday and was blown away by it. Listening to it again today and in awe of it once more.
  2. I am not huge fan of 1980's music as I find in general it has not aged well, especially anything with a synthesiser sound, however today I have listened this back to back, twice. It is simply magnificent: When Love Breaks Down makes me ache with nostalgia for my school days in a way that only great music can.
  3. I feel Mojo is 1/3 a great record, the rest is patchy and not really memorable.
  4. This sounds more like Bruce Springsteen than Bruce Springsteen.
  5. Not stupid, I just didnt want to bore eveyone with my RA ranting once more, but as you asked: Including Whiskeytown (who I saw twice) I think I am saw RA about 15 times. They ranged from phenomenal to really good to odd to dull to pathetic to diabolical, mostly getting worse as the years moved on and the drugs got better (or is it worse). The very best of the lot was a solo gig in Manchester just prior to Gold being released, to this day that is a top 5 gig of all time for me, by anyone. It was simply amazing. The decline then gradually kicked in then and the final straw was in 2006 when I presume at the height of his wild days he played the worst gig I have ever seen by anyone. It was at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. I only lasted for about 40 minutes before walking out. Words cannot describe how bad it was. However this guy had a go: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/music/ryan-adams--bridgewater-hall-1021193 It was then that I decided to boycott ever seeing him live again. I still love his music, although he is often hit and miss. Strangers Almanac is my #1 album of the 1990's but despite how many times I hear that he is a changed character I have refused to let him disappoint me again. But this could be a game changer.
  6. I would have had exactly the same view as you also, however I listened to this without any awareness of who's songs they were. I honestly thought it was a brand new record of originals. I feel the songs are brilliant and he does them so damn well, it really is a great record and the first RA record I have loved in a very long time. As George Michael once said:
  7. It's a track-by-track cover of Taylor Swift's album. No way!! I honestly had no clue. Still, it works for me.
  8. One virtual spin in and I am completely blown away by this: My views on Ryan Adams have been spoken about on here many times before but to summarize, I used to be obsessed with him but since February 2006 I have completely boycotted his live shows and only took a passing interest in his music. This however is ridiculously good. Apparently it is covers, however I am not sure I know any of the originals. The boycott could crumble...
  9. Dave Rawlings is my all time favourite guitar player and this new record is so damn good, albeit short. It begs to be heard live: Star Wars by Wilco is also still be enjoyed on a daily basis.
  10. Brilliant! I am a huge fan of both, so this is my idea of heaven. As much as I am tempted to jump right in now, I am going to hold off listening until the weekend. Sunday morning with coffee seems the perfect setting for it. Ok, I caved and listened to the first 10 minutes. Danny is absolutely devastated. That is remarkable and brilliant radio.
  11. Brilliant! I am a huge fan of both, so this is my idea of heaven. As much as I am tempted to jump right in now, I am going to hold off listening until the weekend. Sunday morning with coffee seems the perfect setting for it.
  12. Is it Randy Newman? it sounds a bit like him. nrbq was one of the greatest rock and roll bands in all of america at one time managed by capt lou albano. rip You will have to ignore my ignorance here as I have never heard of them. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. The song "My Boy": being a dad of an 8 year old boy who is certainly growing up way too fast, I cannot even get past the first few lines of that song without getting way too emotional. No way can I listen to it all of the way through.
  14. The cover confused the hell out of me, and then I googled them, and now nothing makes any sense: who? what? why? when? huh?
  15. A couple of crackers there J. There were few better singers than Rod Stewart in the early 70's. On a related note, I stumbled across this beauty a few weeks back. An incredible version, with phenomenal vocals:
  16. It was one of those albums I heard too much when I first got it, since this thread has started gone back to it for first time in many years, still sounds great http://www.nataliemerchant.com/news/2015/9/116 I actually think Motherland is her best solo record.
  17. Still edging Ryley Walker for my record of 2015. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear. Also this, which is right up there with my favourite ever live albums: Its been a good listening day.
  18. I should love this more than I do. A Richmond Fontaine related band with a great female singer but I am not sure why but it doesn't quite grab me. I guess I just want Willy Vlautin to step forward more and do some singing.
  19. The Dylan unplugged never did much for me but the Neil Young, Nirvana and REM sets are fantastic records. My favourite ever Unplugged however?:
  20. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Echo: Like a lot of his work, it is half a great record, but what a bloody half it is! Room at the top, Counting on you, Lonesome Sundown, Accused of Love, Echo, No More and One More Night, One More Day are right up there with his very best. Swingin' is my favourite ever TP song:
  21. Natalie Merchant is probably my all time favourite singer and with the 20th anniversary and re-recording of Tigerlilly coming up (called Paradise Is There), I have gone back to this for the first time in a good while. It still sounds so damn good and My Beloved Wife still knocks a hole in my heart the same way it did 20 years ago.
  22. Preparing to see them live on Sunday. After not feeling it at all upon release, I am slowly growing to enjoy this, however I am hoping it works much better live, which is usually the case with MMJ.
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