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  1. REM Fables of the reconstruction. 30 years old today. Still sounds bloody brilliant.
  2. Of course he has a great life but you must be completely deluded if you think the Chelsea match and the Palace match from last season do not haunt him every single day. You can add the turmoil that he leaves your club in to that list also.
  3. Fortunately not. Why is that? I'd pay a great deal of money to hear Bruce (and any of my favorite bands) play some of his unreleased songs... Because most unreleased songs are unreleased for a reason. I go to gigs to hear songs that I know and love.
  4. Would an Arse FA Cup win free up a spot?
  5. You would take 7th over 6th every single day of the week. Teams should be given the option to sell their spot in that toy town tournament down to any mug team desperate enough to dust off their passports.
  6. Not at all. We feel truely blessed to have had him for the period that we did. His achievements since make us really proud. Why would anybody turn a move to Madrid down? They won it 10 times (sic) you know?
  7. A big thumbs up from me, I loved it. As a parent, it was terrifying but as you say, so clever.
  8. Sorry Newman, friendly joke regarding this comment. Late to the party was for a laugh only. I see now. Lack of a quote caused confusion. Not that we are measuring cocks here but I saw Kurt Vile live in 2011 and The War On Drugs about a year later. I recall both gigs were at Sound Control in Manchester. I haven't bought Lost in the dream on vinyl though. In fact I haven't bought it at all. So you win that on that count.
  9. Sorry, misunderstood again. I wasn't saying you were late to the party, I was asking why you posted a picture saying 'late to the party'.
  10. I thought it was up there. Just confused as to why you were late to the party.
  11. Did you not have this record way up in your best of 2014?
  12. ...and Bruce Willis was actually a ghost... http://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/topic/118011-spoiler-tags-101-use-em-abuse-em-wear-em-out/
  13. After getting a bit bored with Lost in the Dream at the end of 2014, it has had a huge resurgence with me. I really love it now, way more than I did list year.
  14. This was absolutley outstanding. I am struggling to recall a horror movie I have enjoyed as much as this or one that had such a disturbing impact on me. So damn creepy without ever resulting to gore. Everything about it was brilliant but the soundtrack and the way they used the contrasting Detroit settings was just perfect. My #1 movie of the year.
  15. After playing the likes of Brixton, I guess the big challenge now for TWOD is can they make the next step up to arenas or will they remain a large theatre band. Its a huge jump to make and many have tried and failed.
  16. Nightcrawler. I loved it. The premise was fascinating and executed so well. Jake Gyllenhaal gives as good an acting performance as I have seen in a really long time.
  17. "it was pretty good" Exactly. Pretty good. Pretty frustrating. Pretty tame. Players are now so obsessed by trying to con the referee to gain an advantage that they forget about the blood and guts that can also gain an advantage. Ball goes out, every players arm goes up. Ball goes in the net, every defenders arm goes up. Wrestling when a corner comes in. Players waiting for a nudge before going down. The 'he twatted me ref' expression on players faces when they go down. And that fucking 'palms up' stance to show that 'I didn't do anything ref, honestly' has reached epidemic proportions. I despise that! This game epitomised all of that and modern football in general.
  18. Is that what top of the table clashes have turned into these days? What happened to the days of Vieira v Keane? Or Keown v Van Nistelrooy? I half expected that love fest to be decided by who can hold a man hug for the longest. Hardly a foot left in all game and I guess they have all gone out for a milky latte together now. Shite!!
  19. The album is great, no doubt about that. I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by their live show though. It was a bit noodly and boring. Maybe it was on off night though as I have heard others raving about them live.
  20. But not as good as High Hopes, obviously...
  21. Last night I went to see The Babadook. My expectations were high but they were totally blown away. Such a simple story but so damn disturbing. Exactly how great horror should be. None of the 'quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, BANG!!!' cliché that mainstream horror in the 21st Century is lazily obsessed with. This was so clever and did I say it was disturbing? The acting performance by the mother was the best of 2014 for me. The Babadook is now tied with Under The Skin as my best of 2014.
  22. Seeing Cahill totally screw up there by trying to look the big man by sliding in for the cross when he could have simply kicked it away was very rewarding. It only occurred to me recently that he is one of those players that I have an irrational hatred of.
  23. I really like that Beck record also. Totally missing is Benji by Sun Kil Moon and Indian Oceans by Frazey Ford. Both will feature very high in my end of year list. Overall though it is a brilliant chart. Loads that I love and loads that I will now discover. Already today I have been blown away by how good the Angel Olsen and the Strand of Oaks records are. For those so inclind, I have created a Spotify playlist of the chart here: http://open.spotify.com/user/mk310174/playlist/5tzUuKY8anqIrm6eOaKNZg Just 3 of them are not on there, including Taylor Swift for well publicised reasons.
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