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  1. Ah it’s they’re working on something special ... announcement
  2. Picking up on the number of your shows that have been released officially. I have five all from 2016. That was a crazy year, my first trip to the USA for the Boston River Show, Manchester, Coventry, Paris and finally Philadelphia. Five and a half if the Olympic Park BITUSA section can be included. I expect plenty have many more ...
  3. Manchester in June what could be better
  4. I agree with regard to the WB show would love an archive of that show ... the 78 intro to PIAN and The Promise
  5. The June 2012 Etihad show must have been the coldest and wettest night in the history of Manchester
  6. Any reason weather, seats, crowd, the never ending Mary’s Place?
  7. We went to Birmingham on the same leg of the tour a fun show for sure.
  8. Adam Durtiz - Counting Crows have been known to play Thunder Road snippets during Round Here or Rain King.
  9. We sure don’t ... having said that do you think NUGS gives a hoot
  10. I’m still slowly working through his books great writer
  11. 1. Rochester / Albany 77. 2. No Nukes 79. 3. Upper Derby 75. 4. Passaic 78. 5. London 81. I guess that’s 8 shows cant be doing with that modern stuff.