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  1. Just listening to Disk 1 of the Main Point 75 set … could we please get Disk 2 at the same quality … please Mr Springsteen please failing that any of the shows you have with Suki Lahav on violin …. a 74 or early 75 would be just fine
  2. Thanks Rachel, I know that Evan went to Boston College so maybe its related.
  3. There's a lot of talk over at the Steve Hoffman Forum that the Bingo Hand Job isn't great quality so it may not be a bad thing you missed out
  4. I got the Billy Joel live 2 x LP little left in my shop would have liked Pearl Jam
  5. 1992 - Meh, none of that modern rubbish you young'uns listen to thank you very much
  6. I'm not on BTX did anymore of this surface
  7. First look at all this madness, the Duke versus UCF was a great game went down to the last second … Fall sure is Tall
  8. two Etihad gigs end of May and beginning of June, both bloody freezing
  9. Maid Of Orleans - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  10. Just snagged one of the last tickets for Little Steven at the Paramount Asbury Park May 8th