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  1. I'm surprised @rachelharms isn't on stage this time around
  2. I'm surprised @rachelharms isn't on stage this time around
  3. Good luck to everyone looking to buy tickers was lucky to win the seat lottery last time around. Moved back to the UK since then.
  4. Shell shocked and yes a blur. I went with our youngest daughter and the winter before we did a Santa dash and the suit was lying around the house. A few days before the show we talked about making a sign and it fell in place. At best hoped the song might have been played It was over pretty quickly. By far the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done. Ho Ho Ho
  5. Has anyone captured the audio of the woody Guthrie award thanks
  6. To be honest I’m looking forward to an album inspired by Cornwall we might even get a couple of sea shanty’s.
  7. Hi I have that as Volume 1 Masonic temple as Volume 2 saginaw as Volume 4 Back of mind thinks it might have been Atlanta ?
  8. Hi Folks can anyone please tell what show "JEMS The Darkness Tour Masters Revisited Volume 3" is thanks
  9. I'm a more of an Albany/Rochester 77 than a MSG 2000 kind of guy so I hope they issue something unexpected, last month was the first I haven't downloaded since the archive series started. Maybe its me but it all seems a little 'going through the motions' at the moment.
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