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  1. Non- Bruce request probably the wrong thread but I can see this gets many visitors. Hi can anyone does anyone have the VFC REM show where Neil Young guests on Country Feedback? Thanks Dave
  2. It ‘could’ be 46 releases 47 1/3 shows depending on your view on the Tempe partial release
  3. I make it 46 releases two were two shows no nukes and Christic ... 48 I can’t see one missing in my folder ?
  4. Promotion the main prize fir you this season.
  5. davemunday


    @Paolo's Circus Story, Alan Ball, Kate Adie, James Bollom, Bryan Ferry, Jordan Henderson your boys took one hell of a beating can you hear me? come on The U’s
  6. Thank you for your response and again for sharing the Darkness track
  7. He’d be 2500 miles from where he’d want to be
  8. Wasn’t that posted originally by the JEMS crew?
  9. Excuse me, are you asking people to send you their prized items?
  10. Thanks @cowboyofthesea and @Born To Rock Could I get the FLAC version Dave
  11. Hi Guys could I get a link for 1978-06-25 This Is Called The Promise (JEMS - Ev2), the jungleland links are unseeded thanks