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  1. In short yes ... I’m sure the techies are lining up to provide the detailed response
  2. We need us a last song you heard Bruce play live thread
  3. Is anyone else surprised it hasn't leaked yet? I seem to recall that the last few have been available to download in the darkest corners of the internet a week or so in advance.
  4. I was there too, for those that do Apple Music its there too and you can download to play off-line
  5. Great night at the Yankee stadium Highlight, for some reason the guys behind were talking about the war of independence and one said to the other … "If we had lost we would be sat here drinking tea and not beer" That's up there with the time I was in MacDonald's and was chatting to the lady behind the counter she asked where I was from I said "England" she said "I always wanted to go there, Paris looks lovely" … I had no answer
  6. Tucson Train - on the NYC train .. or is it the New Haven train ...
  7. @Jimmy James just noticed your avatar, going to take a big effort from your boys tonight and the rest of the series to stop 'Boston' holding 3/4 of the major league titles
  8. all rooting and whooping will be very quiet
  9. Heading to NYC over the weekend to watch the Sox whoop the Yankees Has anyone been to Yankee Stadium and if so would you recommend the 400 section seats or the Bleachers? Thanks
  10. I thought it nice of Steve to bring his dog to the party