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  1. Unless it's changed dramatically you aren't missing much aside from a few regulars activity had died right down.
  2. Erik may be lukewarm but the Lake needs to know what does @Paolo's Circus Story think....
  3. On 'paper' this release doesn't seem to have a lot going on...
  4. For any one who needs this, thanks again Eddie https://mega.nz/folder/XxIHjKJZ#7J8l_5yzi_TBzEL1OF3i5w (mp3) Running Out of Innocence Born To Run & The Wild,The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle Outtakes 1973-1975 Godfather Records GR 137-138 Disc 1: 01 Backstreets (alternate take with strings) 02 BTR (alternate take with female background vocals) 04 Thunder Road (different lyrics version) 04 Thunder Road (alternate take with saxophone opening) 05 A Love So Fine (instrumental unreleased track) 06 She's The One (different lyrics) 07 Night (Double-tracked lead vocals) 08 Lovers in The Cold (unreleased Track) 09 Lonely Night In The park (unreleased Track) 10 Backstreets (alternate take #2 with strings) 11 Backstreets (Different lyrics) 12 Thunder Road (Acoustic Version) 13 BTR (double-tracked lead vocals) 14 The Heist(early version of "Meeting Across the River") 15 Jungleland (alternate take with strings and different solos) Disc 2 01 Linda Let Me be The One (unreleased Track) 02 Jungleland (alternate take with strings) 03 Jungleland (rehersal take of ending) 04 Phantoms (early version of "Zero and Blind Terry") 05 New York City Serenade (alternate take) 06 Evacuation Of The West (unreleased track) 07 Kitty's Back (alternate take) 08 4th of July Asbury Park (alternate take) 09 Zero and Blind Terry (instrumental take #1) 10 Hey Santa Ana (alternate take with flute solo) 11 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (instrumental take) 12 4th of July Asbury Park (instrumental take) 13 Zero And Blind Terry (instrumental take #2)
  5. Morning everyone, what seems a life time ago I had a collection of BTR outtakes including the Chrissy version of Thunder Road ... several years house-moves and laptop upgrades I can’t find it anymore does anyone have the details and could upload. Thanks as always Dave
  6. Has there ever been no comment at all from NUGS?
  7. I think you should be careful those questions are often used by banks etc to help with account password recovery. Email address and a few of those could let a bad guy in
  8. July 4th 1985 would do nicely I think I post this every July. I used to live in Hope... moved to Jeopardy because I heard there were hundreds of jobs there. Sorry
  9. I was lucky to win the lottery last time and the $75 seat was far better than the one I paid $400 for. Any seat in the house better than watching the SLV no disrespect Andrew
  10. One positive point about the 92 band... it didn't last
  11. Thanks, I was at one those shows it obviously left a great impression on me
  12. Hi being lazy here what shows were those versions played at? Thanks
  13. Well you don’t have to read them or make your pointless comments, night
  14. For me this is almost as exciting as the 77 shows
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