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  1. I think it’s more fear of their country being lost in a flood
  2. Those Steve Hopkins recordings are great, I listen at least one a week.
  3. One thing we can rely on is that the August release will bear no relation to any previous shows played in or around the beginning of August, any fan discussions / requests on the various fan websites or anything that Sony might one day discuss during a meeting where the top quality shows are identified and locked away for ever.
  4. Don’t Look Back, Boston 77 second show. I’ve said it before and probably will again an official release from this run of shows for me would be in with a bullet at #1
  5. Would you be able to share the CC on the bootlegs collector thread ?
  6. Can you steal from a bootleg which is by its very nature stolen? Through various ways we all steal from Bruce one way or another. people now have an option over which artwork to use thanks to Gary and @lilbud for your hard work.
  7. I see your 2003 concert in Melbourne Australia and raise you 2005 concert in Düsseldorf
  8. The two 77 shows are easily inside my Top 10 from the Archive Series … come on Bruce throw us a 'Speedball'
  9. And hopefully the release will be something you couldn’t get from a trip to the Bootleg thread on the Lake. There haven’t been that many surprises.
  10. Something from the Amnesty tour would work too.
  11. Hopefully not for me 92/93 has been fully covered.
  12. I agree a great way to spend a few minutes. Sally you seem to have been pregnant a long time I hope everything is ok
  13. I’m pretty sure it was an extra disk on the CC release Hammersmith Apollo Theatre Night. I don’t think I have a copy anymore. Pop a request in the Bootleg collectors thread Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Hammersmith Apollo Theatre Night & St.Lukas Church Night (A free bonus disc) Live @ Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, London, England, 08-05-2006 & Live @ St. Lukes Church, London, England, 09-05-2006 Crystal Cat CD's 801-803 Original Silver Discs --> dBpoweramp CD ripper --> Flac Level 3 MD5, Riplog and artwork Included 101. Intro (01:05) 102. Oh Mary Don't You Weep (07:32) 103. John Henry (07:26) 104. Johnny 99 (06:59) 105. Old Dan Tucker (04:55) 106. Eyes On The Prize (06:11) 107. Jesse James (06:18) 108. Cadillac Ranch (06:34) 109. Long Black Veil (06:12) 110. Erie Canal (05:40) 111. My Oklahoma Home (08:29) 112. How Can I Keep From Singing (03:49) 113. Mrs. McGrath (05:29) 201. Intro (01:50) 202. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live (04:24) 203. Jacob's Ladder (07:30) 204. We Shall Overcome (05:26) 205. Open All Night (09:12) 206. Pay Me My Money Down (10:51) 207. My City Of Ruins (05:48) 208. Buffalo Gals (04:23) 209. You Can Look (11:12) 210. When The Saints Go Marching In (08:29) 211. Devils And Dust (06:07) 301. Intro (00:33) 302. John Henry (07:21) 303. Oh Mary Don't You Weep (08:20) 304. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live (03:38) 305. Mrs. McGrath (05:43) 306. My Oklahoma Home (10:02) 307. Jacob's Ladder (07:19) 308. We Shall Overcome (05:33) 309. Pay Me My Money Down (08:08) 310. Interview (09:24) Track 211 Live @ Spectrum Arena, Oslo, Norway, 20-05-2006 Track 301-310 Live @ St. Lukes Church, London, England, 09-05-2006
  14. This works too https://www.dvdae.com/ it will extract the audio in one pass through
  15. My regular plug the FooBar 2000 App will play FLAC without those annoying between track clicks on an iOS device ... albeit at the expense of memory space.
  16. I’m tempted to take up knitting - how hard could it be? Could be a great fundraiser we all have enough T-Shirts already
  17. That’s great thanks for sharing
  18. Asbury Park 8th May 2019, Bruce joined Steve for three songs in his encore. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Sun City & I don't wanna go home I was coming near to the end my time working in CT and has been to Asbury to do the sights a couple of times previously. I drove down after lunch surviving the George Washington Bridge and the Garden State Parkway arriving about six and I walked up and down the boardwalk until the doors opened, Steve was good but I preferred his previous tour the year before in New Brunswick I had hopes Bruce would show that night too. To see Bruce on stage in Asbury Park had been a dream since … forever. I was grinning all the way home and probably in my sleep. It lasted barely 15 minutes, I was in the last row of the balcony but it didn't matter one bit. The couple next to me left before the encores! I got back home about 4 in the morning and was in the office three hours later It has been quite a ride since the 4th July Wembley show back in 85, apart from the UK and thanks to a very understanding wife, I was fortunate enough to see Bruce in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Paris, Boston, Philadelphia and on Broadway. There was that time in Manchester too. So if that was the last show it was a perfect ending. Thank you Bruce for providing the soundtrack to the last 40 years. We Love Ya!
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