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  1. Och thank you BD for sharing these videos. I don't think I would have seen them if you hadn't shared. Lifts my heart...Bruce and Jimmy are great together, such an open and honest conversation. Love nostalgic Brucie. I'm not sure where the shoogly leg, botox, Brucie being off, stumbling words or watch viewing comes from. I didn't see it. My rose tinted spectacles will never come off.
  2. How's that Jimmy? He wrote this wonderful song in the 70's and recorded it almost 50 years later. What's almost pastiche about that? Just interested in your thoughts.
  3. Shocking, mortified! Just looked at my copy of the CD. Benny King ffs! I'm off to buy a few more as when they realise this and correct it my copies will be worth a very very small fortune. It's not of Beatlesesque find proportions, It won't get my grandkids through college, but fucking hell...#Youhadonejob
  4. I don't like Apple or U2 that much but I love Brucie. I remember a time where I didn't have to have an iPhone or Apple account to get access to Bruce.. For me personally it's not good but that's my choice / problem. It disappoints me a lot as I think this is not what our hero is about. But it's all about money so fair enough. Love the album, don't love Apple.
  5. If they put this album / TV show on my iPhone without asking me I'll be very chuffed. Wish I had an iPhone now.
  6. So break me now big Mama as Old Faithful breaks the day Believe me my good Linda, the aurora will shine the way The confederacy's in my name now, the hounds are held at bay The axis needs a stronger arm, do you feel your muscles play I'm trying really hard to convert my youngest to Bruciedom, telling her about the insightful Bruce of the people poet lyricist fellow that he is. But what does this mean? I said it was probably an anti-Trump thing which she kind of believed but I have no idea. Sounds like random words to me but she is at college so looking for a smart answer to make me
  7. I was a bit shocked tbh given this is the Lake's official Twitter account. To tell a member of the bands wife to F-you was not what I would have expected to read, no matter what the circumstances. Twitter can be emotive at times but is this how our site should officially respond in such a public forum? What happens in here is between ourselves but Twitter is a very public place. Perhaps Bruce may have read this - I'm sure he will hug Amy before he hugs us. This site has been long in the making, building a strong reputation in Brucieworld and is one of the main places us fans can interact
  8. Is that your write up Paolo? Sorry I didn't realise, I was only kidding, it's a great review. I have it as a 11 but I haven't heard it yet.
  9. Not good reading on Twitter re the official Greasy Lake account and the leak. I'm staying clear of this until the 23rd.
  10. Cheesy peeps its the December issue? I was watching this and must have overslept! Merry Christmas everyone. Are the pubs open yet?
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