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  1. If I was that guy I would have one leg wrapped around him and my lips planted firmly on his right cheek. Missed opportunity.
  2. Who would have though after all these years we would still be here talking about not only new stuff, but really good exciting stuff. It's been a wonderful journey.
  3. Are they gold or is it just the crappy video? If they are I'm getting my gold platforms out the loft. Knew they would come back in one day.
  4. Very nice choice. That malt is made about 20 miles from My Hometown.
  5. I really like that thought and you are absolutely right. It is a wonderful song...I am going to pour a good old Scotch over my theory and wash it away.
  6. Nah not taken personally. I've just poured out a couple of shots, one for me and one for Berlintramp as well.
  7. Bloody hell that's a bit harsh. Have I upset you in the past?
  8. I'm a wee bit dubious of his superfan status. On Twitter back in 2016 he was looking for an easy way into the pit. Even asking someone who had pit passes for deaf people if they had any spare. Lots of people telling him to queue like everyone else. I've not forgotten it. Pissed me off at the time. Sure the film is great though.
  9. Wait 'til you're 53. You see 4am and 5am aswell. I'm writing this from the toilet.