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  1. You have got to go and see it. It really is worth it...it's brilliant whether you like the album or not. Big screen, big sound, big Bruce. This will never happen again... 20 miles is nothing. Please go. I'd have gnawed off a bollock for something like this over the years.
  2. Aberdeen was almost full. Only a few seats at the front. Must have been a couple of hundred there. I left before the Q&A, hope Brucie didn't turn up in person. Film was brilliant, loved it!!
  3. My Brucie senso-matic 2000 is telling me it won't be stadiums next year.
  4. Learned a new word from Brucie last night too. Interstitial.
  5. TBH I'm a wee bit surprised that none of them have their arms and legs wrapped around Brucie. Their loss Daisey.
  6. Probably talk about Strictly and the Bake Off at some point. I've read somewhere that Brucie is a big fan of them.
  7. Taks a lang spoon tae sup we a Fifer! Especially at the pictures.
  8. Terry Wogan used to say it I think. I say current Mrs E, because if she asks me one more time if Born in The USA is in the movie....makes a nice change from me being the one on a shoogly peg though.
  9. Woop woop. Cineworld in Aberdeen is showing it...Dragging the current Mrs Elbow along. Had to tell her it was in 3D to get her to go with me. If any fellow Lakers are going and want to say hello, we will be the ones wearing cardboard glasses.
  10. A little wee came out when I read this. Brucie will kill it. He will sing Western Stars, Moonlight Motel and Sleepy Joe's Cafe live. Be dead funny then announce a UK tour for 2020. More wee.
  11. As much I love Brucie (and grateful how he has enriched my life).... in absolute parallel, and equal in measure, meeting so many wonderful people along the way who share the love has been a privilege. Whether virtually thorough this wonderful site or in person, its been as important to me as anything ole Bedspring has thrown my way. Happy Birthday to Brucie and also to us all here who love the man. Feeling totes emosh today...