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  1. Happy Birthday Brucie. Love you loads x
  2. Hampden events shows us playing Spain in April (home win), Ed Sheeran (away win) in June and Gerry Cinnamon (home win) in July. I can feel it in me water...Brucie loves the Hampden roar.
  3. Waterstones Dundee, Waterstones Dundee, Waterstones Dundee.
  4. Ah ER. That really takes me back. I'm binge watching Criminal Minds.
  5. I'm comfortable enough to say I think so.
  6. We used to have wall-to-wall coverage here in the UK, which was always stable viewing in our household every 4 years....but now they are only allowed to show two sports at a time on the BBC. Neigh obvious reason why, probably didn't spend enough money. I was going about with a long face until I discovered it's all on the Discovery+ app on Sky (if you have it). I watched Jessica live on there. Pity she had a bit of a mare.
  7. Seems a lot of work to get all those horses over to Tokyo, weeks in advance, all the stable hands, riders, brushes (for the shiny coats) for them to ride around for 80 seconds, hit a fence then go home.
  8. 4 in the USA team but only 3 get to compete in the Team Finals. Depends if she gets picked. She got picked as one of the 3 to compete today so you never know, and she finished the best of the 3 Yankedoodles. Check me out knowing about horses.
  9. Lovely memories. I never got near the banner but followed its journey at the time. Forgot all about it until I read this. So nice to see the name @toots again. She sent me stuff from Jersey, things I would never have had the chance to have and that will always mean so much. I have a Stone Pony matchbook she sent me that I look at every day. We got to know each other a wee bit as my original name was Hoots. I came across the Lake in 1999 and its been with me everyday since then pretty much. Being a Brucie fan for me has been about the people I have been lucky enough to get to know about over the years, not just in person but virtually.
  10. Apologies but I have some issues with your post. Sorry about all the questions. Why, if Brucie doesn't show us something we all already know about on DVD, is he rewriting his history? Since day one? Bruce was around way before these two nights. Even Dave Marsh, significant. Really? When was Dave Marsh significant? You didn't know about the stretcher skit? Now you have a hard on with the video and what is assumed that will be shown? "With hindsight we may have been able to say it was possibly due to his mental illness..." wtf are you talking about? We? Bruce is a famous musician but also a person. His personal life and how he feels at any particular time is not ours to own or lose respect over. This shite boils my piss. Never read so much bollocks on here in all my puff. Lose all the respect you want. If you feel the need to answer please don't. I don't care.
  11. My eldest daughter took me to see them in Aberdeen. I had no idea who they were. I remember seeing Bruce in Dublin in I think 2009 and the Killers walked past me on the way to their seats, that was a big thrill.. I love the Killers..
  12. I mentioned this collaboration to my 22 year old daughter and she wasn't sure who the Killers were. Not that 22 years olds determine who the biggest bands are tbf. Love the Killers and cannot wait for Brucie singing Dustland.
  13. Read on Reddit about something with the Killers, possibly coming out next week. "This was such a nice surprise, hearing him talk about it! The highlight for me was a collaboration with Brandon Flowers/The Killers coming out soon."
  14. In fact probably just me, you and Cabby.
  15. Ah Vienna (Rigsby's cat) means nothing to 99% of people on here.
  16. Ah Vienna. Sorry Eileen, It means nothing to me.
  17. That's good. I've been listening to the guy from Scrubs for the last hour. Good tunes though..
  18. Oh Rachel, I so wish I could help. If you can get a VPN (I use Windscribe), there are free ones you can use in your chrome browser, that let your PC think you are in the USA. I'm listening to the show now from Scotland without signing up. I'm not sure I'm on the right show but hope so. I'm no IT expert, perhaps someone on here can help. If I can record it on my phone I will and get it to you somehow. Even if I can send what he says before Rosie, I'll try. Hope you are ok..
  19. I hope you don't mind me asking, is this is based on Nugs releases or shows you were at in the USA and UK?
  20. Two nights in rainy Sheffield, incredible shows. Loved the horns and the different arrangements / covers. Sweet Soul Music was a riot. All the girls onstage for You Can Look. The energy was incredible, the tension between him and Patti, if staged they should get Oscars. First night I was in the stand snapping away on my wee camera. Security spotted my flash and we're heading my way. But..just in front of me in the VIP area was a bloke fast asleep with a camera round his neck. They grabbed him, confiscated his camera and threw him out. He had no idea what was going on. I didn't feel too bad as he was bladdered and asleep. Oh and Sheila Grant from Brookside was there too..
  21. What a wonderful post Daisey Jeep, possibly the best thing I have ever read here. I have always had my hero with me to navigate the day, just didn't think of it like that.
  22. Nice Code of Silence reference Jimmy. But wtf, it's only Drink Driving!? Do you think it's a minor offence? I hope not.
  23. Aye sorry that's what I meant. Virtual like. He'll be the one at the back with the fake moustache . You ain't seen me right!
  24. Perhaps them being silent is a good thing. Could have been out of context camera footage all over the net at the time if they didn't really care about our hero. Probably police footage still to emerge. Who knows, time will tell. If he took 45 steps instead of 18 he might be too far away for us to recognise him. I'm feeling so hard for Brucie right now but the Jeep thing is the bugger. Just compounds things, this would have been much less a news story if he hadn't bothered making that advert. My biggest concern over all this is he just hunkers down and we don't see much of him anymore, I'm being selfish. Old Trafford 2022 is keeping me going through this lockdown. That been said is he not at LOD this weekend?
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