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  1. I'm with you on that Roy. Loved this video and must have watched it thousands of times too. Brilliant seeing it again after all these years.
  2. Did I miss this? I'm struggling to know what day it is without having to convert to a different time zone. It's probably Tuesday here, so whats the time in Brucieland? Wait, I know what time it is. It's Boss time. I've missed this haven't I.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday to our real Boss, Mr Andersen. Hope you are safe, well and only as old as you feel.
  4. He's given up! 'til November, It's Bad, Only the Lonely and shit now Cover Me!!
  5. I've clicked on E-Street radio 3 times in one minute and heard 3 different songs each time. Think I now have Brucie live - talking about PTS and trust. Now playing Don Henley.
  6. I love Brucie and hope beyond hope that he and the ESB tours this year in some fashion. But if they don't I have lots of lovely memories that will never leave me. However.....after Graham Norton I now love another. I have heard the future of pop and it's name is James Blunt. He makes me feel like I am hearing music for the fifth time. He softens any blow this daft thread brings.
  7. Remember the Britannia music club that started all this. Sent you random LP's.
  8. You have got to go and see it. It really is worth it...it's brilliant whether you like the album or not. Big screen, big sound, big Bruce. This will never happen again... 20 miles is nothing. Please go. I'd have gnawed off a bollock for something like this over the years.
  9. Aberdeen was almost full. Only a few seats at the front. Must have been a couple of hundred there. I left before the Q&A, hope Brucie didn't turn up in person. Film was brilliant, loved it!!
  10. My Brucie senso-matic 2000 is telling me it won't be stadiums next year.
  11. Learned a new word from Brucie last night too. Interstitial.
  12. TBH I'm a wee bit surprised that none of them have their arms and legs wrapped around Brucie. Their loss Daisey.
  13. Probably talk about Strictly and the Bake Off at some point. I've read somewhere that Brucie is a big fan of them.
  14. Taks a lang spoon tae sup we a Fifer! Especially at the pictures.