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  1. I love Brucie and hope beyond hope that he and the ESB tours this year in some fashion. But if they don't I have lots of lovely memories that will never leave me.

    However.....after Graham Norton I now love another. I have heard the future of pop and it's name is James Blunt. He makes me feel like I am hearing music for the fifth time.  He softens any blow this daft thread brings. 


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  2. On 11/7/2019 at 7:01 PM, stevie54uk said:

    yea thanks but having listened to the soundtrack album driving 20 miles to watch it dosent really interest me, i will wait for dvd maybe. or maybe ive spent enough on an album im not that fond off already

    You have got to go and see it. It really is worth it...it's brilliant whether you like the album or not. Big screen, big sound, big Bruce. This will never happen again... 20 miles is nothing. Please go. I'd have gnawed off a bollock for something like this over the years. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Fifer said:

    Odeon Dunfermline is showing.

    Went to see Springsteen and I there in 2013 the day after I got back from Belfast Wrecking Ball, and it was amazing to see the HRC section on the big screen after the film. Well worth the cinema admission cost (although popcorn and soda hideously overpriced).

    Taks a lang spoon tae sup we a Fifer! Especially at the pictures. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Eileen said:

    I'm reminded of the time I went to see Will T Massey at the Riverside, Toon. We were sitting upstairs having something to eat and Will and pals were on the next table.  He said something about his 'current' wife and I thought 'How rude?'. :) However, I've heard it a lot since then (as above) and realise it's meant as a joke. Hey … same with Gene Pitney - he referred to his wife as the 'current' one.

    You blokes have an iffy sense of humour. ;)

    btw, I wasn't sitting at the next table to Gene Pitney … although I did see him in concert in (shhh, whisper) Sunderland.

    Terry Wogan used to say it I think. I say current Mrs E, because if she asks me one more time if Born in The USA is in the movie....makes a nice change from me being the one on a shoogly peg though. 

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