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  1. Bruce made the announcement on the 11th before taking his seat.
  2. He has long been a legend, particularly in Southside circles. I remember talking to him at the Ferry when he was a roadie for SSJ. That must have been around 2008ish.
  3. Was with you at Claridges today. Didn't realise you were doesthisbusstop. I've read your posts for years. Look after that pristine white signed BTR you now have.
  4. Thanks for posting Hammersmith. Only saw this yesterday but got a ticket for Bluewater.
  5. Just listened for the first time to the title track. Perhaps just me, but my instant reaction was elements of Deacon Blue's Real Gone Kid.
  6. Eileen - it was me who gave you the book and of course I didn't mind you donating it for a good cause. In any event, it was yours from the moment I posted it. Good to see you after the Whitley Bay gig and again recently at Shepherd's Bush for SSJ. Might see you at LSDOS in Newcastle. I assume you're going.
  7. I had a feeling you might have done that Dan :). Problem is going to be a 5pm start for a near two hour film and then getting to the gig in time for a half decent view. I've only seen Gaslight at the venue and it's not a good one for arriving late.
  8. You're a top man Dan. I hope to be there. Now, can you get Steve to do an introduction and Q&A ?
  9. Max was always open about the issue. I remember him talking about it during his one man show at the Astoria theatre in London's Charing Cross Road around the time of his Big Beat book in the late 80's. He spoke then about going to a tutor and the first thing he did was ask Max to drum to a metronome and Max couldn't do it. That chimes with the article posted earlier. The greatest thing about that night was finding myself sitting in the seat next to Ringo Starr who came in with his entourage as the lights went down. During the show, Max talked about influences - including Ringo - and played snippets of music. Very strange feeling to be tapping my feet to the beat - as you do - and looking down to see one of the most famous drummers of all time doing the same thing.
  10. Ents 24 shows Stevie headlining a festival in Derbyshire on Sunday 26 May. Hopefully, proper gigs to follow
  11. Spot on. Seen seven LS & DOS shows since the Indigo. Hoping for more next year. Hope that guitar is still on your shelf.
  12. And you too Eileen. I should have spoken to you and Yiman earlier - before the photos. Hope Yiman didn't drop you on the A1 !
  13. All seated if I've read the Playhouse site properly. Rows A-C a few quid more. Seated? WTF?