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  1. Well, my employer could have done me for abandonment Eileen. I used to work close to the "southside" of Blackfriars Bridge - a 10 minute jog to the High Court. Bruce was there pretty much throughout the Before the Fame case; so I used to leave my coat on my chair and slope off around 11'ish as if I was just going to see colleagues elsewhere in the building -then dash across to the Strand, returning about 3hrs later. If anybody had asked where I had been I would just have said for a long lunch. I did that on a number of days. Nobody ever asked !
  2. Snap...I reckon I've read about a quarter of the books I've bought over the years. Haven't even read Glory Days which Bruce signed for me at the High Court
  3. All great......but Roy still wins by a margin
  4. Was with you at the hotel when you got your brand new BTR signed. He signed my Western Stars vinyl before we all headed off to the film premiere. Before that he signed for me in the High Court in '98; at the St Luke's church Seeger Sessions recording; and at the Darkness premiere at the Southbank.
  5. Took an "airmiles" flight on the day, turned up at San Siro without a ticket and got one at an official booth. No pit line in those days. Just queued at one of the many entrances. Got wristband and ran like hell to make 3rd row in front of Clarence. Then the rain came.........got drenched...no hotel....skipped the Joe D'Urso late show and dried out walking the 7km along the straight road from Milan to Linate airport where I slept for a few hours on a luggage conveyor belt before an early morning flight back to London.....................but it was all worth it.
  6. Bruce made the announcement on the 11th before taking his seat.
  7. He has long been a legend, particularly in Southside circles. I remember talking to him at the Ferry when he was a roadie for SSJ. That must have been around 2008ish.
  8. Was with you at Claridges today. Didn't realise you were doesthisbusstop. I've read your posts for years. Look after that pristine white signed BTR you now have.
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