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    Sheffield South Yorks
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    1988 (TOL, Bramall Lane) -yep, started late!
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    Never realised it was an issue
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    Writing bad poetry. Playing acoustic guitar. Long distance footpath walking in the UK. Sports - Southport FC, Liverpool FC, Lancashire CCC
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    Haven't had meaningful sex since March 2013

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  1. Joadboy

    Andy Murray

    ...apparently he smashed three racquets on the way to losing (again). I presume he wont be pointing a racquet towards Natalie Mauresmo this time, on account of there being none-left with-which to point. If I were him I would just smile, think of his gorgeous English-girlfriend waiting for him in bed, in his lovely English mansion. They guy has taste, even if he doesn't appear to like it up-him.
  2. Well, Joady, I have to try and have ONE cultured friend, don't I?