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  1. Hopefully after yesterdays FA Cup final, LFC will have ceased all interest in Cristian Benteke £32m buy out clause?................ Seriously?..........................................Is Tim Sherwood having a giraffe?
  2. If they give England the 2018 World Cup, I'm off out to get Blattered.
  3. Surely the size and scale of this, as it will now surely unravel, means that the organisation is so fundamentally crooked that we need a clean sweep and a replacement for FIFA?
  4. Don't see how those decisions can stand really. Having said that, no one has been proven guilty yet, and we all know how drawn-out these things can be. Might take until 2018!
  5. Sorry this appears four times I was having button-problems. Someone please feel free to delete three versions.
  6. Six people arrested this morning in Switzerland. For anyone who thought QATAR in summertime was a strange choice, not to mention morally-bankrupt Russia, this makes lots of sense. For the other eighteen people in the this space.
  7. Pleased to see that NUFC managed it. Big clubs belong in the the big league.
  8. Its only a game GfV, don't get too upset or hysterical about it. Especially as you are not an LFC fan. Watch some TV or something...............(not Match of the Day).
  9. Very pleased for all Newcastle fans (bar one immature person) that they managed to stay up. As for the Gerrard thing I see the high-heeled and lipsticked-bitches are out in-force tonight, even if I cant read half of them (which is quite nice really). I guess the poor so and so will just have to settle for the freedom of the City, a Champions League medal, a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters, a financially secure future, a potential return to Anfield as anything he wants, plus a few years in LA. Its a tough life really, when he could be making bitter posts on a side-forum of a Springsteen website instead, like these people above who of course have a 'proper' life. Re: the 6-1 it's only a game lads, chill out. MUFC ship six around once per season to someone.
  10. Aw chill, lads Its only a game, gents. Try being an England cricket fan for 45 years. More lows than highs, I can tell you.
  11. Meanwhile, MUFC finish a weak fourth and have the nerve to call it a "Rising" How times change...........
  12. 6-1 to Stoke? Perhaps you were right all-along, Andrew! Think we will draw a line under this season, and say "that was that". At least we all start off on zero points next time around. Even Newcastle United will start level on points with the future champions Fortunately, England are having their best cricket day for around 18 months. I'm at the wrong cricket match, everyone is listening to TMS here. Stokes 85-ball century.
  13. I'm being straight-up here Kev - where is the 'ignore' button? If the only way to prevent abuse from a bloke who is around fifty years old is to use the 'ignore' button, it's a sorry state of affairs but I am prepared to use it for the sake of peace and quiet. If anyone has been offended by my posts on here yesterday: 1. I'm genuinely sorry, but I believe my cause to be just. 2. Have a wade through last seasons LFC fred, and you will find some proper abuse. You cant wade through this years (original) fred because it was deleted owing guessed it.......abuse.
  14. A drastic measure to go to admittedly, but reporting Roy's behaviour to the mods seems to achieve little If I tell him simply to f--k off, as he has suggested, I seem to receive a temporary ban myself. Perhaps having 28k posts gives one some kind of immunity. Apologies if any nice Geordie types were offended by that stuff yesterday but at least it's flagged it up as an issue. Imagine what might have happened if I had said Gary G or Gin was a paedo, or NUFC fans are "a bunch of horrible c---s" Flipping WW3, I would wager. Point made I think. Pity it had to be that way though. Here's to a peaceful, troll-free day.
  15. Please don't attempt to justify the unjustifiable, Take responsibility for your posts. Just like your friend ought to. Don't do this, Gin, I love you to bits, but don't fucking do this, please don't fucking do this............... you fucked it. Just like Roy fucked it. So for fucks sake, just say so. You will find yourself more of a man in the morning. Unlike sorry-arsed Roy.