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  1. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    I expect NZ will win in today or early tomorrow. Hell of a mini series, pity there were only two tests. As DJ said many posts ago, it's shameful really. Even Bangladesh get given two tests.
  2. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Hopefully after yesterdays FA Cup final, LFC will have ceased all interest in Cristian Benteke £32m buy out clause?................ Seriously?..........................................Is Tim Sherwood having a giraffe?
  3. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    Not sure about that but I notice that the prices for tomorrow are good. Now if only the temperature could improve, I would be seriously tempted. Did freeze my arse off on Friday tho.
  4. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    "Franklin is a class act, played beautifully all day, before losing concentration". Just noticed I said Franklin back there. Must have stepped into a time machine and gone back 30 years, as we LFC fans are prone to do. I meant, of course, Tom Latham. Great fight-back from NZ yesterday. The heroes of the Lords test scored one run between the two of them. That's cricket for ya.
  5. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    Well today is my Headingley Test day but there looks like no play until sometime in the afternoon. Fortunately they can go on until 7.30 tonight so there should be a fair few overs.
  6. FIFA Disgrace..........

    If they give England the 2018 World Cup, I'm off out to get Blattered.
  7. FIFA Disgrace..........

    Surely the size and scale of this, as it will now surely unravel, means that the organisation is so fundamentally crooked that we need a clean sweep and a replacement for FIFA?
  8. FIFA Disgrace..........

    Don't see how those decisions can stand really. Having said that, no one has been proven guilty yet, and we all know how drawn-out these things can be. Might take until 2018!
  9. FIFA Disgrace..........

    Sorry this appears four times I was having button-problems. Someone please feel free to delete three versions.
  10. FIFA Disgrace..........

    Six people arrested this morning in Switzerland. For anyone who thought QATAR in summertime was a strange choice, not to mention morally-bankrupt Russia, this makes lots of sense. For the other eighteen people in the this space.
  11. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    Nah, from Merseyside (which used to be part of Lancashire of course) but now living in Sheffield.
  12. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    Yes for sure. ....................maybe even "the new Botham" (the curse of many-an emerging England all-rounder... Derek Pringle, David Capel etc etc).
  13. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    THIS is what Lords test crowds should look like. Not a bunch of posh old tossers in MCB ties quaffing champers. Well done to the ECB for finally getting day five pricing right and finally getting out of dinosaur-mode. £20 for the day, final session only £10 Under 16's free. Its the best-value ticket in London this year. Every one of those lads wants to be Joe Root or Ben Stokes. Fucking brilliant.
  14. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    Seven down. The England fans shout "Rooooooot" which sounds just like "Broooooce"! Should be job done. A great test, esp, for England fans.
  15. The Domestic English Cricket Season

    Lunch. 21-3 off 13 overs. That's what I call being holed below the waterline. If the NZ ship can manage to limp safely into port around 6.30 tonight, it will be a fine effort.