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  1. Hopefully after yesterdays FA Cup final, LFC will have ceased all interest in Cristian Benteke

    £32m buy out clause?................ Seriously?..........................................Is Tim Sherwood having a giraffe?

  2. Very pleased for all Newcastle fans (bar one immature person) that they managed to stay up.

    As for the Gerrard thing I see the high-heeled and lipsticked-bitches are out in-force tonight, even if I cant read half of them (which is quite nice really).

    I guess the poor so and so will just have to settle for the freedom of the City, a Champions League medal, a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters, a financially secure future, a potential return to Anfield as anything he wants, plus a few years in LA.

    Its a tough life really, when he could be making bitter posts on a side-forum of a Springsteen website instead, like these people above who of course have a 'proper' life.


    Re: the 6-1 it's only a game lads, chill out.

    MUFC ship six around once per season to someone.

  3. 6-1 to Stoke?

    Perhaps you were right all-along, Andrew!

    Think we will draw a line under this season, and say "that was that". :lol:

    At least we all start off on zero points next time around. Even Newcastle United will start level on points with the future champions :lol:

    Fortunately, England are having their best cricket day for around 18 months.

    I'm at the wrong cricket match, everyone is listening to TMS here.

    Stokes 85-ball century.

  4. Time to relax and respect one another please. There is an ignore button. I implore it to be used.

    Amy more posts implying anyone is a paedophile will result in an immediate ban.

    I'm being straight-up here Kev - where is the 'ignore' button?

    If the only way to prevent abuse from a bloke who is around fifty years old is to use the 'ignore' button, it's a sorry state of affairs but I am prepared to use it for the sake of peace and quiet.

    If anyone has been offended by my posts on here yesterday:

    1. I'm genuinely sorry, but I believe my cause to be just.

    2. Have a wade through last seasons LFC fred, and you will find some proper abuse. You cant wade through this years (original) fred because it was deleted owing to..........you guessed it.......abuse.

  5. And the reason for that post, Joady? Me being a Geordie and all that, like.

    A drastic measure to go to admittedly, but reporting Roy's behaviour to the mods seems to achieve little

    If I tell him simply to f--k off, as he has suggested, I seem to receive a temporary ban myself.

    Perhaps having 28k posts gives one some kind of immunity.

    Apologies if any nice Geordie types were offended by that stuff yesterday but at least it's flagged it up as an issue.

    Imagine what might have happened if I had said Gary G or Gin was a paedo, or NUFC fans are "a bunch of horrible c---s"

    Flipping WW3, I would wager.

    Point made I think. Pity it had to be that way though.

    Here's to a peaceful, troll-free day.

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  6. I called you bang out of order because you implied

    Please don't attempt to justify the unjustifiable,

    Take responsibility for your posts. Just like your friend ought to.

    Don't do this, Gin,

    I love you to bits, but don't fucking do this, please don't fucking do this............... you fucked it. Just like Roy fucked it.

    So for fucks sake, just say so. You will find yourself more of a man in the morning. Unlike sorry-arsed Roy.

  7. I called you bang out of order because you implied, by your response to my earlier post, that I had used the victims thing against you, when you know very well that I have never done so. In fact, as you very well know, I have called people out on that.

    What you and Roy decide to do is entirely up to you. But what I will say us that I know you both in real life, have had beer with you both and like you both. You both like Bruce, both like football and both like beer (although neither of you has very good taste in that respect).

    I'm saddened that you can't just call time out on this and move on.

    I called time out on this as soon as I got back from China.

    Unfortunately, your divvy-twat mate would not let it rest,

    If you want me to re-tweet at least six (possibly seven) instances where he has tried to mix it up since I got back, I really will go back and dig into the freds.

    Your mate is a complete dick.

  8. the signs are up on the Tyne bridge just in case Hull win on Sunday ....


    That sign was put up a few years ago after an incident i was unfortunately part of, so your joke i did not find funny.

    Effing Geordies................always playing the victim.

    Lighten-up a little...............it's only a death

    Like the 96 dead you called "horrible c--ts".

    "Oh but I didn't mean those LFC fans ......when I said LFC fans are horrible cunts, I meant some other LFC fans"

    What you say, and what you (now) say you originally meant, several months later, are two different things.

    He may or may-not reply.

    "It wasn't me, I haven't trolled anyone, honest".......... I will prove that to be a lie if you challenge me to.

    FFS Roy, take some responsibility for your posts, for once in your life, and stop being a drunken child.

    Plenty more where this came from, if you want to carry on trolling me with paedo-innuendos, calling me a victim, calling me an ego tripper, and criticising my writing and posting style (bit of irony there).

    Personally, I wouldn't bother.

    As one of our members posted recently regarding your posts on the China fred:

    "I think you were just subject to an unhealthy and unpleasant dose of jealousy and bullying"

    Lets stay out of each others way shall we? I've done my bit since China.

    Time to do yours.

    Now, truly, once and for all, f--k off and leave me alone. If it was either clever or witty, I could probably tolerate it a bit more.

    Unfortunately, it's neither.

    You want to do 'paedo' jokes, I will start doing jailbird jokes.

    Bet you won't be bending down to pick up a bar of soap in the near future.

    Only difference is that I'm not a paedo. You are what you are.

    .............................................your choice.

    Q: What do you call a Geordie bloke taking one up the Josh-Ritter?

    A: When he's done with you, get your arse over here, Byker-bunk-bitch.

    Still having fun at the expense of others, Roy?

    I haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet.

    Lovely, isn't it?

    "Bang out of order"?................... much as I like and respect the guy, Gin hasn't got a fucking clue what's been going on. If he did, he would not have made that post (above).

    Anyone thinks this post is bang-out-of-order, try visiting this year's LFC fred or last years LFC fred.

    Actually I've just realised this years (original) LFC fred got deleted by the mods, owing to the absolutely shocking level of abuse therein.

    But apparently, I'm "bang out of order".

    Shut it, Gin. You're a lovely bloke but you know fuck-all.

    Apply your 'moral outrage' regardless of club allegiances.

    Then we might begin to talk as friends again.


  9. Just to correct a few points.

    I never called liverpool fans murderers, not once, that's something joadboy has ran with.

    I never said it.

    I did say liverpool fans were responsible for the deaths of many Juventus fans, they did, that's fact.

    I did call liverpool fans horrible cunts, i stand by what i said, i was referring to the liverpool fans who in the 80s used to use stanley knifes on other fans, those fans are horrible cunts any fan who used a knife is a horrible cunt and liverpool fans had the most. Any one who went to games in the 8os knew this.

    I don't troll joadboy, in fact if you look at his posts not just in the Lions den you'd be shocked at the number of times he mentions me.

    as far as the gaps and the edits go, yes i took the piss out of him for doing that, i just think its funny how he's so desperate for attention he has to put down his posts like that, it seems to bother him that i noticed it, doesn't bother me at all.

    I don't like him he doesn't like me, in fact I'm not the only one, i wonder what the common denominator is ?

    He moans that the LFC thread is not as busy, funny, seemed canny busy when he spat the dummy out and left the den ??

    Also i have never been banned from the lake.That's something else he made up and ran with.

    Ive never threatened violence against a fellow laker, unlike joadboy who threatened violence against me.

    Just to correct a few points.

    I have never said that Roy used the word murderers - that was someone else. I know exactly who it was and I won't be forgetting.

    Roy said LFC fans are a bunch of horrible cunts - he did not qualify this by reference to any particular group

    Yes I did threaten violence against Roy once - but he neglects to mention that he had just called me a paedophile ......................(call me sensitive, if you like).

    And I will stand by that.

    Far from 'mentioning' Roy I go out of my way to avoid him since China, but the recent trolling (I think its the seventh time since China) is a bit much.

    And it's a bit feeble of him to say "And there are others on here who don't like you". Proper school-playground stuff.

    The same could be said of someone who constantly makes inflammatory posts on the LFC fred.

    The "common denominator" is that here will undoubtedly be people on here that don't like me, simply because I expose them as bigots and / or bullies.

    I 'left the den' (including the LFC fred) because I found Roy's frequent remarks on the LFC fred consistently inflammatory and unreasonable, as have several others. He was clearly not going to stop doing this - so one of us had to do the grown-up thing, to cool things down.

    "I don't troll Joadboy" ..................

    .......................unfortunately, actions speak louder than words. Or on this case, inaction certainly would.

    If he really wants me to dig-out the several recent instances, then I will.

    Does Roy not realise how fucking childish it is to go round saying "now then now then", and "victim" on the freds I'm posting on? For the record, I once-remarked that a 24 year old University student I was teaching in China was a cracker. Since then I've had to endure constant 'paedo' jibes from this tosser member, and from one other member (though to be fair even WO'B had the good sense to stop).

    Hardly a credit to his beloved club.

    Best wishes to all NUFC fans - except one.

  10. I've been saying this for ages (at least a season and a half) Sterling is well over-rated.

    Only reason he's in the England team is 'cos England are shite.

    So, whilst the ratings are still artificially high, cash-in.

  11. Not having a go at you Gin.

    Just making the point that if its OK for a toon fan (not you) to continually make personal attacks and club-based attacks on the LFC and Gerrard fred (the last one only two days ago, which has prompted this), then surely it must be OK for it to happen in reverse.

    Its been a poor season for LFC fans in the Lions Den - they have had to out up with quite a lot ("murderers" , "victims", "horrible c---s").

    Not many LFC fans are left on the LFC fred. Some say its because they have had a poor run recently. I say it's because they are fed up with the abuse.

    No-one should bellyache when the shit flies in the other direction. Especially when it has been thrown so gently - I am capable of much, much more in the direction of Newcastle, don't forget I lived there for three years.

    But I choose not to throw the shit.

    Just like Roy should choose not-to. He's had a temporary ban for kicking-off with me. I've had a temporary ban for responding. Yet he still chooses to mix it - see very recent posts in the Gerrard fred and the Shakespeare fred - (possibly the worst failure to spot sarcasm that ever passed).

    Don't f-----g tell me I'm bang-out-of-order, Gin, you haven't got a f-----g clue what's bang-out-of-order.

    If you had spent the last two years on the LFC fred, you would truly understand the meaning of 'bang out of order'. Truly nasty stuff from a few people, including your Geordie mate.

    Thinks it's cool to visit another clubs fred and call them "a bunch of horrible c---s".

    Do I want Toon to get relegated?

    If Roy were the only supporter - yes I would, definitely.

    But he isn't.

    So I don't.

    By the way Gin, did you tell Roy he was 'bang out of order' when he went onto the LFC fred to call LFC fans "a bunch of horrible c---s"?

    Did you tell Rotten Johnny he was 'bang out of order' when he posted that the 96 "were no better than Peter Sutcliffe"?

    How on earth someone can't get a lifetime ban for that is beyond me,

    I've been very gentle in my responses (so far). Nothing 'bang out of order' at all, when taken in context.

    Tell your divvy friend to stop mixing-it over on the LFC and Gerrard (and Shakespeare and every other kind of) fred, and (if he heeds your advice), you will hear no more from me.

    I know he's had a shit time recently. And so have I.

    But I'm not trolling him................... tell the sorry-arsed f----r to stop trolling me.

    Finally, I just want to apologise to Roy for:

    1. Leaving gaps between my sentences (he has objected to this in the past).

    2. Editing my posts (he has objected to this in the past).

    3. Using hyphens (funnily enough, he has also objected to this in the past)..

    Sorry, Roy. :-)

  12. Its in your hands if you beat West Ham you stay up....dont go blaming ManU if they fail to turn up against Hull. As long as you have that money grabbing owner then this will be an annual scenario.


    They will be victims of Manus indifference.

    Victim culture ....................... how shit is that?

    To blame your own teams inadequacies on other teams.

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