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  1. Thanks I do my best. Incisive comments are a development from spending a substantial amount time hanging around the freds of clubs I don't like on a side forum of a rock musicians fans site. I did a little bit of that a few years ago with MUFC, but I realised the sheer pointlessness and sadness of it. Do hope you are OK, and gainfully employed.
  2. Tricky little fixture coming up. Cant see any points coming from it for LFC but we live in hope. Sturridge having an operation. Are LFC ever going to get 20 games out of him in one season again?
  3. And that, my friends, is how an East Sussex ManU fan flexes his imaginary-muscles.
  4. The gloating, transparent hatred and resentment is predictable - LFC are a shadow of what they were, it's clear for all to see. LFC fans have had 25 years to get used to it but it's still a novelty for everyone else - or so it would seem. A new manager isn't going to change anything because they will have the same budget that Rodgers would have. LFC are unlikely to be hitting the high notes for some considerable time. It's got nothing at all to do with team management, or whether or not Rodgers stays or goes. and anyone who thinks otherwise is not looking at the wider picture. Its got everything to do with Senior (i.e. directorial) management / vision - or rather, lack of. I blame David Moores for managing the club with a corner-shop mentality when other clubs (Arsenal, MUFC) were thinking-big. And I further blame him for selling out to two American corporate raiders (bit of poetic justice that they eventually made a loss on the re-sale of the club - the bastards). I'm fine with the idea that LFC are likely to finish somewhere between 5th and 10th for a good few seasons. Eventually they will catch up again, as the stadium revenue allows for top players to be sourced. Why am I fine with it? Because it's better than not being fine with it.
  5. Roy, I presume that was a slip of the keyboard finger
  6. A win over Hull tomorrow nite and the gap to 4th would be down to four points (plus a goal difference disadvantage, so effectively five points). LFC have to play Chelsea (but they will be champions by then, so might take it easy). MUFC have to play the gooners. All things are possible. Not probable, but possible. Obviously all of this would depend on LFC rediscovering the ability to score goals.........................
  7. Your mate Balotelli was playing Andrew.
  8. Rodgers may have a less slanted attitude on this than you Neil. The problem with the concept of 'over achievement' (as you use it) is that it only applies to LFC For example you would never concede that MUFC have ever 'over achieved' like when they had an exceptionally good manager (at domestic level). If you did, I could begin to take this argument more seriously. LFC were not lucky last season. Chelsea are 'lucky' in that they got a rich sugar daddy to buy them success. But LFC coming second above Chelsea, MUFC and Arsenal, all of whom have deeper pockets and higher wage bills? That's not 'lucky'. And it's not 'over achievement'. It's just called being good. In the same way that NUFC winning sod all for half a century isn't 'under achievement'. And MUFC coming seventh isn't 'under achievement'. Or MUFC winning the same number of trophies as LFC this season (zero) despite having much more money and spending (how much?) on Di Maria, isn't 'under achievement'. Its just called: being shite.
  9. I'm fairly sure that's right GVC - as I say, another Tottenham. The stadium improvement has come fifteen years too late - they've been at a financial disadvantage for at least that long. Even if Jurgen Klopp comes along, as some fans .to want, he's still gonna have the same transfer and wages budget as Brendan. The one thing I would take issue with is your use of the word 'lucky' in relation to last season. They played the best footy and many neutrals thought they deserved to win the title. Nothing 'lucky' about that. Thank God the cricket season is up and running
  10. Well done the Villa. Glad they've got something to cheer and hope they win the final. Difficult to see how LFC can move forward at the moment. Sad to say but it's been coming awhile. They are now just another Spurs. The seeds of this were sown many years ago. Oh well , only a game...................
  11. Now THIS is what I call a football shirt.................and probably the only one I would ever wear.
  12. Saving them for Guy Fawkes night I should imagine.
  13. He's now playing cricket for Lancashire, batting first-wicket-down.
  14. Its red. It says: LFC Its says: NB It says: Standard Chartered. Mercifully, it doesn't say any more than that. For this, we have to be thankful. Personally I will never be completely happy until they revert back to the 1965 kit. A timeless classic.
  15. Regarding the muslim prayer thing. I am 100% behind those (including LFC) that think it's a disgrace that someone should take a photograph of muslims praying at half time and call it 'a disgrace'. But then I read a bit further, and noticed these comments from one of those that was praying: Speaking last month, Mr Bodi, 46, from Preston, told the Liverpool Echo: "We have a small window in which to pray, a bit like the transfer window in football. Once that closes the chance has gone". "That day, the time came for prayer and the window would have closed before the game finished so we did it at half-time". And then I got to thinking............ If I wanted a god (which I jolly-well don't), then I would at least want him to be available 24/7, and not shut-up-shop during certain hours of the day, whilst he's having some kind of siesta. Surely gods have the power to do unconditional love and forgiveness? Cos after all they are god, aren't they? No need to pull up the drawbridge between x p.m. and y p.m. and go and watch Eastenders. Sorry maybe this was one for the FC rather than the LD, but it happened within an LFC context so there you go.
  16. Flippin eck, Andrew................ it takes a special kind of pessimism to take the gloss off a potential FA Cup final! The FA Cup is up for grabs. LFC are one of only four teams that can grab it. If Bradford can beat Chelsea, LFC can beat VIlla and Arsenal/Reading. After which, there is almost an entire cricket season to look forward to. Reasons to be cheerful, Andrew, reasons to be cheerful!
  17. As funny as it would be if City managed to finish 5th in a two horse title race, it won't happen with them having at least a 4 point lead after tonight, and then four of their remaining six games being at home. and with LFC still to go to Chelsea its all a bit of a long shot. But even armchair fans can live in hope.........
  18. Anybody seen or heard from Roy? Please don't....
  19. Exactly, that's my point. Mine too. If offered £40m by anyone, snatch their hand off................
  20. CIty's recent slump has brought about the possibility that LFC could chase them for 4th. A win tonight and the gap would only be 4 points. It would be nice to get back to winning ways in the league. Jordan Ibe to sign a new contract, chuffed about that, he's a prospect.
  21. Think he's got pace but very little else. In fairness his runs are better timed than they used to be. He can score the odd good goal but he wont do so routinely. Just my 2p worth sorry if it causes 'pain'.
  22. The Theory of Everything. Enjoyed it but I couldn't see how Eddie Redmayne won the oscar.
  23. Wouldn't say 'massive' fan but very much appreciate their music. Saw them only once - Animals Tour. For me the Waters years are vastly superior to the post Waters years.
  24. Happy for Sterling to go, never rated him as highly as everyone else anyway. They one they cannot afford to lose is Coutinho.
  25. What we used to call in Merseyside a fur-coat-and-no-knickers sort of club. Whose only success is funded by relatives of Russian power-brokers. And whose only support comes from racists and bigots. And MM in Az, who is a top, top bloke that needs to find a club more worthy of his support..
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