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  1. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    Talk about condescension.
  2. J

    The River - typo

    Nope... You can also do that by going YYYY/MM/DD. Which is the correct order in reverse.
  3. That's shocking news!!
  4. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    Right, sorry, I didn't realise I wasn't allowed to react to your post... I apologise. Lets call it quits on the time as you lost time getting upset about my post.
  5. J

    Turn the guitar up

    Yeah, but that means sitting through the whole song first.
  6. J

    Turn the guitar up

    I think that one is hilarious...
  7. J

    Turn the guitar up

    I was about to say "I never heard that screech" when I realised I've probably never listened to that performance of that song for more than the first 30 seconds before skipping it...
  8. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    1. Duh. Nothing new in that whatsoever. 2. Doesn't read like the author of that piece was once a groupie.
  9. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    I meant condemn not condone... Stupid phone.
  10. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    It's a completely personal thing, but I'm pretty good at separating the art from the artist. I mean I love listening to Bowie's music, he liked the girls younger than legal age (he slept with the Maddox girl Jimmy Page kidnapped and kept hidden in his room for years before she got involved with Page! In fact, by her account, Bowie took her virginity). I like The Stones even though Bill Wyman married a teenager and was by all accounts somewhat of a predatory creep too. I still like Led Zep regardless of Page's sleeziness. Etc. etc. Plus, I've always thought Ryan was a complete and irritating self-centered prima donna total and utter knobhead anyhow.... he's elevated his level of dickishness in my eyes, but I had already disassociated his music from the man from the word go. So yeah, Ryan's music doesn't change for me, but I wholeheartedly and unequivocally condone any of his behaviour described in the article... all of it is evil and wrong and I hope he gets hi comeuppance for that, and I hope he can be a strong enough person to admit he's royally fucked up their lives and can seek help to heal himself and to prevent anything like this in the future.
  11. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    FBI are involved now... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/14/arts/music/ryan-adams-fbi-explicit-communications-underage.html
  12. J

    Ryan Adams ...

    The Phoebe Bridgers thing has been swirling around for a while... She's been pretty open about some of this in interviews and at gigs. The thing with the minor is sickening and horrific. The rest of it is horrible too but less unexpected for me anyway... What a fuckwit. I'm a big fan of his music... This is all rather upsetting.
  13. J

    Little Steven & DOS UK date 2019

    I'm not sure even Dutch bands play Emmen! This will be the event of the millennium in Emmen!
  14. Oh yeah... It works in an intimate setting with Bruce telling the stories cos he's a consummate story teller. But that doesn't mean his life makes for a great movie. The way he tells the stories is half the magic there... If I told you the exact same story it wouldn't be half as gripping.