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  1. I think Bruce is singing in his Roy Orbison voice on this song.
  2. I'm in the middle of a huge Brandi Carlile kick as I'm reading her book at the moment. I mean, I listen to her often anyway, but currently more than normal... Decided today was a great day for the covers version of her The Story album. Some superb covers on this album. Like this one:
  3. The only way we'll see major US artists tour Europe is if they can travel through Europe without having to quarantine every time they move to the next country. Right now a European tour would take 5 years. I think that for the foreseeable we'll all have to predominantly make do with local artists when gatherings are allowed again. I have tickets for Ben Howard in September... Which seems more feasible than a Bruce tour next year.
  4. I'd abandon Netflix completely in a heartbeat if they released Wembley 02!
  5. I've listened to the first 5 or 6 songs so far... I think my main issue with the 92/93 shows is the utter lack of bottom end, is there even a bassist on stage for some of these songs? And also Shane's guitar tone. It's too bright and too processed (sounds like he has the chorus pedal up to 11 for the guitar aficionados out there) and sparkly and he overplays a lot of the time.
  6. Hi Daisey. Likewise... I know I'm not around much these days.... Busy times with work and trying to finish Netflix.
  7. Side A: 1. Born In The USA 2. Cover Me 3. Downbound Train 4. My Love Will Not Let You Down 5. I’m On Fire 6. This Hard Land Side B: 1. Murder Incorporated 2. No Surrender 3. Wages Of Sin 4. Johnny Bye Bye 5. Brothers Under The Bridges 6. Shut Out The Light
  8. Is Wembley 02 coming out today or next week?
  9. I've heard this as well... I'm excited for that!
  10. Unless he has been trying to finish Netflix like the rest of us.
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