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  1. I'll throw it in Dropbox a bit later today and send you a link.
  2. I can mail it to you... Or you can Google "YouTube Converter" and loads of easy to use sites come up.
  3. Which will mean I'll never hear the re-recorded versions as I won't have clue about modern technology by that point and won't have any way to listen to it. "Ah... I'll just put on my original vinyl version of the album then..."
  4. Yeah, I can see that... I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the first Nightsweats album too, because it may be emulatory, but they do do that incredibly well. But I can see what you mean.
  5. Nice! That doesn't look too shabby! I have 2 gigs at Wembley coming up later this year! Woohoo!
  6. Exactly! I can understand a patch here or there... but whole new vocals just kill it for me. I guess it's all personal preference... fully realised songs vs authenticity... but I'd much rather the Dylan approach to the unreleased stuff.
  7. Would you prefer he re-records vocals and instruments and whatnot on outtakes, or just release them as they are? For me... all the modern additions to The Promise and The Ties That Bind outtakes ruin them for me... there's some great stuff on both, but overall I barely ever listen to the outtakes, and I always skip the ones with brand new vocals. I hope he takes a leaf from Dylan's book and releases stuff as is.
  8. What a great fucking album! (pardon my French) Superb stuff... love how it's not just the last album mk 2 but a much more mature and individual sounding effort. I love the last one too, but it was a little more "pastiche" in places... like they were copying the Stax sound, very well mind you, but still... Love it!!
  9. I like it... but why does EVERYONE cover Atlantic City! Great a song as it is, there must be roughly three and a half million versions out there.
  10. Superfluous question mark, thanks.
  11. I don't like the tone or the content of your post young man!