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  1. That'd be OK. Although the world really needs Wembley 02 right now! Or at least, I do.
  2. That My City Of Ruins has been a long time favourite of mine. It's so great.
  3. At this rate he'll be out before Bruce gets here.
  4. Yeah that part specifically sounds like someone who is on the edge of snapping...
  5. I have. It had nothing to do with the song, imho, and I'd like to forget its existence.
  6. I've never consider I'm On Fire as Bruce trying to write a love song in his own voice... To me this is written from the point of view of a stalker who's barely holding his shit together, someone on the edge of sanity. It's a song that goes well with the title song on Nebraska imho.
  7. He was hardly morphing into Pete Seeger with that album and tour. Arguably Nebraska is closer to Seeger than the Seeger Sessions stuff. The Seeger Sessions stuff was Bruce singing Seeger songs in a Bruce way with a Bruce version of a soul folk band. It was closer to a mix of 70s Van Morrison's soul orientated celtic folk and the Nitty Gritty Band's revved up celtic Appalachian folk than Seeger imho.