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  1. I am going to admit no such thing! I like maybe one album worth of songs of those two (mainly from Lucky Town plus a couple from Human Touch), but even on all of those, the production is horrible. The 2 shows I've heard from this tour (the Archive releases) and teh MTV disc do very little for me. So, nope, not admitting to anything here.
  2. I got a Tesla Model X with a NEMA 14-50 240 volt plug and a battery on the floor
  3. I think if you're hoping for Bruce to do anything in a revolutionary manner, you're going to waiting a looooooooooooooooooooong time. He's always a decade behind the world.
  4. Love this song... perfectly succinct, beautifully balanced and not an ounce of fat. Songwriting at its leanest, to great effect.
  5. Absolutely. But I do think I've proven that you can argue about side 4 of The River.
  6. It was, but I can't stand that song... I'm all for fun Bruce songs, but Ramrod is just not really a song, let alone a good one, or even a decent one. Drive All Night is one of my favourites!!
  7. Bearing in mind he first started taking about this solo album a good few years ago, I'm ready to get excited for the 2023 ESB album release and subsequent tour.
  8. Haha yeah. I quite liked it for effect. And I guess it's the same as all these modern one man band folkies with their loop pedals playing 19 different guitar and drumming on the guitar parts. I'm sure that's all it was... a loop pedal. But I hear ya.
  9. And GOTJ... I never understood why poor whatever his name was, had to hide backstage while playing the atmospheric synth stuff. Bring the guy out on stage!
  10. All that pumping fists in the air when you listen to these shows?
  11. All by himself with the help of two people....
  12. Yeah absolutely! I just listened to this one and the Dublin one back to back and this one actually blows that one away. I remember when I first heard the Dublin one... I went "Holy shit that's awesome!". Listened to it about a billion times over the years. The New Orleans one is even better.