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  1. I was on the rail for a Jaybawks gig a few years back and the sound was awful... all I could hear was Louris' guitar amp from the stage. Plus I could only really look at one person at a to. I moved back 2 rows after the first song and the sound was perfect and i could see the whole band in one go.
  2. Dylan - bootleg series 13

    That's correct... this guy:
  3. Also, does the sax solo on Bobby Jean seem doctored to anyone? It sounds like the same solo twice, and then the ending long note seems way mixed down... I know people were talking about how botched that solo was at the gig, I guess they didn't want to release that as it was.
  4. It gets better from 10th onwards... but regardless, this show kicks so much ass.
  5. I'm secretly an African prince who needs to park his money somewhere.
  6. Bob Dylan Playlist Input Appreciated

    Hahaha... amen!
  7. Bob Dylan Playlist Input Appreciated

    I could make a 100 song Dylan playlist easy... If you're looking for covers... depending on your taste, this is up there:
  8. There are a couple of songs on this new one where the guitar solo could be louder... and the audience is a bit low in the mix on the Badlands and OITS singalongs,.... but, overall, I think it sounds great.
  9. And that's fair enough... I'm really not a fan of that version.
  10. Tunnel of Love at 30.......

    Yeah... completely agree.
  11. This thing is phenomenal! Granted I never listened to Live In NYC all that much and i watched the dvd maybe once if that and i never listened to many reunion tour boots... but, or maybe that's why, I'm absolutely loving this nugs release! Bruce is on fire... his vocals are a complete tour de force. The songs hit like a runaway freight train. The only 2 slight niggles are that the guitars could be a tad louder when they're soloing and the crowd could be turned up a notch during crowd sing alongs on songs like Badlands and OITS. Otherwise A+ release this imho.
  12. Ramrod and Sunny Day can stay unextended for all I care. Or unplayed would be even better... really... but if he must, keep it short. Thanks!