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  1. That one felt pretty good on the night. One of those moments that really stands out amongst all the Bruce gigs.
  2. Most of this show doesn't really do it for me. I'd never really listened to this show much... I thought I was going to love it... I mean, Bruce, Danny and Nils acoustic sounds right up my street. And a couple of songs live up to it... I dig Mansion & Follow That Dream... And Fire is a good version. The rest doesn't do it for me. I feel like most of the songs lack any kind of drive or conviction... Most of them feel like they're running out of steam about halfway through. It feels like he's trying to hard to give it the ESB feel with just two guys as back up where it would have been a lot more effective if he'd changed the feel of the performance more drastically - as he would for later acoustic shows (like the 1990 shows and Joad and D+D tours). And that version of Seeds is ridiculous... And Hungry Heart is a mess.
  3. That recent Rolling Thunder box is one of my favourite box sets ever.
  4. Yep. I'm totally spaced out and useless today.
  5. I keep thinking this is the new archive release announcement... I've fallen for this thread about 12 times today... mainly because I am extremely hung over today as I had my work leaving do last night.
  6. We're taking paid vacation here! So yeah.
  7. I feel we should make it our life's mission to get to 4-year annual vacation!
  8. You get 4 years of a year! I've packed my bags and am on my way to New Zealand!!
  9. I get 5 weeks! + an additional 8 days a year bank holidays.