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  1. Ah yeah. I was at Paris the night before which was great... I was also at Olympic Park, my 3rd gig in 4 days having seen the Black Crowes live in Paris as well.... And he played the whole of BITUSA in Paris as well... So yeah, the Olympic Park was a bit of a downer plus I was running out of gas too by that point.
  2. Wembley 2013? I thought that one was great!
  3. Have the two shows been taken down from Nugs? I couldn't find them earlier. Although that doesn't mean anything as the Nugs site search engine sucks.
  4. I'm not really sure we have any right to be kept up to date really. They're releasing them as and when they're ready. It's not like they owe us these releases... We've all gotten used to them dropping the first Friday of the month, because for a while they more often did than not, but as far as I can remember that was never a promise or a guarantee from anyone... So it's not really like they're behind schedule or anything. It will come when it will come.
  5. Any preferences for performances of songs from one night or the other?
  6. Presumably this is a selective transcript of the podcast right?
  7. If not they may as well skip this month.
  8. Mesmerising. Is that fully acoustic though seeing as he played it on an organ? Although I guess once he stood up and the music kept playing.... It doesn't get much more unplugged than that.
  9. I'm not sure he could have been more popular than during the BITUSA era, I think that's just about the most popular he ever could have been. Also... I don't think any of the tracks songs would have made him more popular.
  10. Yeah! Same here. That show was so tight and intense. Also, that The River... Stunning.
  11. That, plus it was the best show ever! (that may or may not be hyperbolic but it was an amazing show all the same)
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