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  1. I'm going to go ahead and say it has to be Wembley 02. No other option.
  2. Indeed they have. Should be good too!
  3. Either that or Nugs has scheduling conflicts.
  4. Two Wembleys in a row and two shows we were both at would be incredible!
  5. Het Daisey, I'm doing great, thank you. Work has been insanely busy since lockdown started, my wife and I have been renovating our kitchen in the last month or so, and I'm building an electric guitar from an old computer desk... So I've been a bit busy, really. How's things with you?
  6. Mm loving this release. I was there on the night... Hearing it all again in such incredible quality, goose bumps. Amazing gig... even with Froggie.
  7. I'm guessing Wembley 02 next would be a big ask?
  8. They're taunting me dancing around Wembley 02 with earlier and later Wembley shows.
  9. I'm here! Super busy with work and a kitchen renovation so haven't been round much.
  10. That'd be OK. Although the world really needs Wembley 02 right now! Or at least, I do.
  11. That My City Of Ruins has been a long time favourite of mine. It's so great.
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