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  1. Thinking of Dylan's 'Love and Theft' reading this post.
  2. Here in Ireland a great irish DJ and massive Bruce fan John Creedon had WS as album of the week, playing all the tracks. On Tuesday he finished the show with Western Stars into Backstreets...what a pairing...remember all the movies, brilliant. Worth checking out his show:
  3. 'Sleepy Joe's Cafe' reminds me of 'Just One Kiss' by Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers. That track was on Bruce's 'Walk-in' playlist awhile back.
  4. NPR Music as a nice companion playlist up. Review here:
  5. Love both songs so far. The man is almost 70 and still making good music. Glad he's doing different things now, those simple lyrics and melodies are probably alot harder to write than we think. Dylan explains repeating the past in this clip, 30 seconds in, which I think applies to Bruce aswell.
  6. More on the interview here:
  7. Would love to hear song...what time is it coming online?
  8. MSG OCT 2007
  9. Most of it is explained in this interview. I think I recall another interview mentioning 'Out in the Street' as one of the songs from The River sessions that caused Bruce some concern. Long live the Mighty Max.
  10. To me, Born to Run is his The Godfather. And Darkness is his The Godfather, Part II
  11. Backstreets Magazine, read about the song and it's history here
  12. Nothing more going on here, only a show of respect and acknowledgement. The entire band gathered around Danny's bed five days earlier to sing songs and say goodbye. "Backstreets" is just a majestic song and Danny's organ is so prominent in all the live versions. Just like he was in "Sandy", "Hungry Heart", "You're Missing" and "Kitty's Back" to name but a few. Must have been incredibly hard for the band to go out on stage that night and perform. And boy did they perform. A great archive release and tribute to have. God bless you Danny.