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  1. At 0:08 doesn't he say something along the lines of "people of Stockholm, this one's for you"?
  2. I'm sure I know the answer to this somewhere in the back of my brain, but why is Light Of Day "for the people of Stockholm" on Plugged?
  3. Pretty sure I've read he was there with members of Big Country who he was recording with at the time.
  4. Glory Days was what got me into Bruce all those years ago. My dad recorded it simply to see what all the BUSA fuss was about. I was only about 7 years old! I copied it to DVD for him for Father's Day a few years ago and it brought back do many memories watching it all over again (the bears in Growin' Up, Nils' huge hat, Bruce banging the drums in Quarter To Three, Garry's leather jacket!).
  5. Wasn't there some sort of rehearsals for the Tunnel tour with this line up?
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