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  1. I called my cat Rosie when I first got it at 8 weeks old. Then it went to the vets for jabs etc and I was told Rosie was a he! He's now called Diego.
  2. I always assumed the organ carrying on on DBD in 2005 was looped.
  3. I know I've seen him play it acoustic since he's been with Amy. I'm only basing it on something I think I saw on here (copied from Twitter?!?). Think a fan asked him how he wrote it and he said he didn't like it, or something along those lines. And hell yes to Sticks & Stones. I just hope he brings this band to the UK.
  4. Shame because it is a great song!
  5. It's not Amy. He doesn't play this now as far as I know because it was written for his ex wife, Cis.
  6. That's the dream for me. I live in Falmouth in deepest Cornwall. A gig in Birmingham or London is a 2 day trip! But I have seen both The Who (2000 I think) and Bruce in Birmingham!
  7. Will have to have a listen to the Hammersmith one. He acknowledged him at Wembley with the "too much love drives a man insane" comment!
  8. I'd definitely miss the "Bruce, I still fucking love ya" guy on my boots of Birmingham 99 and Wembley 02 if they were released officially and edited!
  9. When I saw the typo I mentioned the BTR error. Is there a list of all errors on releases anywhere?
  10. Thanks for the info. Now to get the rest on (original) vinyl!
  11. Just been given The River on vinyl for my birthday and noticed Held Up Without A Gun is written on the sleeve between Point Blank and Cadillac Ranch. It's obviously not on the record but was it intended to go there? And is it worth more?
  12. I've still got the version (Lucky Touch I think it was called) that Backstreets made a few years ago. From memory it was a poll of the reader's 10 favourite songs off each album. They made covers for it too. Ahhh the good ol days of CD recorders!
  13. Did I read somewhere that Steve was going to be the guitarist in the band at one stage? Can't remember where or if I saw it but it's ringing a bell.
  14. I'd be of no help there sorry! I downloaded the album a while ago and the artwork was part of it. I've only put it on my iTunes and not made a physical CD of it.