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  1. My lifelong friend Mark passed away today. People around here first knew him as Miami MArk and then Welby. This is a really tough post for me. But I know my buddy Mark had some friends around here. Maybe even some folks that didn’t like him all that much. He did have a way of occasionally getting on some peoples nerves…lol. But I think just about everyone here will miss him. Right about now I could use some of the writing skills he frequently displayed here at Greasy Lake. He wrote more than a handful of excellent pieces about lots of topics. But he really hit things just right when he talked about summers in New York City or at the beach in Rockaway that we spent a great a deal of time at. And he captured some real moments among his musings. I also spent a lot of time on those Brooklyn stoops drinking beer and listening to music with Mark and a host of other characters. From Rock and Roll to Blue Grass….the memories are still vivid. I’ll also never forget one of our first forays into the world of bootleg Bruce. A stack of vinyl stuff we borrowed from another fan and listened to for hours…with lots of cold beers. Another fine memory that I’m grateful to have all these years later. My friend also knew how to rile up some folks around here. Sometimes I think he liked doing that as much as the well written pieces about seeing Bruce in 1978 he posted. He’d often call me up and tell me to check out some thread or another in the FC…and when I got to whatever crazy shit he wrote we’d both laugh. Then the indignant replies would come in and we’d laugh some more. Some folks made the mistake of letting him know what irked them. So he’d know what buttons to push, usually to very entertaining results….lol. We could never figure out why people got so upset about some really silly post or the over the top crazy stuff he’d come up with. He was a smart guy, educated, well read and he had a great sense of humor. Sarcastic, cynical and often a little dark. He was out on that edge sometimes…but I’m pretty sure that was part of the fun for him. Anyway. I know he’ll be missed around here. And I hope some of his writings get brought back up front every once in a while so he won’t be forgotten. Some newer Lakers may get a kick out of the squirrel story if it’s still around. I have lost my best friend. The guy I saw more concerts with than anyone else…lots of Bruce. We even hit the Bottom Line to see Max Weinberg talk about drumming one long ago and really crazy night. He also got me out to see The Hold Steady a couple times. The last show we saw was last June. The Hold Steady and Drive By Truckers..…another great night of Rock and Roll memories. So please raise a toast to my friend and yours. Here’s to you Marky…you were one of a kind and I’ll miss you. I’ll see you down the road…..on the stoop.
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