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  1. Hi All Pasting here a post I have just put on the Bootleg Collectors thread in case (like me) some folks don't go on there often BUT may indeed be able to offer some advice or help on this!? Many thanks I have FINALLY gotten around to uploading from my camera tapes - straight in to Adobe Premiere Elements which I can now burn on to DVD - my footage from Boston Fleet Center 1999 (my "tapes" made compilation VHS tapes back in the day and some clips, such as Candy's Room opener on the Friday night, can be found on youtube - but those are a copy of a copy of a copy - 3 or 4 times removed from the original camera tapes). The main issue is that in terms of "sound" I am relying on what the camera itself picked up on the night - still great to watch / enjoy but obviously not the best! I do have Crystal Cat's Boston Night (have had the CD's for years) but unfortunately I only have footage of about 3 songs from that night! Likewise with that final night I only have the walk on, Candys Room, Ties That Bind and the start of Adam Raised a Cain (and then I was rumbled by security!.......but was very near all of Landau's relatives - he had stopped by before the show!). The bulk of what I have (2/3 of a show almost I'd say) is from Tues 24th August, with a fair bit also from Thurs 26th August - the rest is a few tracks from Sunday 22nd and Friday 27th and also a few from Washington Sept 1st in the mix (only footage I include from Saturday 21st August is Freehold and most of If I should fall Behind as my main capture of that had been the Thursday show but that song was a train wreck that night (as summed up by Bruce when it ended with his exclaimation "what the fuck was that!" - and then he went in to Ramrod). It's years now since I have been on the Jungleland download site and I don't know if any good audio exists of these nights (other than the CC Boston Night - which I have) but if anyone out there has any info / can help it would be much appreciated - many thanks! Cheers!
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