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  1. It breaks my heart to have to let you all know, that my best friend, my American Mom and dare I say it, Bruce’s number 1 fan, @rosiejaneymary sadly passed away peacefully yesterday. Marsha was the sweetest, kindest, purest hearted person I’ve ever met. She was my best friend. I was a stranger to her and through the Lake, she became my mom. She supported me, was there for me constantly and even let me into her home. She introduced me to all of her friends who also looked after me, and she made me feel so loved and cared about. She looked after me and gave me some of the best memories that I’ll treasure forever. I’ve never known anyone like her, someone so completely kind hearted that would do anything for anyone. Of course you all know, she adored Bruce and had a 40+ year relationship with his music. I’ll always treasure the stories she told me about his shows, her experiences and why she loves certain songs the way she does. I’ll always remember her excitement when Rosalita would play and how she excitedly squeezed my hand as Bruce walked on stage at the Asbury Park Music + Film Festival. Her last Bruce show was also my last Bruce show, my 21st Birthday seeing Bruce on Broadway. That show was always going to hold a special place in my heart, but now even more so. My best Bruce memories are with her. My best memories in general are with her. All the pancakes and bacon shared, the trips to Wegman’s and strolls along the Asbury Park boardwalk. Staying up till 3am just talking and talking and talking because we couldn’t stop. As people go, Marsha was one of the best ones. No one understands being a Bruce fan, like Marsha understood being a Bruce fan to be. She was the embodiment of a true Jersey Girl, who had an incredible life with so much love to give. I’ll love her with all my heart forever. I’ve only just found out myself, so I’m still in shock and completely heartbroken that I’ve lost someone so special to me. I just thought I would let you all know, so that we can honour her memory with a listen to Rosalita tonight and send prayers to her incredible and kind husband Ray. She’ll always be my American ‘mom’ and I’ll always be her ‘daughter’. Rachel
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