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  1. I did this INSANE task and made a spreadsheet of ALL the songs I've gotten live over the years. My list included 208 individual songs I've heard Bruce do live. 57 of those were songs that I've only gotten 1 time in concert. Got me thinking, and this is no easy task, to the extent that you personally remember off hand which songs you've only heard once, could you make a TOP 5 Personal Favorites of those single gems? Yes, I know that our lists will be very different because I've only had Incident on 57th Street one time, but you may have had it many times; thus, it's not on your list. Here's my Top 5 Songs I've only heard live once. 1. Incident on 57th Street (10-23-1999) 2. This Depression (12-4-2012) 3. The Fuse (8-24-02) 4. Kitty's Back (10-30-07) 5. Wild Billy's Circus Story (11-16-1990) That is really tough to randomly decide on 5 songs because I left out many, many gems such as The Promise, Can't Help Falling In Love, Follow That Dream, Blinded By The Light, For You, Don't Look Back, Chimes of Freedom, It's The Little Things That Count, Janey Don't You Lose Heart, and Long Time Comin'! However, I think those top 5 really stand out to me as fantastic moments! If you are sick enough to have made a spreadsheet, and/or you don't have a top 5, maybe just share with me a single memory of a song you have only heard him do once, and you were jazzed to hear it! P.S. I also made a fun graph of the songs I've gotten the most in concert. I've include that here!
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