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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! I know, I know, it’s hard to believe.. but I’m flying to the one and only NEW JERSEY () tomorrow! This will be the 3rd year in a row that I’ll be in America for my birthday, and I guess I’ve gotta keep up the tradition. I was actually very close to not going this year, finally due to lack of funds... but because last years birthday was so amazing, I couldn’t bear the thought of being sat at home feeling sad and nostalgic. I know I’m going to be a bit sad this year anyway, because sadly, I won’t be front row for Bruce Springsteen again (can you believe it’s a year since the pick ), however I do have some really exciting things to look forward to and share with you all. One of my friends who has never been to New York before has been saying to me for a while ‘next time you go, I wanna come with you’, and so I couldn’t let her down, right?! I’ll be playing tour guide once again! We have 4 nights in New York City, being the best tourists we can be before heading down the shore on Saturday and returning to my beloved home away from home, Asbury Park for a couple of nights. When looking to see if a trip this year was even possible, I was thinking to myself.. I don’t even have an excuse such as Broadway, so should I really go? And just like that things fell into place and now we have so much to look forward to. I turn 22 next Sunday (struggling to come to terms with this yes) and it just so happens that the Bruce Springsteen: My Hometown Exhibit opens on that very day. I’ll finally be going back to Freehold!! I haven’t been to Freehold since my very first trip back in March 2017, and I’m so excited. Plus @MadamMarie and hopefully @rosiejaneymary will be coming with me! Then the same night, I’ve got tickets to a charity event at The Stone freaking Pony featuring none other than... Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Bobby Bandiera, Gary US Bonds & Vini Lopez! It’s literally like all of my Jersey Shore dreams are coming true. I’m so so SO excited. So if it’s alright with you all, I’ll be posting some more photos/recommendations/information while I’m there, and taking you all along with me. I’ll be doing literally everything there is to see Bruce wise in Asbury & Freehold, as Rea really wants to see all the sights. Plus I know that the new album coming out etc has brought some new members here so I’m hoping my thread will help again! It’s going to be a really good week and I can’t wait to be back ‘home’!
  2. In Cahoots, In Asbury Park is now available in paperback and Kindle formats. The book tells the story of the Asbury Park music scene through the eyes of the band Cahoots and features interviews with the fans, club owners and musicians who experienced the city’s triumphs and challenges first hand. FOR PURCHASE NOW: Amazon Kindle version: Amazon Paperback version (glossy cover): Stay tuned for information on how to purchase the Nook and Paperback (matte cover) versions via Barnes & Noble!
  3. I'm trying to think of other artists that lead us to a place like Bruce does,the obvious one that springs to mind is the Beatles but beyond that I'm struggling(i'm sure you'll tell me of 101 others),yes you might want to visit Memphis because of Elvis or Nashville because of a love of country or visit a grave of someone like Jim Morrison but im talking about specifics like walking down the same roads that Bruce has walked,driving down Kingsley,standing on the boardwalk. I've never been to America yet these songs make me yearn to be there,make me want to feel that atmosphere,find out if there are actually any people there lol,I've so enjoyed the photos that people have posted especially the Estreet/10th sign,to stand next to that one day is a kind of goal. My brain has been whirring trying to think if anyone else's music has this effect on me,Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halos Dear River is frequently on my cd player & the songs of yearning for home & Australian history make me wonder how I would feel if I was from there,Cara Dillon has made me want to be sitting in an Irish pub listening to a band but nowhere specific,not songs but Mary Chapin Carpenters wonderful instagram photos make Virginia look so inviting, We're far from alone in following a musician all over be it Ozzy Osborne or Daniel O'Donnell but are we strange in that we are drawn to somewhere like Asbury Park? Answers on a postcard please(preferably one of Asbury Park).
  4. We have amazingly got tickets to see SoB on 28th June. As we’ll be in NYC for a few days we wanted to do a tour of Bruce related sights - and we have booked the NJrockmap tour run by Stan & Jean. Capacity is for 4 people so if another couple of people would like to join us & share the cost please let me know. Date we’ve booked is Friday 29th June at 11am. Total cost of tour is $250. Thanks